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Job hunting in this economy will be tough. Here are some of possible ways to search for jobs. Job hunting should be treated as a full time job.

If one of the following approach is not working, then something is wrong. It could be your resume or cover letter.

There will be lots of ups and down’s in your job search. You might apply for 100 jobs in 1 week and never hear back from the any employer.

If that happens switch to next job search method in the list below. If you can manage  to effectively spend equal time in few of the methods below, then you should see some positive results in couple of months time.

Students assume, that they can get adept at job search methods in few days and tend to relax through the days in college and when it come to job search, it would not take long before they realize, its not an easy process.

Top Job Search Methods

  1. Personal Contacts – friends, family members
  2. College Career Center and website
  3. Professional Networking – LinkedIn, Zoominfo
  4. Social Media Tools – Twitter, Facebook
  5. Job Search Boards – Simply Hired, Indeed
  6. Craigslist Job Search in local area
  7. Attend Job Fairs
  8. Cold Calls to prospective employer

To be successful in job search, you have to be mentally prepared to face ups and down. Every job you apply, you must feel that you are right fit for that position and have faith in the you when applying. Essentially you have to feel for the job you are applying. If you just apply with depressed feeling, it might not work out.

Tailor your resume according to the job you are applying. Modify the keywords in the resume and make those keywords easily visible. Do you know any other ways to search for jobs than above 8 ways, if you write a comment to this article.

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