Congrats on your H1B Petition Approval. Getting H-1B approved is a big step. Typically after H1B petition is approved by USCIS, they will update the USCIS Online Case Status search website. H1B approval message will look similar to this


Current Status: Approval notice sent.

On June 24, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

This article will add more details to previously discussed article -  When to go for H1B Stamping.

After H-1B Approval Notice Sent

Depending on your current visa status if living with US or applied for H!B from outside US, you may fall into any of the following categories

  • H1B Petition approved with Change of Status (COS), you live within US
  • H1B petition approved without Change of Status, you live within US
  • H1B approved and you live outside United States

Within US and H1 Approved With COS

If your H-1B Visa petition is approved with COS and you live in US ( F1 Visa to H1B, L1 to H1B, L2 to H1B, H4 to H1B, …) you can start working from October 1, 2009. You will be required to get H1B stamping ONLY when you travel outside US. From October 1, 2009 your status will be changed automatically to H1B.

Students in OPT to H1B Visa – Your status will change to H1B from H1 start date, even if OPT period is valid for few more months.

H1B Approved within US without COS

If  H1B approved without COS and you live inside US, you will have to go travel US ( home country usually) get H1B stamping and enter after October 1, 2009.  You may have different questions with respect to this situation.

  • When can I get stamping?
  • Can I get stamping before Oct 1 and enter US on H1B?
  • Can I get continue to work with current Visa status (L1, L2 or OPT)

You have to consult an immigration attorney to get answers to your unique situation or for additional questions.

H1B Approved while living outside US

This situation usually applies to those who applied for H1B through consulting firms. With USCIS have increased the security check to prevent companies from misusing the H1B program, consulting companies are finding it tough to respond to RFE on H1B requested by USCIS.

If you have H1B approved despite increased security checks and tough measures by USCIS, you can go for H1B stamping to your nearby American consulate. Check with  US consulate on the earliest time and date to appear for H1B Visa stamping interview.

There are couple of blog readers who applied for H!B on April 2009, got H1B approved and already got H1B visa stamping. They can travel to US after October 1, 2009. But, each US Consulate will have varying rules, check with them, before booking visa interview date.

If you have additional questions like

  • I live in New Zealand, but I’m citizen of UK, where should I apply for H1b stamping?
  • I have H1B petition approved from last year, but my employer is asking me to wait, since job situation is not good in US, what should I do?

Consult an immigration attorney to get your questions clarified. If you have unique situation, spend some money to get your questions answered by an Immigration Attorney.

H1B Stamping

If you live outside United States, your employer must agree for you to go for H1B Visa stamping, this is usually the case with consulting companies filing for H1B. You just cannot go for stamping without your employer being aware of that.

Even before that, you need to get all the documents required for H1B Stamping. Your employer must provide you with all the required documents and you can prepare additional documents for H1B stamping.

  • ———-

    I had an offer from a US startup and they had filed an H1-B for me, and I had made into the cap. I had not scheduled my visa interview, and I didnt join that company. This year if I want to go for a job or higher studies in US. I would need to H1B, F1 respectively. So, will my last year case have any impact on this year, as I didn’t go last year. Kindly reply

  • ———-

    I had an offer from a US startup and they had filed an H1-B for me, and I had made into the cap. I had not scheduled my visa interview, and I didnt join that company. This year if I want to go for a job or higher studies in US. I would need to H1B, F1 respectively. So, will my last year case have any impact on this year, as I didn’t go last year.

  • Purvi


    I am in USA on H4 visa. and want to convert my visa to H1B visa next year. I am searching for consultancy firms who will file my H1B visa. I had a talk with a firm and they said they will file my H1B visa & after I will get approval they will search for a job.
    Is this a right thing to do ?

  • rudra

    My petition got approved. I have to go for stamping in Chennai. My wife is expecting and she will not able to travel anytime soon for the stamping. Is it ok, if I stamp my visa first and then my wife and kid go later on. I know the alternative is to wait together to go as family. But I am considering the former option. Any problems with it?

  • Rahul


    My consultant applied for H1B on June 5th 2012 (with my OPT expiring on June 25th 2012) and I got the Cap gap extension till Oct 1 2012. On Aug 25th 2012 my consultant asked me to apply for premium processing as my petition was not yet approved and my cap gap extension was going to expire on Sep 30th 2012.

