Do you wan to know what is Administrative Processing and 221g Refusal Mean during USA Visa interview?

Here are couple of USA Visa interviews with 221(g)

Following explanation for 221(g) is taken from USA Embassy website.

We initially refuse most immigrant visa applicants under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  There is usually no need to worry: it is almost always a temporary refusal.

What is Section 221(g)?

Section 221(g) simply says that we cannot issue your visa until we are sure you are qualified for the visa in every way.  With immigrant visas, we almost never know on the day of the interview whether you are truly qualified.  So, we will need some time to verify this.  Sometimes, we need you to give us additional documents or information.  We will let you know, in writing, what we need.

What is “administrative processing?”

Many cases require administrative processing.  Each case is handled individually, so we cannot predict exactly how long it will take.  However, we will try to give you an estimated time at the end of the interview.

We ask that you not contact us to check your case status until the estimated time has passed.

Will you still issue my visa?

We end up issuing almost all cases that we refuse under Section 221(g).  As soon as we determine that you are qualified, we will “overcome” the refusal under Section 221(g) and issue the visa.

If you will issue anyway, why do you refuse in the first place?

The law requires us to adjudicate (issue or refuse) every case on the day of the application.  Since we usually are not yet prepared to issue, we must first refuse.

We will not overcome every single person’s 221(g) refusal.

For example, if we ask you to provide a birth certificate or additional proof of your relationship, and you do not give it to us within one year, your case will remain in refused status.  Finally, if we discover that you are not eligible for the visa for some other reason, we will also refuse you under the new, appropriate section of the law.

I have attended my F1 Visa interview on 17 May 2011, VO gave me 221g case.

Recently, A week ago they have asked me to submit the new I20 for further processing of my visa.

Can any one let me know how much more time does it take to get the visa after they ask for new I20?

With 221(g) there is nothing you can do.  There is no deadline or time limit on how long it would take to process 221(g). Submit new I-20 and then hope for the best result. You should have a tracking number to check the status.  Good luck to you. Do let us know (via comment in this post) about your status changes with 221(g)


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  • home

    Had my F1 Visa interview in Toronto on March 10th. I was given 221g. Submitted docs right away. Visa issued April 15th.

    • Raghuram Sukumar

      Congrats. Can you share detailed experience of your interview? You can post in the forums under F1 Visa Interview section. Thanks.

  • Arsalan Tahir

    my case went into administrative processing i was interviewed on 28th june 2012 and i haven’t received anything after that , what should i do ?

  • Santosh

    Hey guys got my passport vth stamping……..

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    I have interviewed for my F1 visa on the 31st of Octo 2012 at US Embassy,Addis Ababa,Ethiopia and got white 221(g) and told me as they will call me .After 2 months they called me and said me ” your visa case is fine in everything but we need additional time to process your visa”.Now I am in the state of wait.Actually I requested for admission differal from Spring 2013 to Fall 2013 and got new I-20 from Wichita state university.Is any one who are on the same boat with me to share his/her experience? What are may chances of getting visa in time?

    If you have any comments for me you are well come.

  • Ali

    I had also being interviewd since septembr 2012 also my sister did her interview too on august 2012 a week before mine they granted her they told her to pick her visa after 10 working days they called her before d 10days not to come that her to come that her own also need administraton processing after they’ve granted her before we think it might be because of mine that they dnt want to bias bcos my mum applied for us togelther they refused me under section 221(g),they requested some results from me which I gave them immediately,after 3 to 4months they called my sister to come and pick up her visa,now my own case my mum is being mailing them from america since september 2012 they are still saying is still administratn processig,this is d 7months what I can I do?all family have gone im getting tire everyday,pls I need advice.

