In this article you can find details about Average GRE Exam Scores for Louisiana State University.

Known as LSU, is a public university located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the main campus of the Louisiana State University System.

LSU includes nine senior colleges and three schools, in addition to specialized centers, divisions, institutes, and offices. Enrollment stands at more than 32,000 students, and there are 1,300 full-time faculty member.

Average GRE Scores – LSU

Year Mean 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
2008 1094 980 1240
2007 1088 980 1220
2006 1078 960 1210
2005 1096 970 1240
2004 1110 1000 1240
2003 1095 960 1230
2002 1097 980 1230

Average GRE Verbal Score

Year Mean Verbal 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
2008 476 400 550
2007 483 400 560
2006 473 390 550

Average GRE Quantitative Score

Year Average GRE Math 2th Percentile 75th Percentile
2008 617 520 740
2007 605 510 720
2006 604 510 720

I have also posted average gre scores for other universities. It wil help you identiy schools of your choice and profile. I got the above data from LSU website. From the data, it looks like if you have GRE Score around 1000 to 1100 you can apply to LSU for graduate school admission.

  • shambu

    I score 294 .138 for verbal and 158 for quants….my cgpa is 9.8/10 …i did my msc in bioinformatics and planning to take ms in cs…is this score enough to get into LSU?

  • Uzi

    Um, not sure if anyone’s going to read this but I’m putting it out here anyway… I’m an electronics engineer, got 3.18 CGPA & 4.0 in my majors (Power Electronics). I scored 115/120 in the TOEFL. Anyone here want to share their thoughts as to how much I should score in the GRE (new format) to be considered for admission in MSEE at LSU?? I’d really appreciate it!

  • m.b.subedi

    Pls send me way of applying there I have got GRE score enough for LSU.

    • Shambu

      what is the cutoff revised gre score for LSU?

  • m.b.subedi

    How to get admission in Master’s in Mathematics? GRE score is average for LSU.Pls reply me.

  • Arati Deore

    I scored 980 GRE score, i m m.pharm (Pharmaceutical chemistry) from NMIMS UniversityMumbai, and 1 year Teaching Experience at college of pharmacy in mumbai, i did 6 month R&D project in One of the reputed indian pharma compony, and did one innovative formulation project in college (patent is awaited ),and i have overall first class with distincttion in B.Pharm and M.Pharm

  • kajal


    My GRE score is 1330 (Q: 750 + V: 580), TOEFL: 97, worked as software engineer 4 years, Undergrad 3.22/4. I want to do PhD in computer science. what is my chance? please give me some university where my chances are high.



  • Priyanka

    Hi I have got 1070 In GRE please suggest me some school for Phd I did my masters in Biotechnology.looking for some college to do Phd with stipend

  • afaque


    I have a GRE score of 930,610 i quant and 320 in verbal,I have an experience of 1 and a half yr.. and GPA of 3.1.

    Should i apply to top 80 universities …

    will i be facing any problems during Visa interview??

    • Qurat

      yes off course you can send the scores to the same universities :)

    • Qurat

      You should not aim at the top 80 universities, as there will be very less chances of admission for you in those. GRE score is quite less…even self-finance basis won’t work for you.

  • Imran

    I completed TOEFL: 87, GRE: 1280. I am going take TOEFL again. Can i send the new score t o the same universities that i have already applied ???

    • Qurat

      off course you can send the scores to the same universities :)

  • Saad Murtaza Khan


    I am MSc. in Bioinformatics from a central Indian university. I did my MSc in 2008 since then i have been working as a project fellow. I recently gave GRE and could only get a score of 1220 (Q: 670, V: 550). I am yet to write toefl but i am pretty confident that i can get a score of above 90 in ibt. It will be great help if anybody can suggest some universities based on my score where i can apply for Ph.D. in Bioinformatics or Systems Biology ,because i am torn between writing GRE again or applying with the same score.

    Any help will be deeply appreciated

    Thanks & regards

  • Gowtham

    Hi folks,

    I am MSc (Food Tech) from Indian Univ, want to apply for MS program in US. My GRE scores: V 340 Q 580. Writing yet to receive. Toefl 77. Acad 3.0/4.0.

    Any idea of my chances for admission in Food Science / Technol program, if so which univ likely. Good day.

  • divya

    hii HSB,

    m dng pharmacy

    how and where should i start shortlisting the universities which suit my profile


  • riya


    Hope to get some help in my query.i have got TOEFL 102 and i m appearing for GRE in march.I have taken gre prep tests and I have got 980, 1040 this range of scores consistently.What are my chances of getting into MS in computer science?can i even apply for scholarship or any kind of funding?If possible I would also want to know about the approximate expenses required for the whole study period.I am planning for August 2011 semester as i want to try for funding options also so i m not planning to apply for august 2010.

