Admission to PhD Without GRE or TOEFL?

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Question : Can I get admission to PhD without GRE and TOEFL Score?

Admission process to PhD is much different from Maters Degree. Most students have knowledge ( or partial knowledge) about Masters degree in  US University admission process, and tend to follow the same process for PhD admission.

PhD is all about research, if you are not willing to take GRE or TOEFL, then why do you want to think about PhD?

It takes lot of effort to complete PhD in US Universities. If you plan to take the easy route, then you are going to face the consequences few years down the road.

There are few universities that accept students for M.S. degree just with TOEFL Score, but for PhD admission GRE Test Score is mandatory.

If you are thinking to study Doctorate degree, then it should be good university, which has research in your are of interest and professor who will be supportive to take you as student.

So, admission to PhD without GRE is not possible in most of the technical fields. So, don’t waste your time searching for Universities for PhD without PhD, instead spend time to prepare for GRE.

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