    I paid for the premium processing and the consultant informed me that they are going to apply for premium processing on Sep 5th 2012. When I checked my status online on Sep 6th 2012 I noticed that my petition was approved :) with the following message.

    “On September 5, 2012, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.”

    Now Im confused If my petition was approved on the same day they received my request for PP ? or It was just a coincidence and my petition was approved on the same day using normal processing ?

    If it was a coincidence then my petition was approved using normal processing and I should get my money back. Now My question is

    1) How Can I know that my Petition was approved using PP or normal processing
    2) If it was normal processing then Is it a good idea to ask USCIS for Refund without going through much Drama ?
    3) If I can and should then What’s the procedure ?

    NOTE: I paid for the entire H1B processing to my consultant and I dont wanna pay any extra than Im suppose to pay.



  • K

    I just got this notice, but does it mean I got approved to technically be H1B status? Or, are there still any possibilities to be rejected?

  • Chygirl


    A friend of mine introduced me to this blogg since 2010 before coming to US for my Masters. Since then I have acquired alot of helpful information that has helped me tremendously. I would like hear about your experiences or your advises on H1B visa stamping in Canada.
    Case details:
    Current Status – OPT
    F1 Visa – Expired in July, 2012
    Opt – Expiration date : December, 2012
    Currently on a Project
    H1B Approval notice sent to employer

    Issues to deliberate on
    1) Due to the nature of my project, it may be difficult to travel to my home country within a short notice. This is reason I considered going Canada instead.
    2) If I travel to Canada after 1st October, and there is a delay in H1B visa stamping, how can I return to US?

    Please help me by providing answers to these questions.

    Thank you.

  • Rajesh N

    Hi ,
    I am very new to this blog. I hope i could find an answer to my question .
    I got my H1B application approved and also done with the stamping on may 2012 . But to my bad luck , as there are no projects from client who filed my H1B i decided to transfer my H1B visa to an other client which has some projects that suites my profile .
    As my visa tenure is only for one year , and my amendment transfer is going to filed on August last week . So when my transferred petition approves i would be having only 4months from the visa expiry . So in that case i need to attend visa interview again to make my travel.
    So in that case , if i go for stamping again (as my stamping is done earlier with other client) will there be any changes of rejection in visa interview . Please let me know on this.
    My visa stamping is done on May 2012 in Hyderabad . I hope my next visa stamping is also go to be in Hyderabad .Could you let me know whether there would be any chance of rejection in next visa interview ?.

  • Venu


    I have H1-B petititon approved in 10th October 2010.
    And petition validity is till October 2013.
    Since then i am in india, and did not attend US consulate for stamping.
    Now my employer is not ready to offer the job as i am in india, Pls suggest how to get into USA.

  • rajesh

    One my friend applied H1-b through consultancy under 2012 cap and his application got approved but due to personal difference that company is not willing to take him and mailed him stating that they are not willing to take …but my friend paid $2500 for the process. When he asked to return the money they are not willing to do so…
    My friend wanted to take the legal action he is having all the proof when the money transfers etc….
    What are the chances for legal action and getting the money back?
    pls help

  • Ramesh


    I am currently on L1B and I have applied for 2011 H1B in Nov 2011 ( Quota was available after Oct also ) and it is in RFE status right now. RFE is answered and I am waiting for the reply. Should I quit the present company ( where I am working on L1B ) and start working with Employer who applied H1 the next day it is approved ?? If I have applied for H1 in March 2011, it would have got activated on Oct 1, 2011, but since we have already crossed that date, I am not sure what will happen. I want some time ( may be 1 week atleast ) to resign from present employer.

    Please let me know your thoughts.


  • Padraig

    Question: I hope to hear back about my H1B next week (24/5/2012) if all is to plan out can I start work this summer or have I to wait till Oct 1st? My H1B I hope gets approved next week if so how long will it take for me to get it stamped? Thanks -Padraig

  • AMY

    Has any one got H1-B petition approval notice ?
    Can anyone tell me, how much time is the USCIS taking for the petition processing now a days ?


  • neha

    I am currenty on h4 and recently got an h1b visa… now for saftey purposes had also filed other h1b with diff company earliar.
    Now my ques is , I knw i can work on 1 h1b at a time.
    but what will happen at the time of stamping.?

