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You will find it interesting to read the following 10 rumors about GRE Exam. I can collect lot more from the comments posted in various blog posts throughout the blog.

1) Revised GRE Only

ETS wants everyone to take Revised GRE, so they have blocked all dates from January 2011 to July 2011

  • GRE Test Dates 2011

2) No GRE in July 2011

I have heard a new rumour now. You must be knowing that the new GRE pattern is coming into effect from August 2011. Now I have heard that the dates for the old GRE pattern will be available only till June 2010. And that whole of July 2011 will not take any GRE examie., there will be a lag period of a month between the 2 patterns. Please let me know if this is true.? I was planning on giving my GRE in JULY 2011, but this new rumour has got me in a mess, please let me know.

3) GRE Score Validity

Current GRE Scores will become invalid after August 1, 2011

4) Free GRE Practice Test

I heard from many one that after register for GRE exam you can download 5 GRE diagnostic test from the ets official site, I unable to found that link please anyone help me and send the link from there using my conformation no. I can access that diagnostic test series. My GRE exam is on 14 oct…

5) GRE Verbal Cutoff

please send me list of universities for computer science which i can get through. Also i heard that some universities will have verbal section cut-off and it will be above 450.is this true..

6) Multiple GRE Attempts

By the way I have heard from my seniors that your gre score after two attempts will have a lesser consideration that the first and second ones.

7) Easy GRE

I am going to write my GRE this dec 2nd…I wanted to know if this is time frame is correct. I have previously heard that writing during month end or last week…the GRE is easier.

8) GRE and Projects

I am a second year civil engineering UG student.I want to know when is the right time to start preparing for GRE .Also I heard that doing projects are must for GRE?Is it true?

9) GRE  in  December is Easy

I have taken the date for gre exam on 27th october.but i have heard that score come less during october to december.Does it really happens?and what should i do in that case?

10) GRE is only for Non-MBA

i m confused about how to apply for MBA in US universities because i have heard that GRE is for masters in non business programs…. and is GRE right for applying masters in accounting and finance?

Which is your favorite?

Which is your favorite rumor? Mine is Number 9  – GRE  in December is Easy.