  • Haarika

    hi i have toefl score of 118 out of 120. can any one help me out to select some programs in masters in computer science in universities that does not require GRE. my GPA is 3.3/4
    can any one take initiative to answer my question…pls

  • harish

    hi my GRE score is 810(quants:540& verbal:270)do i have a chance for applying for MS in pharmacology and toxicology program.

  • sajan

    i got verbal 300, quantative 800
    i got 70% in civil engineering
    i want to apply for water resources
    which university is applicable for me
    i m confused

  • Rachana Nair


    My GRE score is 900; verbal 350 and Quants 550.Yet to give TOEFL.Is there any chance for me to do PhD in Anatomy & cell biology or in any other related medical subjects with financial aid (full scholarship)?I have completed my masters from KMC,Manipal,India and have one year teaching experience in the international center of the same University in India. I Am right now in US on H4 visa.l have done one project and have a paper presented in a national conference of anatomical society of India.Kindly reply.

  • Raksha


    I have GRE score of 1350.Verbal 690 and quant 660.

    I am planning to apply for MS in Computer Science in fall 2010.I have an engineering aggregate of 71% and 15 months work experience.I am a little apprehensive about my quant score.Do universities take the quant score more seriously than overall score when the application is for a MS program?

    • RK

      You have chances…give it a try. But if u feel that you can score much better then retake the test.

    • Sujith Krishnan

      Hi Raksha,

      Like o know about your GRE preparations especially the Verbals. I am just above Pathetic for Verbal, and hope you can help me somewhat.



  • Vamshi

    hello sir

    i ve a gre score of 860(V-290,Q-570) i stand a chance of getting admissions for any of the decent univ for fall-2010.And i belong to the computer sci. dept..presently in the 7th sem..kindly help me anyone.

  • aish

    hello sir

    i ve a gre score of 860(V-340,Q-520) i stand a chance of getting admissions for any of the decent univ for fall-2010.And i belong to the computer sci. dept..presently in the 7th sem..kindly help

    thanks in advance


  • Shaquib

    I have gre score verbal-540, math-740. what should be an appropriate pharmacy university?

  • Shaquib

    Hi, I have 1280 gre score verbal-540 math-740. I want to get admitted in Ph.D for pharmacy. Which should be appropriate university according to my score?

  • ali

    hello my name is Ali and my Gre score is 1510 and toefl 110.My undergrad g.p is 3.35.i have submitted 3 research papers here in Pakistan.I want to do master in Electrical engineering. can u please suggest some universities which offer me full or half scholarships. what are my chance of getting into MIT,stanford,Yale and schools like that.



    • RK

      Ali you have a good score profile so what u should do is apply for one of above mentioned universities and apply for 2 more state universities with better acceptance rates and those which are also ranked among top 20's. I'm suggesting u this as the universities you mentioned have very low acceptance rates for international applicant, Yale-11%, MIT-13%.

  • tejas

    hi evaluate my profile GRE 1070 Verbal -560 Math -510 Anw-3

    how is the score will i get into good university?

  • Sheikha Ghosh

    Hi ,

    In order to get admission in NCSU for HRD department how much GRE and TOEFL score is needed so to get a scholarship .

  • neha
  • syed akram

    i got gre score 1060(760+300).awaiting for toefl score. can u suggest me some good electrical universities.?

  • Harsh


    can u suggest me a colleges/univesities providing a scholarship,aid for master in computer in usa..

    please or getting schorship, what's the steps/procedure?

    please tell me, i m a very needy people & want study master with scholarship..

  • sanathanan

    I got 1170 in gre (Quants:700; verbal-470).

    I want to choose power systems.

    So suggest me some universities according to my mark

  • anandh

    hi, my score in gre is 1220 verbal 540; quants 680; aw 3.0, i ve completed my master program in biotech and planning to pursue PhD in life sciences in june 2010. I am a merit scholarship holder in the undergraduate and 4.88/6.0 cgpa in the post graduate. i ve post graduate diploma in bioinformatics. one year of research experience. PLEASE TELL ME MY CHANCE OF GETTING INTO LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY FOR PHD IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES…

    • HSB


      • anandh

        dear HSB, i would be grateful to know the suitable universities matching my profile. I had a query regarding this university because this ranks good and also because my interest matches with the professors' one. I like to mention it again that i would really be grateful to know the suitable university for me…

        • HSB

          You will have to be a premium member for personal guidance. 1220 is very good score, but you got to think about many other things before selecting the school for PhD.

