Don't Do These 5 Things When Starting New Job

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work place mistakesAfter graduating college, it’s time to move on to the next big thing: a job! While this is an exciting time in life, it also commonly leads to failure a lot for recent college graduates. Finally out on their own and free from any institutional oversight, a lot of things get put by the wayside.

Business Insider has made a list  10 new job dont’s to ensure long term success. I’ve focused on the top 5 here.

1. Don’t be late

This is self-explanatory. You learned this in first grade and showing up late on your first day could really cause a negative impression on your employer.

2. Dress professionally

Make sure you know what constitutes appropriate dress at your new job, whether it be a polo and khakis or a full suit and tie.

Not dressing to standards can really make you look bad and possibly cause you to lose your job if you do it often enough.

3. Don’t expect hand-holding

Many times standard operating procedure is taught at orientation or other formal setting. But a lot of times, it’s not.

When this happens, instead of whining or looking for a handout, take initiative and teach yourself the basics.

This will speak volumes to your employer and show that you truly want to be there. Many people tend to forgo this and it causes a lot of problems for both them and the company in the long run.

4. Don’t try to change things

It’s understandable that you want to prove yourself to your boss and other employers and assure them that they made the right choice for the job, but it’s best to keep your ideas to yourself, at least in the beginning. It could make you seem as if you are not a team player.

Now, after you are able to really understand and learn your job, you can offer advice as a situation arises and be able to make the best decision while looking like a team player.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Being the new person at a job is scary. You feel that you have to prove yourself and that everyone is much more informed than you are. But in the long wrong, it’s better to ask questions rather than make a mistake that costs your company time and money to fix.

If you don’t know something, ask, nothing bad can come of it.

With just these few simple tips, breaking into a new job should be much easier. It’s a scary world, but you can at least go in with an idea of what to never do at a new job.

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