Average GRE Scores – University of Texas Dallas (UTD)

gre score utd, university of texas dallas gre scoresAfter I published the post, Average GRE scores for universities in the USA, I received comments and emails requesting for information about average GRE score requirements for other universities.

From the previous posts, you can find the average GRE scores for University of Texas at Arlington, University of Virginia, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas is located at the heart of Dallas and it’s a good school considering the quality of education and cost of living.

You can say it’s almost similar to UTA and both UTD and UTA comes under the University of Texas system.

Average GRE Scores – UTD

The following is the average GRE scores of all admitted students in graduate school, which would include all the departments like computer science, engineering (electrical, mechanical, civil, etc.), bioinformatics, biology, chemistry, to name a few.

Year Average GRE 25th * 75th* GMAT
03-04 1,163 540
04-05 1,163 543
05-06 1,162 564
06-07 1,173 1,070 1,300 557
07-08 1,165 1,060 1,300 555

* Percentile

UTA vs UTD GRE Score Comparison

If you look at the average GRE scores for UTA and UTD, for comparison, let’s use the 2007 – 2008 data:

  • UTD – 1,165, 1,060, 1,300
  • UTA – 1,098, 1,000, 1,210

UTD gives admits to students with better GRE scores than UTA. But we cannot draw to the conclusion that UTD is the better school than UTA. Why? Because such are already the average GRE scores of all graduate students admitted to the program, which includes all the departments.

It is possible that UTA could have a department which will give admits to students with GRE scores of less than 800 and UTD might not have that department.

So, when deciding between UTA and UTD, I will go with UTA. If you are curious to know why, leave a comment in this article.

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  1. Hi,

    Could you please tell me if I can get admit in UTD for upcoming Fall 2020 with following background:

    Gre score : 305 (Q-159 & V-146)
    Ielts : 6.5
    Work experience as Android Developer: 1year

    B..Tech ECE – 90%
    XII- 95%
    X- 97%
    Course : MS in Computer Engineering

    Also please suggest universities with good intern opportunities.

    Laxman Reddy

  2. Hi,

    Can I get the rankings for Data analytics,business analytics and MIS along with Average gre score for the below universities.
    4.University of Houston.
    5.San diego state university.
    6.University of california
    7.University of Arlington
    8.Duke engineering management.
    9.Oklahoma state university
    10.California state university-long beach
    North ridge
    13.University of Colorado Denver.
    14.University of Illinois Springfield.
    23.George mason

    My gre score is 292.Can you please suggest safe,moderate and aimbitious colleges for me based on the above list?

  3. Hi

    Below is my profile.
    GRE 300 (quant 155 , verbal 147).
    TOEFL 94
    Engineering in electronics and communication with an aggregate of 76% (FCD) by VTU .

    Can you please let me know if I am eligible to apply for UTD computer science department.

  4. Hi,

    Could you please tell me if I can get admit in UTD for upcoming spring with following background:

    Gre score : 297 (Q-157 & V-140)
    Toefl : yet to be given
    Work experience in Java: 5years

    B.E. tce– 84%
    XII- 89%
    X- 90%
    Course : ms in computer engineering

    Also please suggest universities. Is it required to take GRE again?


  5. Hi,
    I have done Degree Engineering in EC branch with overall aggregate 66.4%. I am 2012 passed out. I have good record in Extra curriculum.
    GRE – 303 (Quant – 160, Verbal – 143)
    IELTS – 6.5Bands

    Work Experience:-
    1. Currently working as Junior Engineer – Marketing in BSNL, Department of Telecom (India) since Feb-2014
    2. Earlier, 16 month in PRL, Department of Space (India) as a Project Engineer (Embedded)

    Research Papers:- One in Physical Research Laboratory Technical Notes, Ahmedabad and One in Instrumental Society of India, Banglore.

    I want to pursue MS in electrical branch with major subject as Embedded System in fall 2016. I belong to a middle class family. So, please suggest me some best economical state universities.

    It is advisable to leave Central Government Job for doing MS in USA at this score? Whether I am too much let to apply for admission?

    Also, please tell me whether there is any chance of scholarship for me as it is too crucial for me.

    Please Help me. Your early reply is highly appreciable.

  6. I am harshil studying in 3rd year B tech petroleum . would like to pursue by MS in states or in UK . I have scored in GRE -verbal-154 & quantitative -163 ,10th- 87 % , 12th std -87 % , GPA – 6.0/10 , yet to aply for TOFEL .
    so appreciate if some can guide me for the best university in petroleum to study for the MS.Please also let me know the scores for admissions and the best universities for the same as early as possible.
    appreciate your response asp.
    cheers !!!

  7. I have scored a 291 on my GRE and want to know my chances of being accepted at UTD for the MBA program. 151 Q 140 V

    1. Gre score : 291 (Q-155 & V-136)
      Toefl : yet to be given

      B.E. ece– 8.75
      XII- 90%
      X- 88.32%%
      Course : ms in vlsi
      Please suggest universities

  8. Hello,

    I am doing my final semester CSE UG @ Velammal Engineering Colg. Under Anna univ Affiliation. These are my stats :

    CGPA : 6.94
    GRE : 311 (165 quants, 146 verbal, 4.0 Analtycal writing)
    Toefl : 111
    I have applied for 5 universities of which i got a reject from Ohio State Univ. Please help me evaluate if i might get into other 4

    They are,
    1.University of Illinois at Chicago
    2.State University of Newyork at Buffalo
    3.University of Texas at Dallas
    4. Texas A&M at College Station

    A Quick reply will help a lot for me, as the admissions of many universities are already closed down.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Yogarakshith, its been some time you posted this. I’m varun and I have almost same profile. 312, 102, 7.79/10, 3+ work ex Infosys. I have also applied to same universities. Could you help by telling, what might be my chances?

  9. Hey,
    I m thinking of appling to Univ of Texas Dallas , naveen jindal school of management MIS.
    My Gre score is 312. quant 160 and verbal 152 awm 2.5.
    What do u think are my chances.
    any suggestions as to what can i put up to get an admit.

  10. Hi,

    Am doing my 7th semester EEE course. My cgpa at the end of 6 semesters is 8.08/10. My gre score is 301 (159 quants 142 verbal). I have took my toefl and am expecting marks above 100.

    I need to know if i have any good chances of doing my ms in embedded systems in any of the top 60 universities in usa.? If yes suggest me some universities.

    I need some help badly as i have almost no time left out for applying to universities.

  11. i got 291 in ma gre and 2.5 in analytical section
    toefl yet to give
    is there any chance i will get admit d
    from UTD r UTA
    i Want to do MS in MIS
    pls rply asap

  12. Hi

    My GRE score is 283. I have 2 yrs exp in IT (SOA). Please suggest which universities I could apply for with/without scholarship.?

  13. Divyanhu Misra says:
    July 17, 2012 at 10:59 AM
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    My profile is as follows:-
    10th – 80%
    12th – 86%
    B-Tech(IT) – 76%
    Work Experience – 2 years in Infosys Limited
    GRE Score – 302(Verbal – 146,Quant – 156)
    The universities i applied for after the exam:-
    1> University of Texas,El Paso
    2> University of Cincinnati
    3> University of Florida
    4> University of North Dakota
    what are my chances at UTD with/without scholarship?
    I am looking for MS in Computer Science
    What should i do?Should i retake GRE or should i continue with this score?
    Can i get scholarhip?

    1. hi divyanshu ……
      i wanna ask question from you ……. the choices for the selection of university will be filled just after the xam or we will take 2 or 3 days to fill up with choices for relevant universities…. plz reply me …..
      thanks in advance……..

      1. Hi Piyush,

        We have to fill 4 universities of our choice immediately after completing the exam.This is included in the ETS Service.If you are not filling the university at that moment,then you have to spend extra bugs afterwards.


        1. Hi Piyush,

          We have to fill 4 universities of our choice immediately after completing the exam.This is included in the ETS Service.If you are not filling the university at that moment,then you have to spend extra bucks afterwards.

