average gre scoresNow is the time to apply for Fall 2009 and many students are looking for average GRE Scores and minimum GRE Scores required for admission to Universities.

I have written earlier about Average GRE Scores for USA and today, I have more details about average GRE and GMAT scores for UNT – University of North Texas.


Following data will provide some valuable information when deciding to apply to schools. I’m not big fan of following university rankings to select universities. There are many reason for that, but one reason I can highlight here – universities are not ranked based on GRE scores of students accepted to the program.

University Selection Factors

Most of the student visitors to Happy Schools Blog try to find schools using following criteria

  1. Universities that match their profile
  2. Colleges that have high chances to get scholarship
  3. Cost of living is low
  4. High probability to get job after graduation

I’m not sure how University ranking comes to play in here. But, anyway here the Average GRE and GMAT scores for University of North Texas (UNT)

Term Fall 2007

  • Average GRE quantitative – 522
  • College of Engineering – 712

2006 Fall

  • Average GRE Score – 535
  • College of Engineering – 728
  • College of Arts and Science – 552

2005 Fall

  • Average GRE Score – 511
  • College of Engineering – 728
  • College of Arts and Science – 571

Fall 2007

  • Average GRE Verbal – 459
  • College of Engineering – 402
  • Gmat average – 503

Fall 2006

  • Average GRE Verbal – 467
  • College of Engineering – 420
  • College of Arts and Science – 518
  • Gmat Score average – 502

Fall 2005

  • Average GRE Verbal – 463
  • College of Engineering – 427
  • College of Arts and Science – 507
  • Gmat average – 512

Enrollment By Country of Citizenship


  • Fall 2007 – 267
  • Spring 2008 – 246
  • Fall 2006 – 237
  • Spring 2007 – 240
  • Fall 2005 – 232
  • Spring 2006 – 224


  • Fall 2007 – 128
  • Spring 2007 – 104


  • Fall 2007 – 95
  • Spring 2008 – 89


  • Fall 2007 – 176
  • Spring 2008 – 150

Korea – Republic

  • Fall 2007 – 248
  • Spring 2008 – 239


  • Fall 2007 – 61
  • Spring 2008 – 61
  • Summer 2007 – 24


  • Fall 2007 – 36
  • Spring 2008 – 31

UNT have listed lots of details for last 3 years, it will be very lengthy article, if I were to list all in here.

Find more details here. I have listed average GRE score for GRE Verbal and GRE quantitative also average GMAT scores.

  • ashok

    sir, iam Ashok.i am a graduate in ece branch.i wanted do ms in us.my gre score is 297(verbal 139 and quantitative158) . please suggest me some good univ with this score..

  • tanu

    GRE average score 292 and graduation(B.pharm) with 73%. any good college or university in USA where I can apply for MS Pharmaceutics.Please reply

  • Seshank Reddy

    Hi Sir/ Madam
    I am interested in applying to study Masters in Computer Science Spring 2013 academic year. I had low academic profile I got 279in GRE and in TOEFL 79 and my IELTS 7 band and I am having two years work experience and my undergraduate percentage is 61%.Is there any better Universities to me which don’t require GRE score with this criteria.Give me a list of Universities so that I can start doing my admission Process.I am apprehensive of doing this (state the reasons you gave in your post)
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to your reply

  • Mahesh

    Got revised GRE scores Verbal -152,Quant-164,
    CGPA-6.1/10 (graduate level)
    +2 – 93%
    metric – 88%
    3 yeras work expo
    if any one can help me getting into top 20 – top 50 institutes for MS in CIVIL Enginnering

  • sneha thakur

    can u plz advise which top universities can i get into with

    gre score verbal 143
    quant 155
    awa 3
    cgpa 8.36/10
    12th in sc PCMB 92%
    10th 94%

    my b.tech is in ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGG.

    • rakesh

      hello..i too have the same assets of you.my gre score is 296.i was getting too worried if i can get a good university with some supporting aid.could you kindly help me regarding this.please dont hesitate this is my mobile num 949178678.i was much in need of your suggestion

  • rohitkartik

    got revised gre score verbal 149, quant 150 awa 2 . and ielts score of 7.5 and scored 59.8% in masters in management .

    which universities can i apply for a phd in management with scholarships .kindly guide

  • ravi

    my score in gre is 1010. and i got 6.5 in ielts .. my academic cgpa is 8.33. can i get admission in UNT in electrical engineering???

    thank you,

  • bhanu prakash

    sir,i am in the 4th year of b tech(electrical engg.) and got 1020(q=680,340) score in gre and 75 in toefl,and my academic marks are 8.92 cgpa till 6th semester.
    please suggest me some good universities in usa that i suit this profile with scholarship.

