Average GRE Scores for Psychology Grad Programs

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Average Minimum GRE Scores required to get admission in Graduate Program in Psychology (Masters and PhD) for few schools in USA.

Many graduate schools will require you to take the Graduate Record Exam to get admission in Masters or PhD in Psychology. Some schools require GRE Psychology Subject Test scores.

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Lets look at Average GRE Scores in Psychology required by schools.

NCSU – Average GRE Scores Psychology

  • Verbal – 470
  • Quantitative – 543

Cornell University

About 90% of clinical psychology programs require you to take the GRE General and Psychology Subject tests. The average minimum GRE score required for serious consideration for clinical psychology is 600 for any one component of the GRE general test.

The Average GRE Scores psychology required on the Psychology Subject test is 650.

Columbia University – Average GRE Scores for PhD in Psychology

  • Admission to the Psychology PhD program is based on an overall evaluation of applicants’ GRE scores, grades, recommendation letters.
  • A general guideline for admission is a average minimum GRE score of 1200 on the combined verbal and quantitive GREs.

Valdosta University

Masters Degree

  • Average GRE Scores psychology required ranges 400-500 per section.
  • The median GRE score total is around 1000-1050.
  • Masters programs are also more likely to consider the Analytical section, as well as the Verbal and Quantitative section of the GRE – however, not all do.


  • The average minimum GRE score is a 500 for Verbal and 500 for Quantitative.
  • Ph.D. programs usually don’t look at the Analytical section.
  • The medium GRE score for each section ranges from 550-625 per section, with the median total around 1200.
  • Again, the medium GRE score for students entering into a Clinical program is slightly higher.

University of Buffalo – Average Minimum GRE

  •  For doctoral psychology students, the means and GRE ranges have been approximately 600 (500-710) verbal, 625 (500-750 quantitative, and 645 (510-780) analytical.

University of Colorado, Boulder

Recommended verbal and quantitative scores are 600 each or a combined total of 1200. However to be competitive, you need a combined verbal and quantitative score of at least 1300.

University of New Mexico – Average GRE Scores

  • Verbal – 646
  • GRE: Quantitative – 724
  • GRE: Psychology – 734

Average GRE Scores Psychology

Complete list of average GRE scores required for admission to all graduate programs in listed in the book Graduate Study in Psychology 2011.

  • number of applications received
  • Acceptance rate
  • Required GRE scores, letters of recommendation, experience
  • in-state and out-of-state tuition costs
  • availability of internships and scholarships
  • employment information of graduates
  • orientation and emphasis of departments and programs

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