  14. GRE – 298 (147: verbal, 151 : quant)
    TOEFL : 80
    B.E. in I.T. – GGPA – 8.2/10
    2 yrs of work exp in TechMahindra India

    i want to pursue a master’s degree in Engineering Management or MIS, please suggest me universities best suited for my profile.

  15. GRE score 303 (quant-159 verbal 144) engg – 74.5%
    Want to do ms in management Information System for fall’13
    Ill be like working for 8-10 months in a software company by that time..
    WHat are the possible admits that i would get:

    University of missouri rolla
    University of texas dallas
    SUNY buffalo
    Florida international university

    Do mention other universities accepting mis which are better
    happy schools

  16. Hi, I have done BE in CS in 2006 with 63%, 12th with 63% and 10th with 62% and having 5+ year experience as a Server Administrator(Windows) in non IT company.Having GRE Score 1180. Please suggest me in which good university i can get admission.
    Is there any chance to get financial aid in any good university.

    Please reply……Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, I am persuing BE in MECH(3rd year 2nd sem) and my percentage is 63%.I want to know the maximum cleared backlogs or maximum extra memos eligible for having admission in universities at US for MS.

  17. Hi,

    I thought of doing MS by fall 2013…I have a good academic profile with 90.40%,90.33%and CGPA of 9.4 in 10th,12th and BE(ECE) respectively….I am also in the top 10% of the department during BE…I am giving GRE exam by mid of august ….what could be the best universities that i can look for ….??, Please post a reply

  18. Hi all, I got a GRE score of 148V, 158Q (waiting for AW score and TOEFL).
    I have work experience of 5 years in structural analysis in INDIA. I am interested in Aerospace/Mechanical engineering/ structural dynamics for PhD. Could somebody tell me the decent universities I can get admission (Tier 2). Mtech (82%) Btech (68%) 12th (65%) 10th (86%)
    I can get a decent SOP and research proposal. Recos will be average.
    Do I have a chance with
    1. Michigan state university,
    2. Penn State Univ,
    3. UFL,
    4.Texas A&M Coll.station
    5. RPI
    6. Georgia Tech and
    7.Oregon state university?

  19. Gre score : 1170 (Q-770 & V-400)
    Toefl : yet to be given
    Work experience : 1.5 yrs in TCS by fall 2013

    B.E. CSE – 83.4%
    XII- 94.3%
    X- 88.1%
    Course : Management Information Systems

    Can somebody suggest few univs ?

    1. my score n profile is almost d same….u cn follow my post here….n plz let me knw wic universities u r targeting??????

      1. ok…but TAMU is quite ambitious I guess…I prefer joining univs either at dallas or chicago since job search ll be better at those places.

          1. and yeah TAMU is bit ambitious but not impossible…..depends on ur sop n lors also 🙂

          2. Hi Indupriya ,

            I am too planing for fall 2013 . I am lookin for MS in MIS. Can you please mail me so that i can get some of my queries cleared.

          3. Hi,
            This is common question to all. I want to pursue MS in CS. I am having average academics but good work exp. whether i can get descent job after completion of MS. I want your comments as this can be career changing decision for me.

  20. I plan to pursue my MS in MIS(Management Information Systems). Can someone help me to guide as to what kind of opportunities do I stand in the future. What are the rate of available jobs in the present scenario..??
    Please also let me know the scores for admissions and the best universities for the same as early as possible.

    1. Noone can give you a 100 percent correct answer for “Please let me know the scores for admissions and the best universities as early as possible”. The simplest and straightforward approach would be, give your best shot in GRE and do a research on practical Universities available with that score.
      I can give a better answer to the first question. The job scenario is really good over here. U just need to have a clear focus and aim. I came here for MS in Fall 2010 and is currently working in one of the Fortune 500 companies. My salary per month is the same as my per annum salary what I used to get in India in Infosys. All the best.

      1. Hey thnx a lot for the reply. Just a confirmation as to are u particularly talking about the MIS field??

      2. sam- can u plz reply on my post…i need to search some good universities for electrical engg….my score is 305(162-Q,143-V,4-AW)….for more info plz chk my post…..thnxx 🙂

        1. @Rahul- Job market is generally good for most of the sectors now.
          @abhishek: I am not the best person to suggest the Universities. Check for other blogs in this website. Moreover, I do not have a good idea about the current GRE system and its scores. GRE scores are not the only thing that counts. Your academics, job experience, SOP and reco letters play a major part tooYou seem to be ambitious regarding the choice of universities, so I guess definitely your scores are in the upper end.. UT Dallas should be a safe bet.All the best!

  21. My profile : B.Tech (ECE) completed in 2011 with 74%

    GRE (New)
    Verbal 143
    Quan 158
    AW 3
    TOEFL 84

    Can anybody may suggest me some suitable Universities offering Electrical Engineering
    which is still having application deadlines.



      1. hi amit,
        Your gre score is pretty good…definitety your going to get good colleges in US
        Here are the universities which suits u

        University of texas at austin
        University of california san deigo
        University of calofornia irvine
        University of illonois
        University of california berkely
        University of minnesota

  23. hi i am presently pursuing my final year in computers i wrote my gre exam 1 weeks back and my score is 287/340 137 verbal and 150 quant so could plz tell me is it a good score or a bad score will i get the universities in texas
    plz help me out

    1. UTD is – moderate
      other universities may consider [50-50] the reason is ur verbal is in the base level and quants in moderate level. For a B.Tech [IT and CS} studets they’ll expect atleast a minimum of 160+ for top univ and 155+ for good universities. And last but not the least UNIVERSITY SELECTION DOESN’T DEPEND ON GRE ALONE!!!!!!!

  24. I have gre score of 292(q-147,v-142)with 65% in my btech(ece).I was planning to pursue my masters in the same field,can you suggest me some good colleges suitable to my profile.

    1. hey hi,even my score is 292.u can apply for njit,rit,siuc for ece.I heard these are gud for ece for these scores.RIT is the best among them

      1. Hey Jyothi..i have two questions for u. First, did u get admission in any of the universities u mentioned in ur post above ?? Second, From where did u get the information ‘baut this that these universities give admission to those who unfortunately have low GRE score ??
        Actually, people have told me, students having a low GRE score usually don’t get admission in US universities easily. Moreover, if any how u get admission, u possibly face problem during VISA process ‘coz of low GRE score.
        Thnx Jyothi !! Do reply…eagerly

        1. rit gives lots of admits as a result it even gets max visa rejects!!
          so b careful!!
          for ur visa its imp 2 also have a gud toefl score incase ur gre isnt upto the mark!

  25. Hello HSB,
    I am a final year E&TC student frm Pune University. Please suggest me with my chances in some of the universities tht i have shortlisted.
    engg avg- 61%

    Universities are-

    1. university of maryland–college park
    2.Texas A&M university–college station
    3. university of masachhuets, amherst
    4. university of georgia
    5. Iowa state university
    6. North carolina state university
    7. ohio state university
    8. indiana university, bloomington
    9. university of minnessota-twin cities
    10. university of colorado boulder of florida
    12. UT dallas
    please suggest me if any other good university u think shd be in my list.

    no papers published but I have taken part in many college events like paper presentations, robotics.
    have done certifications in- C,JAVA,Embedded systems & rtos
    currently placed in Accenture and will have a year of work exp till i join the uni. Applying for fall’13.

  26. Hi everyone
    My name is Varun Gupta nd am doing civil engineering from NIT KKR..
    My CGPA is 9.5254/10 (top 5 in my class) and gre score of 790 in quant and 610 in verbal..
    I am involved in various co-curricular activities in college but dont have any research paper..
    just a minor project in structure and induatrial training..
    Can i get into university of Texas at Austin or TAMU or any other gud university????
    I wanted to apply for masters in structural engineering….

    1. I definitely think that u have a good chance to most of the top tier universities.
      TAMU is a very realistic option.
      UT Austin is generally regarded as the toughest university to get into in TX.
      All the best

  27. i want to join in university of texas at dallas….

    how much GRE mark is required for that?? And what are the additional qualities we have to develop??