  • Umesh patil

    I will dot 620 scores in GRE which Universities that match in my scores

  • Eshant

    hui frnds, i am planning for my Ms in biotechnology which should be my avg GRE or TOEFL score to get admission. and which university should i opt for??

  • saikrishna.muniganti

    hi guys..,my GRE score is 1050(quant 730,verbal320) & my toefel score is 100 ……….

    In which university would i get in US

  • Satya

    Hi all,

    Js wanna noe wat are the chances of getting into any of the top 30 Univ(preferable area : Antennas/Applied ElectroMagnetics) wit the following scores..

    GRE 1240 (Q:750 V:490)

    Toefl 104

    Bachelors in ECE wit 7.3/10


  • Gautam

    I study in robotics, embedded systems &/or automation. I will b getting my BTech degree in ECE next year & want to purse MS in the above fields. Please suggest best universities in US/canada/europe for the same. I am yet to give GRE.

  • Gautam

    I want pursue MS in Robotics, embedded system &/or automation. Please suggest the best universities in US/Canada/europe for the same. (I am yet to give GRE & TOEFL or any other such exam)

  • http://www.krunalshimpi.blogspot.com krunal shimpi

    this article mentioning enrollment of indian students is superb. can you plz come up with similar percentage wise enrollment for indians in other universities.

    can you always find an indian in every university?

    amazing work, keep up, thanks a million.

  • madhuri

    I wrote my GRE in dec2009 and got a score of 960. I am planning to write the exam for going to the spring 2010 can u please tell me the best time to write the exam so that i can go to spring 2010 without any problem. I just want to get a good score this time.
    Please leave me some advice

  • Sumegh

    GMAT Score 420, TOEFL- 86 can I get admissions for pursuing an MBA in Finance or Power Management.

    • Sumegh

      GMAT Score 420, TOEFL- 86 can I get admissions for pursuing an MBA(Finance or Power Management).

  • devarshi shukla

    my gre score is 920(640 in quant,and 280 in verbal) can you suggest me some universities to which i can apply for ms in biotechnology. and my under graduation percentage is 70, i am planning to give toefl on 25th of october 2009

  • arun

    i have scored 52 in my toefl test,yet to write my gre test.is this enough to get in good university.what is the minimum mark to be scored for gre test.please suggest somes name of university for me to aplly.

  • ranjith

    i got 1150 in gre…. plz suggest me some gud universities that matches my profile

    btech aggregate – 67.8% (cse)

  • http://www.happyschoolsblog.com ram charan

    sir, iam ram charan.i am a graduate in ece branch.i wanted do ms in us.my gre score is 980(verbal 250 and quantitative730) and my toefl score is 72. can i get admission or in to which university or its risky to apply with 75 score..

  • yaswanth

    sir i am b-tech student of information technology and i want to do ms in us ,and need more efficient university for my ms along with my needs mentioned below
    1.i should not depend on parents for money
    2.i prefer to choose low cost expensive area,avail plenty of part time jobs
    3.i am in plan to take education loan for tution fee based on i-20 of the university ,and i have to pay the loan before i return;
    4.most important thing is i am in need of universities which are good at computer science that to in databse related networks

    i wrote gre once and scored 1010 and planning to sit again to score more than 1150

    please provide me & advise me to fulfill my needs

    i have another doubt about many of international students (india)face many problems with blacks ,is this one of the major task to consider while choosing a university
    please kindly reply me sir please

    [ email removed - author]


    I would like to know the colleges giving admission to Phd in Biotechnology in USA with an average GRE score of 900.I have scored 900 in the GRE in 2009.I gave the exam in the month of april.Can i get admission anywhere.Kindly suggest.

    • HSB

      PhD with GRE of 900 is not possible. Re-take GRE and improve your score above 1200.

  • ali

    my score is 990 with toefl 90 and g.p 3.0 i have chance to get addmission in UNT ? in electrical ?

  • priyanka

    i am interested in mangement subject so i want to do mis in us.i have wrutten gre ..my score is 880 600(quant),verbal(290). And i started applying some uni..so can i get admit from uni..

    • venkatesh

      may i know which university r u in now??

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