Even though ETS provides instructions on how to Register for GRE at International locations, many students planning to take GRE are not sure how to register for the test.

This guide will help you understand the process and where to find information within ETS site.

GRE Exam Registration process

Registering for GRE involves following steps

  1. GRE Test Format
  2. Testing Identification Requirements
  3. Decide on Test Dates
  4. Find the Test Center
  5. Register for the test
  6. Study for the exam

GRE Test Format

GRE Exam is offered in 2 formats

  1. Computer Based Test
  2. Paper Based Test

The General Test is offered as a computer-based test in the United States, Canada and many other countries. Paper-based General Test administrations are offered in areas of the world where computer-based testing is not available.

Testing Identification Requirements

Every test taker need to have some form of ID, so they can verify you identity. ID requirements vary by the country refer to ETS for the list of requirements. Make sure you read the list of ID requirements and have the required documents with you even before registering for the test.

GRE Test Dates

Decide when you plan to take GRE Exam. Have few dates or range of dates, while registering for GRE Test. Also, some students start preparing for GRE only after registering  for GRE. So, give enough time to prepare for GRE from the day you register for test to actual exam day. It also depends on your skill level and English vocabulary.  Also, GRE test date depends on which semester you plan to apply for admission and university deadlines.

Find GRE Test Center

Find out the nearby GRE Test center located in your country. Some countries like India have 8 GRE  test centers. Countries like Ghana has only one test center. If you have any questions, you can directly contact your local GRE testing center for information.

Register for GRE Test

At international test location, you can register for test by one of the following ways

  1. Online GRE Registration ( Credit/Debit Cards Only)
  2. Phone
  3. Fax
  4. Regular Postal mail ( Money Order/Certified Check/Voucher/Western Union Quick Pay, UNESCO Coupons, Credit/Debit Cards)

Prepare for GRE Exam

Having registered for the test, here are some useful resources that will help you prepare for GE Exam

If you have additional questions, leave comment here. Above information is taken from ETS GRE site. Refer to ETS for more detailed information.



  • Archana

    I have done my M.Sc(Computer Science) in India i want to do Ph.d in computer science but
    my visa is of H1 4 it is dependent visa so can i do my further education on it or not.

  • rns tomar

    After passing B Tech from India, I wish to go to USA for further study and better job. Pl tell me which test I have to pass so that I can get good job and study in USA.

  • yellina


    my interest is to appear in GRE 2011 can it be any way possible right at this point of time.
    please kindly help me out my situation, thanks in advance

  • Francis Ekole

    Please am interested in the IELTS test. What do i need to do in order to enroll for this test. Thanks

  • Shakeel

    Hi HSB
    I just finished my exams for BE (IS) and i failed in one subject which i’m sure of clearing in the next attempt mean time I wana write my GRE and TOEFL this december 2011 how do i go abt it and i joined BE in 2004 i had some issues that i lost few yrs. and i hav an agg of 58% in BE am i eligible for MS o i have no chances at all. N pls suggest me some decent colleges. PLS HELP ME. THANK YOU in advance.

  • vamsi

    Hi friends i had completed b.tech recently with 61 percent.Now i am planning to write revised gre so plz help me,how to prepare for exam.

  • Shaima

    I m a b.tech 3rd yr student n i m planng 4r ms in usa..! i wanna noe abt da best unv in usa wid its scholarshp plan.. n also wanna noe hw 2 apply 4r gre. stays in hyd.. plz reply me, n help me out 2 reach my aim..!

    • Siddharth

      I would suggest you to go one step a time.
      You can apply for gre via the official site http://www.ets.org/gre. It only requires you to make a simple account and the follow simple links, it would be evident when you visit.
      You will require a Credit card to register and its the thing you should least be concerned about. UNLESS you mess like I did…LOL
      I think 6 months should be pretty enough for the preparation. People may say its quite easy by it only looks so. You should aim at high score if you want scholarship
      One important thing, I would suggest you to be through your GRE about 1 year before you want to take admission as TOFEL and the applying procedure requires much time.
      Asking about the best universities is a pretty vague as they don’t even care about you score. Build your profile and consider publishing journals etc. if you can.

      Best of luck.

      • Shaima

        Thnks a lot bro..!

  • atanu roy

    thanks hsb.the info on gre was quite helpful

  • j k


    I registered myself for the gre exam in july some time back without creating any account in ets website. now i wanted to see other dates available for a change may be but now they are asking to create a account first. i just wanna confirm that my previous registration is correct without account on ets site? i got the confirmation mail from prometric.

    • HSB

      ETS site access problems can be fixed by calling them.

  • Siddharth

    Hi HSB,

    Can you clarify about the Money order or Certified Check option, a bit.

    I am having a grave trouble with the credit card method. Likely to consider other options.


    Its urgent. Planning for a test date in a month.

    No one is helping me. PLEASE.

  • jk

    What are the id requirements on test day of GRE? what else is required except passport

  • ashwin

    how can previous question paper for my gre prepration

  • govinda karda

    i want to know the test dates for 2011

  • Vijayalakshmi

    For booking GRE dates how much money should i pay.

  • bhargav

    hi i would like to know about the validity of the GRE score. once i get the score for how many years is it valid for??

    • jk

      its valid for 5 years

  • vijaykakani

    HaiHSB, u have gave me a great information and pls do giving these sort of articles and also i request u to present the article which were more useful for the freshers in GRE



  • lalitha

    hey ppl,can gre be taken all round the year or like u 've any specific dates for it???
    plzz do reply…!!

  • dee

    is there a fee to take to the GRE and if so do you pay each time that you take the test assuming you want to re-take the test