  28. hey i have a gre score of 1290 that is 570 in verbal and 720 in quants.i feel my toefliBT score is a bit low its 94.i wanna do ms in computer science .i’m planning to apply for the following 8 colleges
    1)university of utah,salt city
    2)university of texas ,dallas
    3)north carolina state university
    5)oregon state university
    6)ohio state university,columbus
    7)arizona state university
    8)oklahama state university
    i want to know which college can i make it through with these marks?? and of those which is better for ms in computer science

    1. NCSU is ruled out for sure.
      coz they require 90 percentile in quants.. 🙁
      all the best for rest 🙂
      Even I have 1290.
      Got admit in dallas

      1. thanks ajay… just read ur post…i have 1290(v=510,q=770)…n i hv applied to dallas….. but my gpa is very low.. i.e. 3.02.. what are ur academics? coz i m a bit afraid whether i could get in that univ…

  29. HI
    This is Sneha Thakur from Himachal Pradesh,India.

    I have secured 143 in verbal ,155 in quant and 3 in awa.

    my cgpa is 8.36/10 and have secured 92% in physics,chemistry ,biology maths,english in 12th and 94 % in class 10th.

    I am not able to interpret whetehr i will getting some gud university or not? so confused about writing toefel?

    please advise will i be geting into utd or some other gud university..wana pursue ms in electrical engg.

  30. recently i am preparing for toefl and waiting for subject gre physics ,i have 1400 in gre general
    and 78percent on graduate physics which coll is better to me for phd give me suggestion

    1. Hey I am also waiting for my physics gre score..
      Do you have any idea of answers to physics gre on 14th november.

  31. i just received my Gre score as 149 in verbal and 159 in quant. and 3 in awa.
    i even got 94 in total in Toefl .
    i need few suggestion for applying in Phd. in electronics and communication.

    pretty lost , so need your expert suggestions…

  32. got in gre revised 150 quant and 149 verbal and 2 in awa . want to join phd in management . in which universities can i apply with these scores kindly guide.

  33. Hello,
    I scored 770 Q and 450 V in the revised GRE. I have a B.E. aggregate of 77.4 %. Could you please guide me on the universities that I should shortlist for pursuing MSEE.

  34. Hello
    I took revised GRE and got score 280 and I have 59% academics. I am interested to do P.hD in Physics in US during spring admissions….I request you to give me the list of universities in which i am eligible to get into……Please help me out as I am very much worried about the admissions and universities.


  35. Hi ,

    I have got admit from UT Dallas and NYU-Poly……….Could yu please tell which is better university fot Ms Telecommunication.

  36. ………..i have been selected as principal candidate for fulbright scholarship this year……i need yr advice regarding uni selection i wonder if u could help me……my gre is 1260(verbal 600, quantitative 660),AWA 3… toefl 93 and cgpa 3.79(84%). i have done BS in environmental sciences. intermediate percentage is 78%…i have done three internships and one project and have applied for MS in environmental management and policy. suggest me some universities among top 25 US universities?

  37. Hello i hv scored 1050 in gre and 96 in toefl. Do i hv a chance to make it to utd.
    My average score is 62 % in grads.

    1. Hi,

      I saw this posted by you and was wondering if you did get admitted yo UTD. I have a GRE of 302 in the new format (thats 1120 in the old format) and was wondering if I have any chance of admission

      1. Hi, I am also in the process of getting admission in a good engineering institute for graduate program, I took the gre test about 7 months ago and got 630 in quantitative and 330 in verbal section, i also need guidance to get the admission in a college i am interested in.

        If u have any infromation form pls share, we can help each other because we are in th same line

  38. hi i just gave my gre day before yest and landed up getting 310-410 verbal and 710-800 quant………toefl yet to write…..
    i hav a agg of 68%… may b i coud get it to 70 by the end of this yr….
    i just hav list of few coll can u just say me of these into which i coud get an admission wit my score
    1.texas dallas
    2.texas arlington of cincinnati
    4.illinois institute of tech
    5.indiana prude-indianapolis

    if any other better universities other than these which could giv me an aid of 25-50% (am cing for universities in north-east mostly)

  39. Hi,

    I recently gave the revised GRE and got the range (Verbal: 470-570 and Quants: 750 – 800). I will be taking TOEFL next month.

    Have distinction throughout my engineering from Pune University (C.S) and 2+ years of Work Exp in a reputed US based company in SAP development.

    I want to go for MS in MIS for fall 2012 and would like to apply to univeristies in southern and western part of US. Would prefer universities where the chances of getting financial aid is high.

    Can you please help me in shortlisting universities matching my profile? Please let me know if more information is required.


  40. Hi ,
    Gave my GRE yesterday, got 1080 average score with the new pattern. I have 73% aggregate percentage in my B.Tech in computer engg.Have 4 yrs of IT experience in top MNC and have strong SOP , Reco. Will take up Toefl in 2 weeks. I aspire to take admission in ITM in UT Dallas, Would you please suggest if I have a fair chance to get admission. Help would be appreciated.Thanks

  41. Hello,
    I am a mechanical engineering graduatewith a CGPA of 9.4/10. gre score VA 540 and QA 800. I am planning to apply to ms mech engineering UTAustin. Plz help

  42. Hi,my brother has a Gre score of 1260 and academic 72%.He is interested in taking up MS computer science.I was thinking if his score would match UT Austin? could you please suggest schools for his score ?
    He is yet to give his Toefl.


    1. plz give his score breakup (V+Q+A)
      u can go 2 UTA’s website n check out d graduate admission section. D cgp n GRE n TOEFL requiremnts are very clearly mentioned

    2. once again, plz check the cutoffs in UTA’s grad admission requirements area. simple enough & should have been taken care of in ur college profile research!

  43. Hello sir,
    I am a mechanical engineering graduate from india with a CGPA of 9.64/10.0. My gre score is VA 500 and QA 780. I am planning to apply to UTA grad scool ,mech engg . what are my chances
    Kindly guide me through.

  44. hie there! I’m following you since last two years.. 
    and with your tremendous help i’m done with gre toefl & application too! tnx a ton dude!!! now i’m stuck between UTA n UTD pretty badly.. I’m planning for MS in Computer science So please suggest me which is “worth” or “better” to attend for MSCS particularly ? as decision of  today can change future of tomorrow :)please help me out with your convincing arguments mail me at [email protected] regards,Gaurang

    1. A for Arlington or Austin?
      If Austin, go for it, if Arlington, Dallas is reputed to be better. However, Check out the deptt for more info, like d profs, their affiliations, profile (patents, awards, patents, project endowments, no. of phd students guided etc)

      1. Hie Ankita! thanks 4 reply .. & the “A” in UTA is for Arlington
        I want to know which is better for CS UT Dallas or UT Arlington
        My profile is sufficient to get into either of this
        But I heard UTD is costlier than UTA .. and at the end both are equal in education (is that true ?)
        So which would be a BEST BUY among UT Dallas v/s UT Arlington as a long term investment ?
        Please give some comments in brief .. I will be grateful to you :] GL!

  45. sorry sir…in previous comment i did an error in changing the order so posting it correctly… *UTA is better than UTD…

  46. sir you told that UTD is better than UTA…so can u please tell me in which aspect is UTA better?? According to my profile (1140,acad 80,toefl yet to take) many are saying that im having chances to get in to please sir kindly tell me..

  47. hey my profile :-
    TOEFL- yet to write
    Fresher. which university will be better??? UTD or UTA ???

    1. if u r fresher now (assuming u r into a bachelor course), there’s no point in applying now, right? and the situation may have changed drastically by the time u r ready to apply 🙂

  48. well my sis got 980 in GRE..she has 70%in b.e(cse). she has done coursesin .Net, Java inniit and has good marks. She has also done SCJP(93%) AND ORACLE CETIFICATION(85%). She is currently working Software company. Can sahe make to UTD OR UTA?..SHW WANTS TO DO (MIS) MANAGEMENT AND INFOR. SYS

    1. check the grad admission cutoffs in d website. she should consider sending off a mail with her CV to a prof in her area of interest. if the prof takes her as his/her RA, s/he might excuse the GRE scores too.