  • kumar


    I have valid H1b petition until 2014. Went for stamping in Hyd and the status is pending.
    How can i go to US now ?
    Also, i have a b1 from the present company. Now can i use my b1 to go to US and stay there with the H1b Approved petition ?


  • Sandy

    I recently quit the company i was working for. What happens to my H1 b status? How do keep it active? I am in india right now.


  • Madhu

    Hi Saurabh,,

    I am working for company A on L1B. Company B is filing H1b for me. Company B is a consultancy company.

    1. If suppose if I get full time from company C before 01st Oct can I directly join in company C and work for them.
    2. I have not signed any agreement with company B. Will company B create any problem for me?

  • Syam

    Hi , i have been applied H1-B for visa through my employer and i got the visa and the visa validity expires on March 7,2012. currently i am in India. please let me know how many days before the expiry date i have to reach US. because i can extend my visa when i am US only.

  • veena

    Hi All, my freind works in USA and came here to get his H1B visa stamping.He forgot to get his tenth ,12th, and undergraduate certificate originals.He is having all scaneed copies.Will there be any problem?

  • kayyes

    L1 to H1 with CP. Checking the feasibility of changing employer –
    I’m in L1, recently I received my H1B approved under Consular Processing (for Nonimmigrant visas). My L1 is valid until Jul 2012 and H1B until Nov 2012.

    My questions are –
    1. If I get a new job from a different employer, can the new employer use my current approved H1B petition and apply for transfer or may be L1 to H1 with COS (cap excempt) or any other option? Or my H1B has to be stamped in my passport to be eligible for employer change?

    2. Going to Canada for my H1B stamping a good option? I’ve 4 years work exp. in the US, I’m in the same location and same client. I’ve my client letter, pay stubs, W2 forms everything clean. I’ve never done any studies here in US/Canada and I’m from India.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • SS

      I am in same shoes of yours , please provide expert opinion on what you have done with your case or any other suggestion?

      • Anshul Jain


        I got my h1b petition approved filed by my previous employer couple of days back. Is it possible to transfer it to my new employer.

        I only have the receipt number with me.

        Regards, Anshul

  • ABC


    I currently live in the US.( was on H4 earlier). My H1B Petition was approved with Change of Status (COS) for 2012 on Nov 3rd. My start date mentioned in the petition was Nov 1.

    Now my employer is saying that they want me to start from Jan 1 2012. I would like to know if this will cause any problems when i go to India for my H1 Stamping?? Would i have to explain why there is a gap between my approval and commencement of work?

    • Rani

      Could you please tell me the process how you got the H1B.I am also looking for one.

  • Pankil

    I am currently in US on L1 visa and checking options to moving to h1b visa. I have my h1b petation approved in 2008 when I was in India but I have never used that and never go for stamping.

    Later in 2010 I come to US on L1B visa. Now I am just wonderign if I can use my older h1b approved petation somehow if I want to move to H1B visa.

    Any help would be appriciated.

  • Shilpi


    I got my H1B approved for the year 2012. I have not gone for stamping yet.
    For some personal reason, I am quitting my job with present employer( who filed my h1b).

    My question is: If I find a new employer who can transfer my h1b or re-join the same employer after 6 months, Will my h1b be still valid?

    What is the consequences of never stamping or late stamping ?

    Please help me guys, I am totally confused on this.


    • Help

      Hi Shilpi,

      I have to make lot of assumptions since you have not mentioned your current status:-
      I am Assuming you are in US and working with some company on L1 based on your statement that you have H1B approved for 2012, you have the following options:-

      1. If your H1B was approved with I94 than you can go outside US – mexico and come back and apply for I94 on the basis of your L1. Once you are in US ask the new employer to file for COS with I94

      2. Ask your new employer to file a new H1 and go to your home country and come back after Visa Stamping

      3. Join your employer who has filed H1 wait for atleast 1-3 payslips and than ask your new employer to transfer H1. ( There is a requirement of paystubs please check with some expert on how many )

      4. File for L1 renewal with extension provided you have less than 6 months on L1 ( Please consult an expert on the procedure to convert your I94)

      Regarding your Questions “re-join the same employer after 6 months, Will my h1b be still valid?”:
      If you have converted your H1 with I94 than you can no longer work with your current employer on L1 – your current working is in violation of immigration laws.

