IS it Ok to Get University Transfer after First Semester?

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If you applied to many US Universities, but got admission from just one University what can you do? Can you go for F1 Visa Stamping to one University that sent  I-20 or apply for next semester?

Hello,  I applied to different to 5 universities excluding CSU, Long Beach

1. University of Texas, Arlington
2. UMass, Dartmouth
3. UNC, Charlotte
4. Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville
5. San Diego State University, San Diego

Got reject from every one of them (Electrical Engineering), What are the chances of getting a different university in the second year or can I get into Phd with some financial aid, after I finish my 1st year into some other university?

Thanking you

Admission from One University

This year many students are getting just one admission. Do you know what is the reason behind that?

Due to recession in US many are going back to school. So, number of applications received by the school have increased. When students normally consider university as moderate or safe, they are finding it tough to get admission this year.

In your case since you have received I-20 from California State University, Long Beach there are not many options for you. In fact this makes your job much easier. Be prepared to pay out of state fee.

University Transfer after One (First) Semester

Since you don’t have admission from other universities, you can go for Visa stamping for California State University @ Long Beach. In mean time apply for few different schools for Spring 2010 semester. For some reason you don’t like CSU, you can transfer to different school after 1 semester.

Read about FQ’s about University Transfer artilce for International Students.

PhD with Financial Aid

You can find answers to similar questions

Usually students get Aid for PhD, but it will take one or two semester. But, if you want to get transfer, make sure you get it right after first semester. Hopefully this answers your questions.

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