4 Options for Incorrect Surname in Indian Passport

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Taranjeet posted the following comment at Name Mismatch between Passport, Markshteets and Certificates.

I am Taranjeet Singh. I just completed completed my dual degree(B.tech, M.Tech) from IIT Roorkee, with specialization in RF. I am considering to pursue Phd. But I have a problem with my name in the passport.

The thing is that I have used Taranjeet Singh as my name throughout my life. On all my school, college certificates Taranjeet Singh is listed as my name. However on my passport my name is “Taranjeet Singh Janjuha” as follows-

  • Given Name- Taranjeet Singh
  • Surname- Janjuha

This happened because on the passport form, there was a field which asked for surname. So, i wrote Janjuha thinking that they are asking it just for information purposes. I had no intent of using Janjuha in my passport name as I have never used it before. But anyways they included it in my name! Now I am stuck in a situation in which there is mismatch between my passport name and other certificates.

I think there would be a problem when I will give GRE and after that apply for US Visa. I would have to register for exam by my passport name and use the same name for all the VISA purposes. My college will send transcripts to US universities which will be by name of “Taranjeet Singh”. The concerned US university will also send I-20 or some other forms (although I don’t know which name they would use). Would this be a very big problem? Do you think that by registering for the exam an I-20 forms etc. by my passport name only, I would be able to avoid these problems?

Other solution is to change name on passport and include Singh as the surname and delete Janjuha from the name. So that my name on the passport is as follows-

  • Given Name- Taranjeet
  • Surname- Singh

This solution will solve all my name problems and let me give the exam. But the problem is I am not sure whethet it is possible for sikhs to include Singh/Kaur as surname
I have been told by one or two people who are settled in canada that sometimes Canada/US don,t allow use of Singh/Kaur as surname. I also talked to some passport agents and they confirmed this. However I am not very sure about this thing. Do you have any info on using Singh as surname for US etc.?

According to agents, it is possible to delete Janjuha from the surname and keep that field blank making my name on passport

  • Given name- Taranjeet Singh
  • Last name- Blank

Now I think this would be worst possible situation!! What solution would you suggest in order to solve my problem? I would greatly appreciate any help.

Indian Passport and Surname

You have possible options and you have listed them all. You should have read the

  1. Change your name in the passport (Best)
  2. Use the existing name and name differences in certificates will not be an issue. You can say in the application about the names used in certificate and you are ow going to use the name from passport going forward.
  3. Ridiculous to see someone say you cannot use certain names. You are free to use the name you wish.
  4. FNU is worst thing you can do. Make sure you read this article – Life in US with FNU and Blank First Name.

Getting new passport will delay you plans, but in long run it will make things easier for you. If you go with second option, you will be have to use Janjuha as Surname for rest of your life for all the documents (SSN, DL, Credit Cards, Visa, …). So, you have to decide if you like to go with Singh or Janjuha.

My suggestion is to change you name in passport and you can get to use the name that you have been using all your life. Do you guys agree with the suggestion?

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