      If you have got H1 without I94 than you can work on L1 and the H1 is not valid till you go to your home country and get it stamped.

      I am sorry if my above assumptions do not fulfil your case. Since there are so many variants possible i recommend that people posting questions specify the following details and also consult an immigration lawyer:-
      1. Current Status – Visa type
      2. Visa Validity
      3. I94 validity and with what Visa Type
      4. Nationality
      5. Total stay in US
      6. Education – US or non US ( there are certain quota for US Masters Degree or PHD students)

      • Shilpi


        Thanks for the detailed reply. My case status is as follows:

        1. Current Status – H1B Approved
        2. Any other Visa (L1 or B1 etc ) – NO other Visa
        3. Visa Validity- I guess it will be 3 yrs, will confirm after arrival of hard copy
        4. I94 validity and with what Visa Type – Not sure about I94, visa type is H1B
        5. Nationality- Indian
        6. Total stay in US- Never been to US
        7. Education – No US Degree (Graduation and Post Graduation from Indian University)
        8. Current Location – India
        9. Employment duration with present employer – 6 months

        My Employer file H1B visa under Premium processing. From USCIS website my status is confirmed as “Approved”. I am expecting that hard copy of my Visa documents will reach to my employer within next 10 days.

        Due to some personal circumstances, I have resigned from my present employer so my visa interview will not be scheduled and I will not go for Visa Stamping. My question is what are the consequences of not having the visa stamped immediately. Will my visa become invalid or will it still be valid after few months?
        I can return back to work to the same employer or different employer after few months.
        How this H1B visa be utilized in these two cases:
        1> If I join same employer (who filed my H1B) after 6 months
        2> If I join a different employer after 6 months. Can he transfer Visa or will apply new visa?

        • Sher Singh Bansal

          I have the same concern being in the same situcation as Shilpi mentioned
          (Shilpi says: December 3, 2011 at 1:42 AM)

          Shilpi- did you get an answer to your query?

          please assist


  • jayesh

    i m from canada i applied for my h1 extention and they deniel my extention so how many days i have to live usa after denial pleaase let me know any body is very helpfull for me also should i applay form here same company this year

  • Vipul

    I applied for H1-B in 2007 and it was approved. I was given the EAC number but my consultancy didn’t provide me the documents and i didn’t go for interview.
    Now i am again applying for H1-B and my new employer is asking the receipt number or the approval number of my previous application which i don’t have.
    Will my current H1-B application get rejected because i don’t have these details?

    Please help!!

    • jayesh

      you have to provide EAC NO SOME IS VERY HELP FULL

  • Prasad Bollam

    Hi HSB,
    I got my first H1B approve in Sep 2011 for 1year.
    I am planning to go india and i want to know whether stamping is possible or not from India in present situation.
    After going to India if i will not get stamping in India,
    my time period exceeds means from india i can Apply my H1B or not.

    Please let me know.

  • Mani

    My L1 is expired for company A with valid I-94. Now company B has filled H1B as COS and it got approved with start date after one month of H1B COS approval date.

    I have one more offer from company C, My question is
    1. Will the company C file new H1B (on what basis) .
    2. Will the company C transfer H1B (I dont have pettion copy or approval notice with me)
    3. Can one more L1 to H2B COS is possible (I mean based on my L1 expired however 1-94 is valid)

    Please advise what should me the best approach here.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Help

      1. Will the company C file new H1B (on what basis) – They can file new H1 B on the basis of your qualification – this will be treated as a new case and you will have to go to your home country to get stamped
      2. Will the company C transfer H1B (I dont have pettion copy or approval notice with me) -
      To transfer you need atleast one paystub, regarding petition copy and approval notice – they are your property and legally they cannot keep it with them. to transfer you need the approval and EAC #.
      3. Can one more L1 to H2B COS is possible (I mean based on my L1 expired however 1-94 is valid) – If the new company filed H1 with I94 than your I94 is nolonger valid. You can however apply for L1 renewal if you have not used up 5 year of continous stay on L1.

  • Mani

    My L1 is expired for company A with valid I-94. Now company B has filled H1B as COS and it got approved with start date after one month of H1B COS approval date.

