9 Last Minute GRE Prep Tips

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Following last minuter GRE prep tips was shared by same reader who wrote GRE preparation tips.

Last Minute GRE Tips

  1. Keep your study schedules light in the final 2-3 days and do not start anything new. It won’t help in GRE.
  2. Take the Power Prep tests very seriously and take them just 2-3 days before your test date.
  3. Sleep well on the night before your test date. You cannot underestimate its importance, without experiencing its perils.
  4. Try to remain calm and composed on the test date. Worrying too much would give you a reason to worry even after the test. If you are facing such kind of pressure for the first time, this would be very difficult for you. Just treat this as any other exam. Do not take it lightly, but also do not take tension.
  5. Book a slot well in advance to ensure that you get the desired date, center and time slot in which you can concentrate best.
  6. Utilize the breaks in between the different sections, to unwind a bit. It helped me a lot.
  7. Some sections in the tests are repeated. Do not worry about that. Simply solve all the sections to the best of your abilities, because you never know which out of them would be used to score. I had got analytical writing section twice.
  8. In case if you are very sensitive to ambient disturbances, then utilize the headphone provided to muffle the sounds. I did not because my head feels heavier with the headphones on. I could concentrate well without them.
  9. Attempt all questions as there is no negative marking currently.

Preparation tips for GRE

  • Decide well in advance, so that you have sufficient time to prepare.
  • Improve your vocabulary by extensively going through the wordlist of Barron’s or Kaplan’s.
  • Complete the exercises in Barron’s or Kaplan’s before going over to anything else.
  • Practice as many as you can from GRE Big Book as these contain actual GRE questions. It would give you a very good idea about actual test. More importantly review your mistakes and try to rectify them in subsequent practice tests.
  • Create a practical timeline and try to stick to it.
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