$13,000 in Financial Aid and F1 Visa Rejected

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Yesterday, I had US student visa interview at Kolkata consulate buy unfortunately got 214g. Very disappointed right now. Please guide me what have to do now.

  • Decision: Reject(214g)
  • University: Wichita State university
  • Program: MS Statistics
  • I20 exp: $14051
  • Funding: $13005 (TA) + Parent (FD+LIC+Saving balance at bank) + Aunt(FD).
  • Academic Qualification: BSC,Stat ( Hons ), MBA finance, PG Diploma in Actuarial Science(University of Kent, UK ).
  • GRE:680Q 350V

Today, I attended visa interview at Kolkata consulate.

I reached the consulate at 8.30 am as my schedule interview reporting time was 8.45am.

After initial security check I went to waiting room.

My token no . 63 called after half an hour. I entered the interview room with a full confidence.

There was some formalities like document submission and finger printing have done. After 10-15 minutes VO called me at counter no 5. The VO was an american lady aged around 30-35.

F1 Visa Interview

me: Hi. Good morning madam. How are you?
VO : no response.
VO: Why US?
me:I am going to pursue Master of Science in Statistics at Sam Houston State university, Texas.

VO: why this university?
me:I have selected this university firstly, SHSU offer advance level statistical courses specially in mathematical statistics, stochastic process, time series and simulation, probability and inference, statistical computing secondly, it has very good statistical computing lab ,thirdly, I have to develop a thesis on application of time series and simulation in financial derivative under Dr. Ferry Butar as he has similar research interest.[ I think here I should include a line that this program will give me strong quantitative background which will give me extra opportunity to enhance my career when I will come back India after graduation . unfortunately, I have forgotten to add this line.]

VO: what other program you have applied?
me: Could you please repeat it once as I have not heard it?

VO:what other program you have applied?
me:I have applied 5 universities SHSU, Western Michigan , university of California Santa Barbara University of North Carolina ,Chapel hill all for MS statistics and Kent state university for PhD applied mathematics as my research interest match with some professor. Admitted to Wichita state, WMU reject from Kent state , UCSB and ,UNC result till pending.

VO : what’s you percentage?
me: for which program madam?

VO: undergraduate.
me : submitted( it was BSc Stat (Hons) 3 years program of Calcutta university).
VO: show me MBA transcripts:

me: shown.
VO: sorry , at this time I can not approve visa. passed me a white paper(214g),selecting you have not enough socio, economic familial ties with India.
me: can apply again madam?
VO: yes ,you can.
me: thanks.

This is the full visa interview.

I do not how, how she decide that I have not enough ties with India.

Friend, could you please advise me how do I overcome this situation. I wish to reapply very soon because as per I20 I have to report university before 24th August. I am planning to reappear either 22,25 or 26 July to test my luck.
I think I could not convince her with my answers and so she give me 214g.

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