Another 221(g) During F1 Visa Interview

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Daksh posted following F1 Visa Interview Experience at  F1 Visa 221g at Chennai US Consulate

Hey guys, it actually feels better after reading few comments and concern over 221g. That pink slip, when is read, gives a real big pain in neck. I am sharing you what happened to me.
My interview was on 2nd july,
VO: Good Morning
Me: Morning Sir,

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: told, F1

VO: Ever been to US?
Me: Nope.

VO: Interests specifically in the Computer science?
Me: Yes, I have a lil interest in robotics, which aroused from my final year project.

VO types something…

VO: Go to window XXX..
Me: Sure.. with a smile:

VO: Can I have your resume, SOP, letter of acceptance?
Me: Sure, Here it is!

VO checks out ‘robotics’ (probably), and asks me about cooking, as it was mentioned in my resume,
Me: Yeah, I am a good cook and i know blah blah

VO: I am granting you the VISA, But it would take a little longer than usual. i.e., 2-3 weeks.
Me: I confidently being worried ask him, Is everything alryt Sir? :P

VO: Yes, We need to process your visa, thats all. Otherwise your visa has been issued, (and hands me over the pink slip with case number being written)
Me: I see. Sure Sir, Thanks and Have a good day

So guys when I think over that VO’s words, I feel satiated, but the moment I go through the 221g slip.

That sucks!! Big time.

Please help me or share few more experiences of getting the VISA after such drama!!

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