Average GRE Scores for PhD in 28 Fields

By Raghuram Sukumar GRE Edit

Here is a list of Average GRE Scores for PhD for 28 PhD programs.

Note: International students select schools for PhD in the way way as selecting for Masters Degree. That’s a huge mistake.

Following table would really help and provide an overview about GRE Scores required for admission to PhD programs for 28 different degrees including Computer Science, Physics, Maths, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology.

Average GRE Scores for PhD Admission

Mean GRE scores for Doctoral programs is average of all the schools that accept GRE scores for admission. Department will have different requirements for GRE Exam and scores. Make sure you check that out.

average gre scores for phd

Source of the data is ETS Powerprep 2002.  This Average GRE Scores for PhD Programs is few years old, but this gives an idea about the range of GRE Scores accepted for PhD admission in different fields.

 Is it possible to get PhD admission without GRE Scores?

I’m afraid not. When it comes to PhD, you are talking about quality over mere degree and its value.  For PhD admission, GRE Scores is one of the major factor that is considered for admission, along with your research interests.

These days, schools even admit PhD students without Financial Aid. Professors are looking to evaluate the students for a semester or two  before awarding financial aid.

Watch this video PhD in USA for Indian Students with Gangadharan Esakki (PhD Student). He was not awarded Financial Aid with admission. He had to work 3 jobs to pay for this tuition and living expenses.

If you are planning for PhD, GRE scores still matters and your previous research experience.