  49. I’ve obtained 990(100+290)in GRE I’m gonna take TOEFL test sooner can I’ve chance of getting into good universities,or in which universities can I get in to.I’m having an aggregate of 77% .Can I expect scholarship from universities please reply me

  50. I have got 10 years experience on teaching government school,Private school and Private colleges as a lecturer of Mathematics from Asian country.I have got just required score in GRE taken in 12th July 2011.Pls suggest me , which Universities of USA will give TA for my score and experience? What minimum score I have to secure in TOEFL?When to apply?Pls reply me.

  51. I gave my exam today nd got 77o in quants nd 570 in verbal. What are my chances of getting in UT DALLAS electrical department?????? my gpa till 6th sem is 8.1

  52. hiee
    i gave my gre and got 1180(q 640 v 540)
    yet to write toefl ..i want to do ms in bio info at utd my %is 66
    have 3 good lor’s …how good are my chances of getting into utd??
    kindly reply to this post thanq…

  53. pls im from nigeria, i took the GRE and had a score of 1240(Q 580, V 660)but i have low gpa a second class in electronics and computer engineering.i have apllied to the following schools for telecomms
    oklahoma state,
    University of nebraka
    UT Tyler and,
    Louisiana tech
    and UTD.
    ill like to know if this schools are safe for admission

  54. Hi,
    I had my GRE test just yesterday I scored 990 (690Q and 300V).
    I am still to take the TOEFL.
    I have acads aggregate – 66.42% with final semester results due in August 2011.
    I would like to know a list of colleges/Universities in which I would be able to get MS in ECE/Computer sciences with funding or TA/RA.
    I have currently 2 months experience in teaching as a freelancer.
    I want to seek admissions in August 2012.
    Please suggest…
    Kindly reply at the earliest. Thanks in advance.

    1. guess this a very late reply but i hope it benefits someone.
      harsh truth: u can forget about TA with low GRE and TOEFL scores. those 2 are the most vital factors for TA. also, few univs give out TA posts. also, TA funding is from the institute and a fixed amount is given
      However, choosing a student for RA is totally dependent on a particular professor and how well you research progress, ur projects have impressed him. the funding is flexible and subject to the prof’s whims & he will pay u from his project; the institute wont pay u anything. in such cases, beyond a bare minimum, GRE n TOEFL scores r not important (unless the prof is cranky).
      people get chosen as TA automatically from the grad applicatn recvd, however to ensure RA, u MUST contact professors atleast before submitting ur application

  55. I have done bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and got 75.8% in under graduate. I have got 1160 in GRE (800 in Q and 360 in V). I am planning to do masters in Mechatronics as I did electronics in Diploma and Mechanical Engineering in Bachelor level. I have a job experience of 1 year in Airlines. Right now I am an assistant lecturer in COSMOS college of management and technology . If you have any idea relating to my field please contact me.

  56. hiii…….I gave GRE today and got 1020 (310V 710Q) do i have any chance of getting any good uiversities…….i have an aggregate of73% in my BE……..

  57. Hiii
    My gre score id 1280(verbal a-490 quants-790) and i haven’t taken my toefl yet.

    My overall aggregate is 81% in comp sci engg.
    xII – 83%

    ‘m plannin to take up ms in comp sci engg with work xp after two yrs. So people can you suggest me some universities which i can try for…..

  58. Hello everyone. I took the gre on the 27th of june (with just 6days preperation)…lol. Scored 1130(700Q+430V). Completed my grads in B.E(ECE) with a cgpa of 3.6/4,this year. Have 4 strong LORs. N have completed a project in the field of wireless comm. Have applied for communication engg at:
    Though m in a fix as to whether i should get a job experience for 2years,as i got placed in a MNC (that will further strengthen my cv) or should i opt for M.S(which i m not sure i will get with such a low gre score)??

    1. i am heading for UTD in communications and signal processing.if u r interested ,let me know..

      1. wat wer ur gre, toefel n cgpa scores?? i have applied to UTD but m nt sure i wil get through as i hav a very low gre score.

  59. hi guys i am ram from mechanical dept…i got a score of 1160……v-380…q-780…i didn’t take up toefl yet…….what are departments are available for mechanical grad..i have 72% in UG……

  60. I scored 980 GRE score, i m m.pharm (Pharmaceutical chemistry) from NMIMS UniversityMumbai, and 1 year Teaching Experience at college of pharmacy in mumbai, i did 6 month R&D project in One of the reputed indian pharma compony, and did one innovative formulation project in college (patent is awaited ),and i have overall first class with distincttion in B.Pharm and M.Pharm
    I wish to do PhD With full financial Aid/scholarship
    Is it Possible?

  61. Hi,

    I have a
    GRE score of 1010(Quant-700, verbal-310)
    Analytical : 4.5
    Toefl: 108
    BE Computer Science and Engineering : 67% (First Class)
    One year work experience in core development of a product(Languages used scala, lift, java, HTML5, ajax, javascript)
    4 Months internship at Haier,Singapore
    College project: TouchFit, virtual reality based changing room.
    School project: Soduko using C++ and Cars using graphics in C++.

    I want to apply to UTD for MIS for 2012 batch.

    Will I get an admit or will the application be rejected.

    Kindly help out. 🙂


  62. hi,i got 1130 in gre,math-590,eng-540 and want to persue ms in analytical chemistry,my academics is also not good, with 5 it possible to get admission in us universities. i am from pharmacy field.

  63. I have scored 890 in GRE and AWA is 3.0
    i want to do MS in computer engineering and i have scored 82% in my 7th semester and i have an excellent academic record in Engineering……….
    can i get an admit in UTD or UTA ???

  64. i have gre score 0f 1220.780 quant and 440 verbal.toefel-116…. my cgpa is around 7 in electronics eng..but i want to do my ms in can u suggest me some good colleges where i will be able to get admission??

  65. I got an admit from UTD for MS in MIS
    I would like to point out a few points how I got in UTD.
    I got 97 in TOFEL.
    I gave GRE twice. On the first attempt i scored V 350 Q 580. I took another date d same day n gaye GRE for 2nd time within a months time I scored V 360 Q 690.
    I had done my BE project with Persistent System Pvt Ltd from Pune n I scored 57% in BE so i had an average profile.
    But when I applied I show that i had done a project in Persistent by sending a project completion certificate n my SOP was done very well i had taken help from a professional and it was worth it. I also got my LOR from my project guide from Persistent which had helped me.
    I m speculating this but i got in bcoz i had sent my applications a bit late I got an admit bcoz other students might have got a better offer n rejected UTD.
    I also came 2 know from my friends at UTD that colleges in US pay a lot of importance 2 LORs and SOP. So i m requesting students not to copy someone else’s LORs and SOPs or club them. U r unique so why shouldn’t ur LORs and SOP be unique.

      1. Which course do u want???
        whats your graduation score???
        tofel score?
        there r many things that are required…
        before asking questions you should mention you data….

        1. i want to do my masters in bioinformatics. i am in my 6th semester amd my current score is 75%. i have not taken my tofel exam yet.

    1. Hey Alley, thanks for sharing your profile with us. I too have appeared for the gre exams on 27june. I have scored 1130 (700Q+430V). I have a gpa of 3.6/4. I have 4 strong LORs. N I have also completed a project in the field of wireless communication. I have applied for communication engineering in UTD. What do you evaluate about my chances of making it?

  66. hi.

    my gre score is 1300 and toefl 101.i have 70+ percentage and my persuing Btech CSE.

    Should i apply in UT dallas and NYU polytechnic intitute.

      1. hi HSB,

        i have gre score of 1180 and toefl 94, 76%in Btech….I got admission in UTD,can i make it to TAMU,COL STATION?