  • Kelly Lahore

    Hello@ I got interveiwed on 14th march 2013….at window one the guy asked me if I have union counsil divorce certs and I replied that I gave you NADRA ones and I dont have union counsil ones available…than he asked me if I have filled I-1864 form for my daughter and I said NVC didnt asked for it so NO I didnt…than he noted that ona paper and asked my mobile number…and said Mam which language you will give an Interveiw and I said any and he said okay I will send you to the english section…and I said ok….on window 6 I met an American guy and he asked me questions about my prev divorces and my husband’s previ divorces and I kept answering him wisley…he said I have a good english and I told him that I have worked with American groups so thats why…he tried to ask trivky questions about my husband marriages but all went well…he asked 2 questions to my daughter too and than asked me If I ve ever visited america and I said no never to States…he asked me if I had a love or arranged marriage and I said love…he said where u met your hubby and I told him…so it went well for 10 to 15 minutes and he took my passport and medicals and gave me a flier of welcome to States showing laws of amercia and etc….ln the start he took a pledge too and also gave me a token and american express number and address with a light green form which only mentions the date of interveiw and my case #…in printed form its written that we need some Admin processing…they didnt requested me for any additional docs and I asked him if I have to send hims omething and he said NO we donot need anhthing in Islamabad now and this green list will help you and will guide you…and If anything is rwquired Lahore people will call or email me….I am in a state of shock what is there that they put me to AP…all went well…and if they wnated something they shld have asked me to provide…I thought they will ask me to send them union counsil certs but they didnt…what is next and when can I expect a call from them…will I be getting the visa soon…so confused…Psl help…I am a spouse of US citizen with a kid under 21.

  • Moon

    Can any one tell the web link to track a passport , for administrative processing, against F-1 visa from Islamabad Embassy?

  • http://[email protected] Kenneth

    They did not give any paper of any kind on the day of my interview.they collected my passport and other documents.

    • Lakshmi Adepu

      Hey Kenneth,

      Did you hear anything from Consulate ? Did your fiancee visa got stamped ? Even my husband Visa went to 221 G after the visa interview. They did not issued any 221G at the time of interview . They clearly mentioned that his Visa is granted and he will recieve his passport in 2-3 days.. but its been 3 months now and still we are waiting for his passport.
      Want to know in how many days you got your passport and what reply you got from them ?


    • Pankaj

      Same here..They did not give any slip or handout to me..Its been 90 days now since i have heard back from them…

      • vish

        Did you call the consulate?

  • http://[email protected] Kenneth

    I went to america embassy frankfurt for my interview,they took my passport and evidence of relationship,even they interviewed my fiancee in american over the phone,after they finish with my interview they said am fine nd they contact my fiancee,after interviewing my fiancee they said to her congratuation,after three days my fiancee mail them they said my visa application is on pending review,later i called one number in u.s.a they checked it online nd said that am under adminstrative process under 221g,but the day i went for my interview they did give me paper to show that am under admin process.eve they gave me pen write my address on the dhl pre it because am from nigeria or what?i gave them all they needed before they can call for the interview.what might be the and my fiancee are havn headach stress.tell me what they want,or is there one having this kind of problem?

  • Faiz khan

    I had my E2 visa interview with my wife and son at Toronto Consulate on june 26,2012 and i was issued 221g yellow slip and VO did not see any of my papers, not even my brith certificate. At the end of my interview i was given yellow paper, he said that he’s not sure how long it will take, once you are informed by email. just mail or in person drop off your passport for visa. is anyone know how long it usually takes. at the consulate website it says Administrative processing usually resolve within 60days. When i provided all the documents why they have issue me 221g?

  • Santosh

    I had been interviewed on 24th oct 2011 at chennai consulate and after my interview they had given me the blue sheet by saying to provide the required documents.I had got all the documents which are marked in the blue sheet and then I submitted those documents at VFS.Now it’s almost two(2) weeks gone by submitting them and by tracking with my passport no. Its showing ‘your passport is under process at US consulate.How much time does it requires for returning my passport.Plz suggest me

  • Abdullah Nawaz

    I was asked to fill out a list of my siblings names. What happens if I made an unintentional mistake? How can the information be updated without causing further delays?

  • vish

    “With immigrant visas, we almost never know on the day of the interview whether you are truly qualified.”

    This line under what is 221g, did you mean non-immigrant/dual intent?