    I have one more offer from company C, My question is
    1. Will the company C file new H1B (on what basis) .
    2. Will the company C transfer H1B (I dont have pettion copy or approval notice with me)
    3. Can one more L1 to H2B COS is possible (I mean based on my L1 expired however 1-94 is valid)

    Please advise what should me the best approach here.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Andy

    Hi HSB,
    i got my first H1B approve in Oct 2009. I came to india and got H1B stamp in my Passport valid until September 2012. After coming to US i changed my status to F1 in June 2011. I got F1 Approval in June. Now again i am filing H1B. Once this H1B get approve if i travel to india in February 2012 do i need to go to US consulate to get H1B stamp again or my old H1b stamp will work.

    Please let me know.

  • Prajyot

    My applied for H1B through my current employer. I got my H1B stamping done last year in Sep 2009. But still, I am not able to fly to US, as my employer is not sending me to US due to some professional rivalry reasons. Kindly guide me what should be my next step. I know there is recession there in US, but in my case the reasons for not being able to land there are different.
    Can I try for H1B transfer from here in India itself? Do I need some documents and letter from my employer before I fly to US?

  • Jorge

    I need to get my H1-B stamped on my passport, I’m a Chilean citizen currently living in the U.S, I need to know if I can do this process in Singapore because I have to be there in 2 months!
    Thank you.

  • frank toke

    i have a cap exempt h1b ends june 30 2011, and now i am on B1 pending status that was filed before the end of my visa.
    i have new employer and will file h1b cap counted next week.
    can i work for my new employer on the portability of my h1b by act 21 or should i leave the country and come back when it get approved

  • natasha


    I am a Canadian who has been working in the US with TN visas in the past. I have been granted an HB Visa as of Ocober 2010 but have not returned to Canada yet. My first trip to Canada will be August 2011. My question is, where do I go to receive this stamp I read about ? All the numbers I try online don’t help. How do I make this appointment, and with whom? I’ve tried the CDN immigration website.

    Thanks for your time.

    • jayesh

      you dont need to worry abouth stamping also whenever you go canada you can stamping any time thats fine

  • Remya

    My hus’ H1 approval happend in 2008, but he didnt attend the interview for stamping. And now his petition is getting expired in july 2011.

    1. Will he be able to go and attend the stamping?
    2. If yes, what will be the visa validity he can expect?

    Please assist…

    Thanks in advance,

    • naren

      Hi Remya,

      Did you get the answer of yr question? I am also in same situation. My H1b approval is expired last month. Should I have to appear again for visa count ?

  • Sam


    My H1B premium process petition denied last month, now what could be the next step? file MTR or appeal. pls suggest your valuable guidance.


    • jayesh


  • SP

    I am with the F1 status and currently living in USA and doing 2nd masters, both from USA; but my H1B has been approved from April 1st for a university research job. I am in the middle of finishing my last semester of school. My question is how many days do I have before I join the work and use my H1B status ? or if i rephrase the question : within how many days a person has to report to the employer and start working once the H1B has been approved if that person is currently living in the USA?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    • HSB

      You don't have any gap. From April 1 your status will be H1. You can continue to study while in H1, but you cannot be studying full time and not working when H1 is approved.

      • SP

        even if my h1b is for a non-profit institution ?

  • Jitesh


    I am on OPT right now till June 2011. My H1 is starting from Jan 01, 2011

    Can i leave country and return back to US before my H1 starts OR do i need to do H1 stamping before i come back. Since i am going in Dec 06, 2010 to Dec 19,2010.


  • Dhara

    I m doing Msc biotechnology. I m planning to go to USA. Is there any company who can do H1 B visa can just reply me.

  • Raj


    For H1B ,Is ther need to submit my Birth certificate since my date of birth is different in College certificate and Birth certificate.

  • Sam

    My Spouse got H1b approval on Oct 2008 bcz of the bad economic condition she didn't attend the Visa Interview for H1b. She came to US in H4 Visa in 2009. Is her H1B approved on Oct 2008 is till valid ? If yes, Can she apply for COS from H4 to H1 using old H1 approval ? Please Help.

    • Kumar

      Yes there is option for H1B (ref 176-43)

  • ivy

    I have been approved H1b for teaching through my first degree in education, thus bachelor of education in science. However, i have also pursued a masters degree in Environmental science with which i am working right now. Can i be denied my h1b visa stamping because currently i am not teaching?