        1. Hi ram

          congrates. which univ are u from and when did u recd the info. I have also applied to UTD, but did not receive any thing.


        2. Hello buddy,

          I am applying for UTD with GRE scores(420-V+740-Q), CAn I have good opportunities for admission. May I know about your Verbal score please..,

  67. Hi ,

    My score is bit low.Its 1020 v-460 and q-560. I want to industrial engineering.I have 2.7 years of exp in TCS. Friends could you please tell me some universities according to my score or shall i give another attempt?Please help.

  68. Hi Swati…

    Which university are u from?

    According to me you have a very good chance in NEU and UTD… I dont know much about others… Have you tried RIT? Its pretty good for CS and I think u can give it a shot… For more help visit Its a great site where u can meet a number of fellow applicants aswell as a number of seniors from all the colleges in US… Also become a member of thefallof2011worm in facebook…

  69. I am applying for Fall-2011.

    I have 1 year teaching experience.Will it help me to get teaching assistance-ship.?

    N currently working in IT company since 6 months…..


  70. Hi,

    I am Swati.

    My GRE score is 1260 (Quant-710,Verbal -550)

    Analytical :4

    TOEFL :97

    Avg Percentage(B.E. COMPUTER): 64%

    I am interested to do MS in Computer Science.

    What are the chances of me getting into these following Universities???

    1)North Eastern University(Boston)


    3)University of North Carolina Charlotte

    4)University of Missouri Columbia

    5)University of Kansas

    6)Indiana University of Bloomington

    Kindly let me know if anyone knows about it….

    Please help me out.


  71. Hi,
    I am a graduate of Electrical & Electronics Engineering with one year experience in Information Technology. Please, I would like to know my chances of being admitted for MSc in IT & M at UT Dallas.
    GRE = 1150 (Quant 670, Verb 480 & AW 3)
    TOEFL = 98 (L 29, R 27, W 25 & S 17)
    GPA = 3/5.

  72. Hello This is sally alobaidi I graduated in Iraq and i got B SC chemical engineer in technology university and i want complete my study to master degree so please i need someboday help me and explain to me what i have to do first ,

    i want advice you that am living in U.S and I evaluate my university certification in world education service for evalauation my gpa is 2.69

    am living in Hurst ,TX

    i need somebody help me


  73. Hi,

    I have been admitted to both UTD and RIT for MS in computer science. I wanted to know which is a better choice. I heard that RIT charges a higher fee. I have got a merit scholar ship of $6300 for the first 3 quarters there. UTD is yet to decide anything about my financial aid.

    I would appreciate your help in deciding


    Ganesh Bhat

    1. Even i have applied to both of them and i am waiting for
      it, from my perspective i feel that both are same, but UTD is more
      better than RIT if you compare. Even though UTD's campus size (500
      acres) and RIT ( 1250 acres). UTD has many good things especially
      for CS. Did you know RIT has fall acceptance rate of more than 75%,
      it normally accepts all students, even with students who do not
      have good academic background. So if you have got a call from UTD,
      i suggest don't even think about RIT, just go for UTD. It accepts
      only 32% (fall acceptance rate) of the students and you are one of

  74. hey i scored 910 in gre…. exams…am i having score enough to get admission in uta.
    i m having gpa as 3.85. and toefl 90.
    so could i apply in uta.?

  75. Hi all,
    I have completed my B.E in Electronics&Communication with 69.45%. My GRE score is 1160 ( Quant:670 Verbal:490).
    10th: 82% CBSE
    12th:75% CBSE

    I am working as a Firmware Engineer from June 2010 onwards. I intend to pursue my M.S. in Embedded Systems. The universities i have shortlisted are:

    1. SUNY- Stony Brook
    2. SUNY-Buffalo
    3. UT-Dallas(Jonnson)
    4. Rochester Institute of Tech
    6. Dayton University
    7. San Diego State University
    8.San Jose State University

    1. NTU

    Could you please help me out in fine tuning my selection and also help me in finding out the probability of getting admission the the universities stated above?


  76. Hi!this is teja.

    I,have taken my GRE recently and got 1080 and i want to do specialisation for MS in ECE .Is there any chance that i may get the admission for this gre score in A&M UNIVERSITY,KINGSVILLE,TEXAS.

    Please help me regarding this .hoping to have a reply from you soon.

  77. Hi, I have one year experience in IT field , and I got a gre score of 960(quants 660 verbal 300).Could anyone tell me. the college I can get into with this score.I would like to do my masters in communication or computer science.

  78. my gre score is 1160

    quant 790 and verbal 370

    and as per academics are considered i've a low percentage of 58% in ece dept btech…

    and 12th of 90% and 10th of 85%

    can any one please kindly suggest me a suitable and best clg for my scores..

    and also will the low btech percentage will effect my ms carrier?

  79. I have got my gre score of 1130[ Quantitative-790, verbal-340). I have done my bachelor in civil engineering with 79% along with my dipoma in civil engineering with 73.1 %. I want to do masters in civil engineering. Can i have a chance of getting aids.

  80. please I have gre score of 1060, my quant 690, verbal 370. and i want to do a mastder in chemical engineering at ASU. I have a bachelor in Food TEchnology , i also have a paper published. Please reply what are my chances of getting admision

  81. Hey..

    I was goin thru dis page…Average Scores for UT Dallas.

    Here I came across you stating that, you would go ahead with UTA instead of UTD, could I know why, because as far as rankings are concerned UTD is ahead of UTA and moreover, UTD ends up admitting students with higher GRE scores than UTA.

    Could u please xplain the reason, as I have applied for Spring 2011 in both UTA and UTD, and I want to know if given a choice which I should choose.

    Course : Computer Science.

  82. I wanted to know why u wrote that UTA is better than UTD.

    UTA doesnt even have a ranking, but UTD does have.

  83. I have gre score of 1060, quant 690, and verbal 370. planning to study chemical engineering at ASU , what are my chances.

  84. hi,i have given my gre and my score is 1220(Q-780 V-440).i have 70% in my grad(ECE).i am interested to do ms in electronics and comm engineering.can u suggest me some of the best universities?is my gre score enough to get better universities in US?or should It take gre once again?Can I get any aid with these scores?

    1. it depends on the volume of applications they receive and also how soon you have delivered ur packet to them. Generally it takes Feb-March fo rresults to be declared..

  85. hi can anybody please tell me how to interprete the fee structure of the universities? For eg- at john hopkind the uni website shows that the fee for one course is around $2885 and for 200-up level coureses is $1880. is this fee per semester or per subject?? plz help

  86. i have got gre 1070(v-330,q-760). have got BE 82%aggregate in ECE. i want to do masters in electrical engg. pls suggest some gud universities in USA. do i get any financial aid??pls reply……..

  87. hi everyone,
    i got 940 in my gre.i know this score is quite retook my test 1 months later,unfortunately i could manage to score 980 in my second attempt.
    pl tell me what are all the univ can i apply for??
    i looking forward to do MS is EE..
    Though my GRE score is very low.i have good acads.
    B.E-72% with no history of arrears
    project done in IGCAR,kalpakkam,and internship at BSNL.
    good SOP and RECOS..

  88. I have a score of 1260 in GRE
    verbal-550 and quant-710
    My aggregate percentage of B.E computers is 60 pc
    what are my chances to get a admission in UTA or UTD
    plz reply..

    1. hey mayank

      u may take a shot. as of UTD ur gre score is okay but there might be problems for the grad % unless u got some good projects and strong CCA both in school and college. AFAIK, ur sop and lor should be very strong to compensate that. check their respective sites for more info, they listed all..

      1. hi ,
        My aggregate percentage of B Tech ( electronics and instrumentation and control) is 64%
        and biomedical instrumentation as major subject. I have a post graduate diploma in vlsi design and embedded system with A grade from CDAC noida.
        I further want to persue ms in biomedical engineering from any of following universities
        1)university of urbana ,illnois
        2)university of texas austin
        what will be else required andwhat are my chances to get a admission in above mentioned unis.
        pls reply…….. iwould be greatly obliged.