  • Divya

    My gre score is 930 and toefl is 95. what are the chances of me getting visa. Which universities should i apply for?

    • srinivas

      hi………i got 1100 in gre.can i get admission in electronics and comm. side i.e.(vlsi,mobile comm eng).please give me univerxities list where i can get.

  • Kollol Aguan

    My gre score is 1500 & toefl-iBT is 100.I am an undergraduate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, but my GPA is only 3.1.In which universities should i try first to get admitted (in ECE or Physics)for PhD(with full scholarship/financial aid)& what are my chances?

  • evan

    my gre score is 1300 & toefl is 90. in which universities shoukd i try first to get admitted & what are my chances? is there any scholarship or financial aid available for me? if not how much will it going to cost to complete MS degree at an university in U.S.A?



  • vintha allam

    My gre score is 930 and toefl is 95. what are the chances of me getting visa. Which universities should i apply for?

  • Ezekwudo James

    I have a gre score of 1180 and toefl score of 110. What are my chances of getting a scholarship in Economics at the graduate level in your school or elsewhere. I also have a BSc in Political science from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Awaite your reply soonest. Thanks.

  • Shaswat Priyadarshi


    I got a score of 1130 in the GRE CAT .

    Kindly suggest some universities which entertain this score and what are my chances of getting scholarships in the respective schools.

  • sasikanth

    my GRE score is 880 quant: 610 , verbal : 270

    so cud u pls suggest me the universities where my admission chances are maximum. i need ur advice soon… if possible pls do give me the deadlines too…thanx

  • bala


    i have got a very low gre score of 830 and i want to do my ms in embedded systems could some one help me plz.

  • Shanti


    My GRE scores are 800 verbal + qttve. I want to apply for Phd in management/organisational behavior/marketing. I have 5 years work experince in the filed f marketing and corporate communication. Currenntly Iam working withn a very pretigious organisation into Project Management.

    I also have a good academic record , I have scored 75% in MBA, 75% in PGDHRM and 63% in . I was also a college topper.

    Given the fact that , universities accept a good GRE score and I have scored pretty low, Can anyone suggest me which universities will accept my GRE scores for Phd.

    • ken

      Apply and you will know

  • Ainee

    leave a comment is easy but no on answers,….so whats the use of leaving a comment???

    • db

      That's because almost all of the questions here are lame and shows no effort at all from the student. If one cannot do simple research on the internet on the types of schools and programs, there's no point doing graduate school at all. Finally, the statistics on test scores and profiles of typical applicants can be found on the internet – if you feel that you match those metrics well, then apply. If your scores are low, then retake the test or do whatever you need to improve your undergraduate grades. Even if your profile is great, you may still not get admissions (with funding) due to lack of funding and resources of the department or professor.

  • prakash

    my GRE score is 890 (quant: 620 , verbal : 270) and toefl : 84

    so cud u pls suggest me the universities where my admission chances are maximum. i need ur advice soon… if possible pls do give me the deadlines too…thanx

    • ken

      check yourself if you really care about your own self.

  • shilpa

    My gre score is 1090 and toefl is100.wat r my chances to get admission in ur university

    • ken

      only the university that you are applying to will know your chances – so just apply

  • sagar

    my gre score is 930 (v=460,q=470)…im tryin for mol bioeng, so cud u pls suggest me the universities where my admission chances are maximum. i need ur advice soon… if possible pls do give me the deadlines too…thanx

  • vipran

    My GRE score is 1060 in the first test which i took on nov 26 2008 and 1030 in the second test on jan 2 2009…

    which score will be considered and will i get admission in any medium ranking universitties..

  • shiva reddy

    my GRE score is very low 830 is there any chances to get stamping and i want to know about the names of the universities for doing my M.S in computers which accept this score plzz help me waiting for ur reply

  • prathyusha

    gre 900

    toefl 80

    can u suggest some Universities in US for Masters in chemistry

  • varunlobo

    GRE 1210 (780+430)
    TOEFL 108/120
    ALWAYS among top 3% of students in acads.(mumbai univ.)
    AGG. 70%
    PLease rate my chances??????For Industrial engg.
    Any ways how is IE in LSU???????

    • tim

      U may stand a higher chance.

  • gre tutor

    Just a thought, if someone is a native English speaker they should aim for a verbal score higher than the posted average. If LSU is like a typical school, then they have a big portion of international grad students who might bring the GRE verbal average down.

    In general, grad schools sort of view the TOEFL as a substitute for the GRE verbal scores when it comes to non-native English speakers. Americans applying should aim for a 550 verbal minimum.