I came across this report today in CBS – College Majors with highest unemployment rates.

College majors with the highest unemployment rates in USA

1. Clinical psychology 19.5%
2. Miscellaneous fine arts 16.2%
3. United States history 15.1%
4. Library science 15.0%
5. (tie) Military technologies; educational psychology 10.9%
6. Architecture 10.6%
7. Industrial & organizational psychology 10.4%
8. Miscellaneous psychology 10.3%
9. Linguistics & comparative literature 10.2%
10. (tie) Visual & performing arts; engineering & industrial management 9.2%
11. Engineering & industrial management 9.2%
12. Social psychology 8.8%
13. International business 8.5%
14. Humanities 8.4%
15. General social sciences 8.2%
16. Commercial art & graphic design 8.1%
17. Studio art 8.0%
18. Pre-law & legal studies 7.9%
19. Materials engineering and materials science and composition & speech (tie) 7.7%
20. Liberal arts 7.6%
21. (tie) Fine arts and genetics 7.4%
22. Film video & photography arts and cosmetology services & culinary arts (tie) 7.3%
23. Philosophy & religious studies and neuroscience (tie) 7.2%
24. Biochemical sciences 7.1%
25. (tie) Journalism and sociology 7.0%

Things to Learn from the above list

  • Majors you didn’t know it existed
  • Not all college degree has same value and job opportunities


  • radhikachawla1990

    i am a final year ece engineering student with 9.4 cgpa and 96.4% in 10th grade and 86% in 12th grade and i want to pursue a course in communication engineering.i tried but could not acquire too much knowledge regarding the related courses and universities offering the same.Please help me with the same.Also i would want to know of other interesting courses for an ece engineer in the us.

  • rajan chaturvedi

    how about going for MS in bio informatics basically bio informatics computer programmer/developer not research based bio informatics?????
    currently i am pursuing b tech in bio informatics with GPA around 8 and planning to go for gre-toefl soon…..looking forward for esteemed responses….please do guide me????

    • HSB

      Search in the blog for PSM and Bioinformatics.

  • Sean

    Nothing on sports management so far phew !! (or atleast i hope)

  • Sean

    nothing bad come up for sports management so far phew ….. *wipes a sweat offf*

  • Swapnil

    I hardly can trust these figures!! :)

  • vinisha

    I am planning to do MS in Computer Science.. What is the career/job opportunities for it?

  • Sumit Malik

    Hi, The percentage given above is of unemployment for given courses?

    • munna

      This is for unemployment of all types of students-undergrad, grad students. but international students have very high unemployment rates due to reluctance of employers in giving them H-1B visas etc.

      • sabyasachi sanyal

        It is rightly said.It is almost impossible to get a job for international student after completion of his MS degree in USA without OPD. No employer generally prefer for H1Bsponsorship due to hard rules exisisting for international students to get a job.

  • http://www.happyschoolblogs.com Anil Adhikari

    Genetics is for core genetics or applied genetics also. I am a student of Agricultural genetics, biotechnology and plant breeding. Does my major fall in the same genetics category?????

  • munna

    These figures are for american students. The actual figures for unemployment amongst International students will be very different then these ones.

  • http://www.hooliganclan.com Harry Grewal

    you guys panic so quick man, if there is x% unemployment, there is y% employment as well…. if you are passionate about something and wish to do it, go for it. If your purpose is to get into US, well then whatever gets you in is good enough. but in the end do not neglect the fact that its you life you are playing with by just getting into a course to get to the US. cheers!!

  • akansha

    what does this mean?? shall we not take an admission to these courses???? I want to pursue a career in Industrial and organizational psychology… Now what??

    • tarun mukherjee

      Hi. Its nice to know your interesr to pursue a degree in industrial and organisational psychology. I am interested in the same however i am looking ar a university in Canada for the same.

      If you would ask me i would still think that you should not be biased by what one reads and hears and should probably get in touch with the alumni or student groups in the colleges your interested in gather your thoughts get your facts right before making up your mind to consider something else.

      Are you considering staying back after graduation for a post graduation course and also employment or you willing to return back to explore possibilities back home?

      I for one always have wanted to keep myself focussed on the goals and would suggest you do the same.

      I know it is a bit of a concern when you come across articles which seems discourging but then if your willing to look past it and predict how the future of psychology will be in 3 to 5 yrs from now and the scenario excites then you should be focused and immutable currently.

      Keep in touch!!

      Have a nice day!!

  • Uday

    Why is Engineering & industrial management at no. 10 and 11 both ? :O

    • Buzz

      Coz its a tie at 9.2% :)

      • rajesh

        hi.. i am willing to do ms in computer networks….how r the opportunities for that one.. can u give me the idea ??