  89. hi my gre score is 1070

    cgpa: 8.2/10

    12th: 92.5

    10: 87

    areas of interest: artificial intelligence, robotics

    with this score will i have a chance of getting in john hopkins, what are the other universities with good funding and job oppurtunities i can look for.

    toefl not yet taken

  90. sai September 12, 2010 at 12:50 PM

    I have score of 1140 and i’m applying for MS in CS. So, would UTD and UTA be safe options for me ?

    Moreover these avearges are for all departments,so what is average for CS? Also, my quant is 750 and verbal is 390 but the minimum verbal listed by universitites on their websites is 400.So,is this will be problem for me as may be my total is within limit but i’m not fulfilliing minimum verbal creteria ?

    and 10th 88 and 12th 84.5 and bitech 80

    plz suggest me best universites in us for cs

  91. I have score of 1140 and i’m applying for MS in CS. So, would UTD and UTA be safe options for me ?

    Moreover these avearges are for all departments,so what is average for CS? Also, my quant is 750 and verbal is 390 but the minimum verbal listed by universitites on their websites is 400.So,is this will be problem for me as may be my total is within limit but i’m not fulfilliing minimum verbal creteria ?

    and 10th 88 and 12th 84.5 and bitech 80

    1. its not necessary to meet the minimum reqirement posted for gre on the uni website unless u have a strong academic background and good letters of reco….so u can always opt for the uni which has the minimum cutoff a bit higher than your score

  92. hello community members

    i am interested in pursuing MS in MIS preferably in a college which provides courses related to Information security or Cyber Laws. Can someone possibly suggest me some.

    My secondary option is MS in CS. please help me out.

    profile in brief- GRE score- 1200 (Q:660; V:550)

    Grad (B.Tech in CSE)- 68%

    XII (CBSE)- 61%

    X (CBSE)- 85%

    Work Exp- Nil

    Projects- 3

    Paper Presentation- 2


  93. I got admitted in M.S in EE in ASU,UTD.

    Which should i attend considering environment,tuition fees and living cost?

    1. both of dem are gud, n costly, I think ASU's brand name is bigger than UTD and most of d ASU students wil b placed in INTEL, n UTD in Texas Instruments….

  94. Respected Sir,

    My GRE Score is 1060 (verbal 440 and quant 620) . I have fairly good academic record as follows:-

    10th:- 84.93%

    12th:- 80%

    engg avg:- 68.84%

    Please tell me can I get admission in good universities in US for MS course in Industrial Engineering

  95. * GRE Score : 1130 (verbal-400, quant-730)

    * TOEFL Score : 109 (ibt)

    * Semester Planning to Apply : spring 2011

    * Department and Major : electrical engineering, major in electronics and communication

    * Work Experience : nil

    * Projects, Paper presentations : final year project in my bachelors, paper presentation at the annual seminar at college.

    * Undergraduate Academic percentage, University and backlogs(if any) : 69.2% aggregate, visveswaraya technological university, no backlogs during any semesters.

    * 10th and 12th marks : 87.2% and 78.5%

    plz let me know which colleges can i get admitted to….

  96. hi my GRE score is 1050(verbal-370 & quant-680 & AWA-3.0). TOEFL score of 98(reading-21,listening-29,speaking-20 & writing 28). I have applied to follow uni for spring 2011 intake in BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING for masters:

    1. UTA 2. uni of florida and 3.NYUpoly. i am really having a hard time finding uni for spring intake for biomedical. PLease suggest me other good uni where i can apply for spring as the deadlines are very near.

    my UG percentage are 66.

    thanking you,


      1. Go with UTA Biomedical Engineering. Its one of the top notch programs in the Biomedical engg stream. With its close association with the UT Southwestern Medical School, its a leading research program. So UTA it is.

        1. thanx amith… i have applied in UTA & UTD as well..other uni that i have applied are… NYU-poly, UNI OF FLORIDA(GAINSVILLE) and uni of south florida

  97. hi my gre score is 1180

    verbal 450 quans 730.. my cgpa is 8/10.. do i have a chance of getting a admit in UTA OR UTD..I want to do m.s. in computer..which universities would u suggest ..

  98. hi pals,

    i have being working for some clinical research company since 1year, i have persuid my btech in biotechnology last year, now i have decided to go for m.s in biotechnology. so please guide me guys from the basics , doubts such that i can know that whether i need coaching or not and the scores needed to get aids and scholorships. i am very new to GRE etc

  99. Just took my GRE today and got 640 on Verbal and 620 on Quant. Was happy that quantitative was so close to verbal, except now it tooks like my verbal was high and my quantitative was low. Haven't had a math class in 30 years, so am wondering if grad schools will hold that against me or if the verbal is high enough to be convincing.

  100. Hi all,

    i got 1140 in GRE;360+780 in verbal and quants respectively. . My engg aggregate is 75 percentin electronics and computers engineering a hybrid course. . What are my chances for admission in any of the us universities with full/tuition waiver scholarships?i want to do ms in embedded and vlsi their any possibilty to join in any of the best universities.

    please do help me.

  101. hi , i gave my GRE today and am thoroughly depressed , I scored 1050 {quant 670 and verbal 380). I want to pursue MS in Electronics and Communications , my UG percentage is 83% and my 2 papers have been selected and published under IEEE. will go to give the conference to Japan too.also i would be earning 1 year of job experience.. Do i have chances to get in any good universities? if so then what those can be? or should i give it again?

    1. hey

      don't worry our university accepts such GRE scores when u have published 2 papers.

      I have published one paper and got 1000 score I still got into.

      University of Washington Tacoma

        1. hey bt do you know what , I just went through the site of University of Washington, i want to do Ms in electrical and electronics but there is no MS under this, correct me if I am wrong

  102. sir i got 940 in gre (quant670&verbal270). need an assistance that to which universities can i apply for my ms in electronics with 10th-90%, 12th-91% and im expecting toefl 90-100.pls suggest me if i can get admission into university of texas dallas.

  103. i got 1300 in gre.. 800 in quants and 500 in verbal.. awa 4.5..

    UG cgpa is 6.5.. comgpaputer science and engg.. will i get UTD?? pls ppl do post ur comments.. and suggest some univ which i ll get for this score and UG cgpa..

    i ll b grateful to u.. pls do suggest for MS in COMPUTER SCIENCE..

  104. Hi, i have a gre score of 1200 (Q760 V440) and have more than 3.5 years of exp in software engineering . Will i get an admission in UTD computer science for MS?

  105. HI I completed my and my acadmics – 77.2%. My GRE is 1000 (700Q+300V) and my TOEFL is 84 (17R+19L+23S+25W).I want to apply for Masters in biotechnology in US. can suggest any universities????

  106. Believe me or not..! My GRE score is only 1000 (Q-720, V-280, AWA-3.5).. I'd hardly got one month to prepare for GRE and in the middle of it I'd got very bad time(fever, pressure to join my company for getting work experience of atleast 6 months etc..). I was upset like everybody after seeing my verbal score.. My Toefl score is 88 (R-22, L-19, S-23, W-24). But my academics and papers in my hand with a good profile gave me confidence to apply for UTD fall 2010. I'd got 84% in UG (B.Tech in Information Tech) 2009 passed out with some national level awards for Robotics. I never gave up. I tried applying for 10 universities. No consultancy I'd approached for. I manually worked myself and Google'd a lot. I'd got admits from UNCC, UTD, IUPUI and one more decision is pending still (IUB). All in MS-CS. So if ur GRE is low, and u have good profile in ur hand just go ahead..!
    Only ur GRE is not a gr8 deal,,.! GRE, TOEFL, Acads %, Projects, Papers, Extra-curricular, job-experience etc all together matters…
    Never give up..!
    If u got enough time to retake in case of low GRE then give it.. Due to my time constraint and my work I can't able to retake again..
    I'm planning to go to UTD now..!!!

