What Happens if You Memorize Answers for F1 Visa Interview Questions

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answers for f1 visa interview questionsF1 Visa Interview – MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering – University of Colorado Denver – Submitted by Simran.

PS : This is how your interview could look if you memorize answers for F1 Visa interview questions. I haven’t edited shared contents.

Enter Simran:

My interview was scheduled at 9 a.m. I was bit nervous during F1 Visa interview.

Me: hello

VO: University name?
Me: University of Colorado Denver

VO- How many schools did you apply?
ME: Four. University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CSU, Fresno, Florida Institute of Technology, University of of Colorado Denver.

VO:Why this university?
Me: This school is best out my admits and moreover the projects carrying out by Dr. deng in the field of prognostic and health management is quite interesting. Also the students which already working under his guidance hv done their brilliant jobs. For example there is one student named Mia Chen…….(VO interrupted.)

VO : How did you come to know?
Me : I have searched on net.

VO : Have you memorized the speech?
Me : No

VO: What about your academics?
Me : I have done my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from XYZ and has secured CGPA 8 out of 10.

VO: You are speaking too fast. what did u say?
Me : Repeated the same.

VO: Talk about your family?
Me: My parents live in Italy. My father is a supervisor in a farm and my mother is house wife.

VO: Have you ever been in Italy?
Me : No. I love my country my city.

VO: Have you ever been in any other country?
Me : No

VO : Any relative in US?
Me : No all my brothers, family in Italy.

VO : So in India where are you living ?
Me : I have been taken care by uncle and aunt. Actually I have been like an individual since my childhood.

VO : Wat after MS?
Me : In forthcoming years I wish to open my institution in my city as I belong to rural area.
(VO interrupted………..)

VO: You are not qualified for visa
Me: ok Thank you.

Now, I am going to appear again for interview in next week. Please suggest me improvements. Shared by Simran.

Please suggest me the right answer for the question: What are u doing since then? as I have completed my bachelors in 2012.


It was obvious by reading first few lines of your experience, that you are not going to get visa.

In-spite of Visa officer asking you, if have memorized your answers, you are looking for an answer from others? Why is that?

  • Your Answers – Looks memorized
  • Lessons Learned – Doesn’t look you still know why your visa was rejected
  • Chances of Getting Visa next time – Highly unlikely ( with what you have described and how you have written)

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