Thanks to HSB Reader for forwarding his Admission letter from University of Wyoming. He got admit with Full Graduate Assistantship.

  • University of Wyoming
  • In-state Tuition Fess for upto 12 credits
  • Stipend – $11, 349
  • Work 18 hours per week

If you were to receive admission from university with funding, letter will look the the following college acceptance letter. Fundings are allocated per year and renewed based on performance after first year.

I have seen students get scholarship for entire duration of the courses. But, such scholarship are given to students with strong academic skills.

With scholarship, they get In-state fees and they can work under any professor as RA or TA and get monthly stipend.

Admission Letter – University

University of Wyoming - Admission Letter

University of Wyoming – Admission Letter

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If you received admission with aid or some sort of funding, please do share the offer letter. We can post the letter after removing all the personal details.

Congrats to the fan who forwarded above letter on getting admission with GA.

  • Rahul


    I just want to know whether M.S under Mechanical field in U.S.A not famous like Germany?? (Is it worth doing M.S(mech) in U.S.A? …. What are the exams that i have to take to do M.S in Germany??…..What are lang requirements for M.S in Germany?.. What is the medium of study in Germany (Eng or German)?… Give an approx. cost of study (including tuition fess, cost of living) … is it costlier than U.S? .. Chances of getting scholarships in germany better than in U.S.A?

    I'm looking forward eagerly to your guidance

    Thank You!

  • NS

    Dear HSB,

    My daughter with a GRE of 1110, 3 international papers and 82% in UG has got admit from the following for MS Comp Science for Fall 2011 term. 1) NYU POLY with USD 6K/annum aid, 2) George Mason 3) UTA 4)University of North Carolina, Charlotte 5) Texas Tech 6) A&M Kingsville. Only university that has not replied is UMBC.

    We are likely to take NYU POLY , since they are very strong in the field of Security and the location is good for internship. Your valuable suggestion will help us to get clarity.

    Regards / NS

  • Arhin Douglas

    I just completed university of Ghana (pursued psychology and philosophy). I would like to do my masters at USA. I had second class lower with GPA of 3.20. I would want to know if I can still apply for scholarship. Also how does the tuition fee cost for a business related course. Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  • Anuja

    Congratulations 2 HSB fan. You have received what you deserved owing to HSB's help.

  • pandri

    Hi HSB,

    i'm a bit confused between UT-arlington and portland state univ. i got admits in EE.

    kindly guide me in choosing the university

  • D



    Hi HSB,
    My son has got admission for the following 4 univ. in US,
    for FALL 2011, for doing MS in electrical engineering :
    1) UTD 2) SUNY Buffallo 3) U MASS, Amherst &
    4) Stony Brook, New York.

    Kindly guide us choosing one among the four

    • HSB

      2. UTD

      • Guru Karthik

        Hello HSB, I have admits from UTD, SUNY Buffallo and U Utah for EE. I am confused choosing between UTD and Utah. Which is better and how are intern/job ops in both the states ?

    • Rajkumar

      Hello Sir,

      May i please know how much did your son score in GRE and TOEFL?

      And how much is his UG GPA?

      any work experience?

      Thanks a lot..

      This would help me in my admission process for FALL 2012.

  • aLOK

    Must have scored above 1450 on Gre with awesome academic profile.

  • p

    good for you;

    they rejected me

  • Nir


    @HSB, Could u please let what kinda of strong profile can earn u such an offer?

  • vishnu