3 Golden Rules for Successful F1 Visa Stamping

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F1 visa Interview Experience – Shared by Anish

Accepted even though elder brother is working on H1B in US.

My Visa interview was scheduled at Mumbai Consulate on 02/June/2011. Time:- 07:45 hrs.

My number came at 9am. The interviewer was a lady. Frankly speaking her smile was far better than any Bollywood actress. Wow…

F1 Visa Interview

VO: Good Morning. How are you.
Me: A very Good morning Mam. I am Fine.

VO: So Mr. Anish. hmm…………..what is the purpose of your trip?
Me: To pursue my Master’s in Computer Science from University of Texas, Tyler.

VO: Thats not your purpose.
Me: No definitely my purpose is to get higher education.

VO: I don’t think so.
Me: (Frankly speaking i thought that i have lost it. ‘Ab to lag gayi.’) No man its my dream to get the best knowledge in the field of Computer Science from a US university.

VO: Ok. So which university…..ha…………..UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. Oh its a good university.
Me: Yes mam. Its a Public University. Ranked 25th..(interrupted by the VO).

VO: So do you have any siblings over there?
Me: Yes mam, My brother works as a Software Engineer for CollegeBoard at Virginia.

VO: CollegeBoard!!!!!!!! Very Good. So you too plan to join his company and work with him?
Me: No mam, My purpose of going to US is to complete my higher education.

VO: Ok so what are your plans after graduation?
Me: After graduation i would like to gain some experience and come then later come to India to work as a Software Engineer (Again interrupted by VO.)

VO: Ok Mr. Anish. (VO putting my docs and passport in the envelope) Your F1 VISA is approved. All the Best.
Me: ha???????? Thank you mam, Thanks a lot mam. I just can’t. God bless you mam.

Happy School Blog Rocks. Its just because of this site i was able to pass this interview. The experiences are awesome.

Golden Rules for F1 Visa interview

There are 3 golden rules that i would like to share with you all aspiring students.

  1. Score good marks/GPA in your undergrads.
  2. Score good marks in GRE/TOEFL. Approx 1100/90.
  3. Always and only apply in public universities that too with a good ranking.

What I think is that the interview is kept just to see your interest and seriousness. The university which you have applied fills your SEVIS form.

It’s upto them how they describe you. So provide them all the best documents. In my experience the VO didn’t ask me to show a single documet.

That means she knew everything about me. “Even luck goes with hard work.”

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