  • Mr. Ramesh


    I am getting my H1-B start date as 1st Dec 2010. Can I travel to India anytime in last week of November and get it stamped on 29th November(as this date is before my H1B start date). Is there any special rule for this type of scenario?


  • Rags

    I am MS Graduate.I am on OPT extension its valid till 03-15-2011 and i have valid f1 visa.

    I am currently working as a full time employee Programmer analyst in e-verified company.

    My employer applied my H1B on 4-4-2010. it is still in question is

    I have to visit India for 20 days( father not feeling well) planing to leave may last week or June 1st week.

    Can i travel India during the H1B processing time.?

    If i go what will be the problem to my H1B? can i re-enter USA on my F1 visa without any issues in port of entry?.

    or can I travel after my acceptance of H1B. in that case while coming should i need H1B visa stamping or can i re-enter on f1 only?

    What documents should i carry in both situations(processing time and after acceptance of H1B). Please help.

    • me

      hey man..

      dont mess up your career cos of ur old man.. say in the states until you get ur h1.. old man can wait..

  • raju

    i came to us on B1/B2 visa and changed to H1b visa on Oct 2009 now i want to change to L1 visa b'coz the process of green card is fast in L1 visa please guide me

  • Fanny

    Hi! I need your urgent LEGAL help.

    I got my aproval notice for an H1B and now I am back in my country in order to stamp it in my passport. Before I left he US I was a transfer student since March 2009 until August 2009 and as I didn’t leave the country during that period of time my only proof of study was my approved I-20 which I took with me to my interview today. The embassy told me they were going to put my case on hold until I get a DHS aproval or authorization that proves that I was in legal status in the US but the Institute were I studied says that’s not possible because they only give I-20’s and they don’t have any other documents but a letter that certifies that I studied there during that period of time. I’ve never heard that before and I am very concern because I need to know if there could be any other document that my school can present or how can I contact the Department of Homeland Security , otherwise the embassy will not stamp my visa.

    I will appreciate any legal and serious advise on this matter.

    Thank you

    • HSB

      @Fanny – We don't provide legal help. You will need to talk to an Immigration Attorney for your situation.

  • Prabhu

    My H1 is approved with COS. I am awaiting for documents from my employer. I just want to know what all documents I have to collect from my employer. Also after receiving my I797 notice, can I go and apply for SSN?

  • AP

    My H1 has been Approved.

    I am on F1-OPT, and my H1 gets valid from Oct. 1

    I wasn’t planning to go to India for H-1 stamping this year.

    My Green Card process may start early next year.

    My question is that:

    “Is the H-1 Visa STAMP required to start the process for Green Card”?


    “Can I Apply for a Green Card just on my H-1 Approval Notice?”


    hi, my H1b petition was approved but i need to know whether or not i can get the stamping done in december. as i will be traveling to my home country that time

  • jasuja

    I have been approved H1 B Visa in year 2008 and it has been stamped on my passport also. My employer hold me till todate. Now My employer requested me to come to USA.

    My question: Is there any problem in entering to USA as I am going after one year of approval?

    Please hel me if some one knows the rule of H1B Visa. Thanks

  • pondzz


    I came to US in 2006 for my Master's. I did not get my master's degree yet and luckly i got my OPT started lasy year. I started working since 6 months in pretty big company. My H-1B got approved recently as my employer applied it through Bachelor's degree. Now company forgot about my master's degree. But during H1-B stamping what should i defend, if questioned about this? I also got a 5 motnhs gap in my OPT period. Will there be any serious issue duing VISA interview.

    Kindly help me.


    • pondzz

      Very Strange situation…plzz help

  • Kat

    Hello everyone,

    I am a little confused as to when to have my visa stamped. My change of status wasn't approved, so I will have to leave and get my visa. I'm currently travelling and was wondering if I have to get my visa stamped by oct 1 2009 or if I can get it stamped in December when i go home?

    thanks for all your help!

  • Lalitha


    I've got my H1B application approved for the FY2010, the visa is valid from 01, oct 2009. I'm Indian, rightnow doing job in Singapore. I've received all H1B related documents from my employer. I wanted to schedule the consulate interview at Chennai, India where my H1B documents are sent for stamping. As per the agreement with my current Singapore employer I can not take casual leaves during my probationary period, till Sep-09. So i wanted to schedule the H1B interview by the second week of Oct-09.