    1. hai Nalini,
      I m manoj, i got admit from UTD, EE for Fall 2010, have u recieved any kind of financial aid, I got nothing??? I got nothing

    2. hi nalini thats reallt great …. can you help me out i would like to do my MS in EE … my GRE score is only 860.. but i have a good experience ..i am working in ISRO and have done my final year project in LRDE (defense organisation)…. do i have any chance of getting in any university ??

    3. hi nalini i have got my gre 940 (quant670&verbal 270) and im expecting toefl 80-100 .coming to my academics i hav got in 10th-90% and inter91% and so can i get admission into utd for spring 2011. pls suggest me i want to do ms in electronics.

  107. Hello
    This is farhan from Pakistan
    i just came bak from the test center in pakistan
    where unofficial score of my Gre was as under
    quatative 720
    Verbal 290

    I am willing to apply for fullbright scholorship for pakistani students,here it has annouced that the student must atleast secure 300 in each section.
    but mine is 10 less in the verbal section.

    tell me if there is anyway byt which i can have those 10 marks as grace marks,if there is anyway
    plz respond as soon as possible so that i can take action accordingly.
    Here in Pakistan i am just unable to cntct the officials who can guide me well..

  108. My name is farhan
    i am from Pakistan
    i am aiming to apply fro fullbright scholorship for pakistani students.
    It has announced in here that a student must atleast aquire 300 marks in each section of GRE but unfortunately the unofficial result announced at the end of the test is as under
    720 in quantative section
    290 in verbal section

    Now can you plz quige me,can i have 10 grace marks from ETS???
    if that is possibel how i can have those grace marks…
    reply as soon as possible because time s running out..


  109. hi this is pulak….i want to knw about the best universities to apply for ms+phd program with a gre score of 1400 in the dept of computer science
    my key areas of interests are network security, please enlist the universities that works extensively in those fields
    …also want to know about the placement oppertunities of those universities…..
    thanks in advance!!! 🙂

  110. hi this is pulak….i want to knw about the best universities to apply for ms+phd program with a gre score of 1400…also want to know about the placement oppertunities of those universities…..
    thanks in advance!!! 🙂

  111. Graduation (Bachellors) at UT Dallas


    I am planning to get in to UT Dallas and will be doing majors in GIS & Economics. Anybody else geeting in at UT Dallas??


  112. I HAVE SCORED 1290(Q: 740, V:550, AWA: 3.0) AND 89 IN TOEFL,
    I HAVE 70.57 % IN MY B.E(CSE)


  113. my gre score is 990(380/610).which university is safe for me to apply in the stream of CSC? The university of UTD will accept my score?

    10th -81%

    12th -78%


    Going to appear for TOFEL next month….

  114. hii my gre score is 1190 with v=460&q=730. my toefl score is 90 with R=19, S=23, L=23, W=25.Also my B.E. from CS br degree is of 74.34%. Which good universities can i apply for MS in Cs with financial aid.

  115. I am Anand from India.I want to apply for my graduation at "UTD"

    I am interested in doing my graduation in

    Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence

    Electrical and computer engg


    Communications & Networking

    I have

    GRE score

    Quant 760 verbal 310

    TOEFl scor

    Writing 20

    Speaking 22

    Listening 20

    Reading 15

    My B-tech % is 72% in Electronics and communication

    With these scores can i apply for graduation at UTD.

    will I get financial aid.

    Whats the deadline for applying to get financial aid??

    kindly help me in the admission process.

  116. I am currently pursuing B.Tech degree in comp. sc. and engg. I got 1250(790q+450v) in GRE. i have reported my scores to the foll. univ.

    1. Univ of Texas, Dallas

    2. Univ of Texas, Austin

    3. California State univ, Chico

    4. Univ of Central Florida

    I want to do MS in Computer Science. Can anyone tell me how gud are my chances to get admission and if yes, is it possible to get scholarship with my score?

    Class 10-90%

    Class 12-88.4%

    Avg. CGPA(till 6th sem)=8.82

  117. Hi all,

    i got 1140 in GRE;360+780 in verbal and quants respectively. Already applied in Uni of TX at Dallas,Lamar Uni,Louisiana Tech and TAMU college station for MS Mechanical. My engg aggregate is 69 percent and i got 4 strong recommendation letters from professors. What are my chances for admission with these universities with/without full scholarships?

    thanks in advance


  118. Hi i am Andrew.I am interested to do MS in mechanical engg in US .My GRe score is 950,290 in verbal and 740 in Quant..In Graduate level I got 3.58…….I request you to give me the list of universities in which i am eligible to get into.Please help me out as I am very much worried about the admissions and universities.

    1. dude, i guess you can consider appying to a few of these

      University of Findlay

      Farleigh Dickenson University

      Gannon University

      Robert Morris University

      New York Institute of Technology

      Oklahoma City University

      Mc Nesse State University

      St Joseph University

      Governors State University

      Ferris State University

      University of Bridgeport

      Grand Valley State University

      Kent State University

      Suffolk University

      New Jersey Institute of Technology

      SUNY New Paltz

      Ball State University

      University of New Heaven, Connecticut

      Indiana State University

      Texas A & M Kingsville

      Western Kentucky University

      Lamar University

      Golden State University

      Bowling Green State University

      University of Detroit at Mercy

      Widener University

      Bowling Green state University

      Boise State University

      Towson University

      Southern New Hampshire University

      State University of New York

      University of Texas at El Pasco

      California State University Chico

      St Clouds State University, MN

      Eastern Michigan University

      Western Illinois University

      Arkansas State University

      University of Illinois at Springfield

      Oakland University

      Loyola Chicago

      University of Southern Mississippi

      Montana State University

      University of Louisville

      Middle Tennessee State University

      Southern Illinois Carbondale

      Old Dominion University

  119. hi

    this s rajesh. i got 1030. quants 670 and verbal 360. having above 80 percent in u g.having 90 percent in both x and xii..can i get good univ. for mechanical .

  120. Hi,

    I got a gre score of 1000(700-quant,300-verbal).I am doing my B.TECH final could u tell me the possible univerities that i could get for my score.I have to write my TOEFL.Could i get any aid for this score??.My B.TECH agregate is 64% and 12 wuth 80% and 10 with 74%(C.B.S.E).Plz do reply as fast as you can.Thank you……..

  121. My GRE and TOEFL iBT scores are 1300 and 93 respectively. I have GPA of 2.45/4 in BsC Mechanical Engineering. Moreover, I have 2 papers (being processed) and 2 patents plus 3 research projects.

    Please tell me how much I have chance to be admitted in MsC in US universities such as Riverside (California) with financial aid?

    Please respond me accurately,

  122. Hi, I got a GRE score of 1130(Quant-790 and Verbal-340).Appeared for GRE on 23rd Oct 09.Wanted to go for Fall 2010.I am currently having 20 months work ex.Currenly I am working in IBM.I'll be having around 29 months exp by July 2010.I want to apply for Masters in CS.

    I have done my BE in Computer Science(Aggre – 72.1%)

    12th – 79%

    10th – 87.8%

    Yet to give TOEFL.

    Please suggest can I apply for UTD or UTA.. Also please let me know about what are the chances for scholarships or Teaching Assistantship.

  123. Hi, I want to do MS in telecommunication.

    My GRE score is 1250.

    BE 70%.

    13 Months of exp in Eletronic Warfare Systems.

    Please suggest sm gd university in Texas or near texas.

    plz tell me universities for similar score.

    Thanks in advnce.

  124. i got 990 my gre score

    700+290 verbal

    eng 71% want to go by fall 2010

    tenth 87%

    inter 87%

    many presentations… mini proj i have given

    wht are the universities that i can prefer


  125. My GRE score is 1290 (490 in verbal and 800 in quant).

    I am presently in final year of my in Computer Engineering (from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra). I hold a cgpa of 8.9 on scale of 10 and have good research projects: one at IIT delhi, another at Unv of Passau(GERMANY) and an ongoing project in my college.

    Can you please tell which univ should I target and till which rank univ should i look for ??

