Admission Letter with Full Graduate Assistantship

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Thanks to HSB Reader for forwarding his Admission letter from University of Wyoming. He got admit with Full Graduate Assistantship.

  • University of Wyoming
  • In-state Tuition Fess for upto 12 credits
  • Stipend – $11, 349
  • Work 18 hours per week

If you were to receive admission from university with funding, letter will look the the following college acceptance letter. Fundings are allocated per year and renewed based on performance after first year.

I have seen students get scholarship for entire duration of the courses. But, such scholarship are given to students with strong academic skills.

With scholarship, they get In-state fees and they can work under any professor as RA or TA and get monthly stipend.

Admission Letter – University

University of Wyoming - Admission Letter
University of Wyoming – Admission Letter

Click on the image to expand.

If you received admission with aid or some sort of funding, please do share the offer letter. We can post the letter after removing all the personal details.

Congrats to the fan who forwarded above letter on getting admission with GA.

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