    1. Can I attend the interview by oct-09?

    2. What are all the details/documents required for scheduling the interview?

    3. Will there be chance for getting stamped if I attend the interview late?

    It would be of great help if you can answer me the above questions.

    Thanks In Advance


    • HSB

      1. Can I attend the interview by oct-09? – Yes
      2. What are all the details/documents required for scheduling the interview? – Refer to US Consulate website and Required Documents list in this blog.
      3. Will there be chance for getting stamped if I attend the interview late? There many waiting to attend interview who got H1B approved last year. You will be fine.

  • omar

    I am in US and my status is F2. I just got my H1B approved. i wanted to travel home and go for visa stamping but as i was going through the procedure they require pay stubs and i don't have any as i don't start working until the October 1st 2009. will the US consulate deny my visa if i don't have my pay stub? will be it be better to go for visa stamping before or after october 1st 2009?

  • George

    I am in US on F1 visa now. I got my H1 approved and it starts from Oct 1 2009. But my attorney filled the form incorrectly. Instead of checking Change of Status, they indicated that I am outside US. My attoryney applied for an amendment on June 2nd. Got the recpiept on amendment but havent heard anything from USCIS. Does anyone know how long an amendment takes?

  • kris


    Hi Friends,

    My congratulations for people who applied for h1b visa, got approved and best wishes for those who are waiting for the notice.

    My question is

    Got my h1b visa petition approved with change of status – where shall i go for h1b visa stamping. i read from various web sites saying generally people go to either MEXICO or CANADA

    Any people in my situation and got information regarding this,help please.



  • Haris Tauqeer

    My H1B case has been approved but my employer filed my wrong date of birth on form I-129 which is reflected on approval letter. Please let me know what should be done to correct my DOB???

    • kris


      with my understanding that in the approval notice the name of petitioner will be available in this case your name and how come do you know your date of birth has been entered wrongly?

      did your employer provided you a copy of h1b petition application to you?


      • Augustine Joseph


        Even for my wife the DOB is wroing in the I-797.

        The DOB is in the new I-94 which is at the bottom of the I-797 document.

        My Lawyer already applied for the amendment, but we didn't get any confirmation from them.

        Can you please tell me whether we can go to stamping with this ammendment details.

        Please advice


    • Divs

      Hi Haris Tauqeer

      I've a similar situation. Could you tell me what happened to you case? As per mine, the attorney sent an ammendment request to USCIS for the corrcetion of DOB on I797 and today I got the status update saying "Ammendment notice sent". Does this mean they sent the reciept that they received our request? or is that an approval notice? Please share your case.


  • Swati


    I just graduated with Bachelors in Computer Engineering from a US university this august. Can i apply for the H1 B visa NOW?? Else when is the earliest to do that??

  • Rushi

    I have got an H1-B approval with COS and my H1-B starts from Oct 1st 2009. My OPT ends Aug 31st but the change of status thing covers the month of sepetember as part of the "cap-gap" cover. Can i get my H1 stamped in August from canada and re-enter US in aug or i need to wait until 10 days prior to october 1st ? please help.

    • Aditi

      Hi Rushi,
      I have a similar query and was wondering if i can get my H1B COS stamped before oct 1st 2012… what did you do? Please help!

  • yukako

    Is that really true that once you got H1 visa, you can't move to the US 10 days before your job start?

    I live outside of the US, and only 10 days to find apt and get ready to work?? I feel it is too short… My attorney said it's a rule, but have anyone moved to the US more than 10 days before? I am not sure how strict the immigration about it.

    • Rushi

      Dear Yukoko,

      I have the same doubt. Although even I remember my attorney saying the same thing… that we cannot enter US atleast until 10 days prior to Oct 1st… I am still wondering if thats true or not.

  • ganesh

    I have the change of status and H1 is approved, Why this article say that i will be on H1 after October 2010, i thought it's October 2009.

    I am confused now..

    • HSB

      Ganesh – Thanks for highlighting it out. You are right. H1B will be active from October 1, 2009 if you have applied for this years 2009-2010 quota.

      • jayesh

        hi ganesh

        let me know i had h1 till sep. 11 and i have applied for extention some how they deniel my extention so what can i do should i applay from same come of i have to wait 1 more year and after how many days i have to live united state i m canadain citizen