Admission Status: Application Documents Not Received

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What to do when university admission documents doesn’t reach university or university lot my supporting documents.

I want to discuss a problem associated with my application.Even though I sent all the application credentials in time-

  • 10th11th Mark Transcripts officially signed and attested.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Application fee
  • and Essays
  • SATTOEFL Official Score reports

It seems that the university did not receive them ( IN MY CASE TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE STATION ).

Will it effect my admission process. I sent them well before in time but is not reflecting in my application tracker, which says
We have not received your documents yet(Mentioned above). Is there a chance that there is a fault with the courier system.
I sent it with FED-EX and it says the documents have already reached before the deadline.
What shall I do now. I’ve also been given a Universal Identification Number (UIN), which confirms that they’ve received my application and essays(Submitted online). Do they guarantee any admission. Help me HSB. I am in real trouble now.

Missing Application Documents

There are 5 ways to check college admission status.  Lets analyze what could have happened. Several scenarios are possible here.

  1. If Texas A&M, College station has fixed admission deadlines, then chances are your application package haven’t been opened for processing.
  2. University lost your application documents
  3. Application documents delivered to different department
  4. You forgot to send above documents ( I know you will not agree to this)

What Next?

Why do you think you are in real trouble. Even in your previous mail, you said you are in real trouble. If you have a problem, don’t hit the panic button right away.

  1. Call them (better than sending email) and ask why is your status is documents not received.
  2. If they lost the application (less likely, but possible) say the name of the person who signed and received it.
  3. Send them the FedEx tracking number.
  4. Worst Case – They will ask you to send the documents again.

Follow the required documents for admission checklist and how to send college application documents.

There is always a solution, eventhough you have to prepare for worst case scenario, if things go wrong, don’t assume worst case has happened.

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