    Also please tell, should I consider retaking GRE (if i am able to get 1400-1450 in 2nd attempt??)

    Thanking you in advance.

  126. Hi,

    Plz let me know if i can get into UTD for MS in computer science (Jan 2010) with the following scores :

    GRE 960(q-620,v-340)

    Toefl 80

    Engineering over all agregate(64%)

    12th – 52%

    10th – 68%

    One yr of work experince as embedded engineer



    1. i thnk u need to give GRE again……with ur scores…..its very difficult to get in any good schools…and UTD is ranked very high……so take gre and toefl again…….u r applyng for which course…….

  127. Hello,

    This is Balaji, I got a GRE score of 1100( quant 770 + verbal 330), and TOEFL score of 96. I want to pursue MS in mechanical design in the united states. I am a passed out of 2007. My B.Tech percentage is 74.48(3 backlogs, all got cleared) and i have 2 and half years of work experience in the design field from a reputed organization till date and i would have had 3 years of experience by the time i join for the MS Program. So please suggest some universities which are feasible for me to get some good scholarships for my profile.

    Thanking you in advance.


  128. hi,

    i want to pursue MS in EE

    my profile goes like this..


    toefl-on 10th oct

    BE-65%(aggregate) 70% last year

    10th-87%(Maharastra state Board)

    12th-90%(Maharastra state Board)

    1st amongst girls in district in 12th board exams

    Received Dhirubhai Ambani undergraduate scholarship throughout graduation.

    Selected in Infosys through campus recruitments. but I am confused if the experience over there will matter or not!

    How does this profile seem for getting admit from UTD or UTA?

    also how are campus placements after MS at UTD and UTA?

    Pls mail asap

    1. US studies is not like india…there is nothng as campus placement there…….so be clear about it,,,,u will get chances….u will have to proove urself academically and technically…..ur projects..etc will get job but for sure….u can get admit in uta

      1. I am Anand from India.I want to apply for my graduation at “UTD”

        I am interested in doing my graduation in

        Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence

        Electrical and computer engg


        Communications & Networking

        I have

        GRE score

        Quant 760 verbal 310

        TOEFl scor

        Writing 20

        Speaking 22

        Listening 20

        Reading 15

        My B-tech % is 72% in Electronics and communication

        With these scores can i apply for graduation at UTA.

        will I get financial aid.

        Whats the deadline for applying to get financial aid??

        kindly help me in the admission process.

  129. i have done masters in maths and got a 68% in under grad and 56% in grad(delhi university)..i have got 1360 in gre…have to take subject gre and toefl..i am planning to do masters in applied maths(discrete maths or coding thry or applied algebra) or maths(algebra) doing a research project and will be able to manage a few decent recommendations..what kind of graduate schools should i be looking at…i am tryn to find an appropriate school but very confused and in need of help…how are michigan state univ,univ of georgia,suny buffalo,boston univ…are schools like johns hopkins and stony brook beyond my reach(they do not have minimum gre requirment)..also how much(roughly) a gpa of 3 mean?help!

  130. I want to apply for Biotechnology programs.

    Scores : Verbal 420

    Analytical :760

    WA : 4.5

    PLease suggest if I can make it to the UTA, UTD, NSCU and what is the likelihood of assistance.

    Any suggestions would deeply be appreciated.


  131. hello sir ..

    i got a gre score of 1040. verbal 320, quantitative 720, analytical 3.5 . can u help me out in suggesting a few universities for MS in biological sciences. Are there any chances of getting funds?

    1. sir i secured 1090(700 Q+390 V) in GRE and i am looking for US universities for phd programme in microbiology with full funding. my profile is as follows:

      Class X(85%)

      Class XII (86.5%)

      B.Sc microbiology(69% Fist class from Calcutta University)

      M.Sc Microbiology (86.5%)

      A I have a national fellowship by IAS and a project work experience.

      I was 56 th. in Maths olympiad in Class XII th level.

      My criteria of us univ shall b the ones to fully fund me.I thought of Univ of texas at austin, Univ of Iowa,

      Univ of florida and Indiana Univ.

      Plz suggest if i can apply to us univ with a gre score as 1090and to which universities?



      1. @Baisakhi Oh my freind

        please apply to the universities that you have mentioned and we wish you all the best

        good luck


  132. Can I apply for Ph.D in CS with GRE 1200 to NCSU,UTS,UTD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.UCLA. What are the chances of getting admits.Where are the chances of fundings.

  133. helo sir,

    I got a gre score of 1010, quants-710 and verbal 300.

    sir please provide me the information about the schools in us in which i can get the admission

    thank you

  134. Yup UTA is good university…… My 2-3 frnds are there in UTA doing MS in EE only……Well no it won't affect the degree and the value after completion of your MS….coz even if you do your MS from the UTD, the value remains same …… just you need to care that you shuld try to be best out of all students…. coz after completing you MS you need to be placed in a good company…so it would be better if you will be selected from on campus placement….. thats it….. baaki if you have any query you can add me on orkut…. my id is [ email id removed – admin]



  135. Why do u like to prefer UTA in comparison of UTA Vs UTD….

    Which one is better if I want to pursue Ph.D in electrical Engg?

  136. Hi,

    My profile is like this,

    GRE 1140 Quant:760 Verbal:380 AWA:3.0

    B.TECH(JNTU) ECE aggregate: 66.7%

    12th: 70.6%

    10th: 70.6%

    I had one backlog in all my career, that was in B.TECH but I cleared it in the subsequent supplementary test. Finished my graduation in 2008 but since then I did a course on .NET at NIIT and also took Microsoft .NET certification test and scored 90%.

    So please tell me whether I've a chance of making it to any one of these two universities, also I would like to know universities that offer scholarship to me with this record.

    Sorry, forgot to mention one thing that is I am ambitious in pursuing MS in Computer Science/Programming or IT in US. Kindly enlighten me whether my profile meets the requirement of any of the top 50 US university's Computer science department.

    A small suggestion to you, provide us the feature of editing the text/question that we post here in this blog so that if we miss a point then we'll be able to add it.

  137. Hii….. My

    GRE : 1080 (Verbal – 300, Quant – 780)

    TOEFL – 72

    B.Tech. in Electronics and Comm. – 78 %

    12th – 81 %

    10th – 89%

    Experience – 1 year as an Embedded Engineer

    Please suggest me some universities to apply for MS in computer engineering for fall-2009 .

    Thanks in advance….

  138. pearl

    If u want to get chance with financial aid.I would say, retake.Else,its really too much hard to get chance with such score.

    Good luck

  139. Hi All,

    Plz let me know if i can get into university with the following scores.
    GRE 990(Q-610,V-380)
    Toefl 66
    Engineering over all agregate(66%)
    12th – 77%
    10th – 87%
    One yr of work experince.

    Want to persue in computerscience branch.
    And please let me know when i can start applying for JAN 2010.


  140. i got gre 1010(700-quant,310-verbal)

    my 10th-71%


    engineering -68%(electrical and electronics)

    toefl waiting 4 result do i get admission

  141. i got 910(Q=640+V=270) and toefl to be taken.My academic aggregate is 57% in che engg..Should i get the admission in ms envi or ms chemical for fall 2009 in good univercity.

  142. I am interested in MS Forensic Science course. I have already taken the GRE exam and got 1020 [Q=710+v=310] and TOEFL yet to be taken. Let me know, is my GRE score is sufficient or i will have to give it one more shot. I have done post graduate diploma in forensic science and criminology with 65 percent and M.Sc in industrial chemistry with 73 percent marks from Panjab University ,Chandigarh. I am very much interested to pursue my interest in forensic science from abroad esp. USA please guide me what should i do?….also let me know the career opportunities in USA. DO the students get jobs after doing MS in forensic science or should go for PhD further?….please reply….[[email protected]]

  143. i got 1040 in gre(Q:610,V:430), in toefl i got 79

    i got 67%(distinction) in B.E, 53% IN 10TH AND 57% IN 12TH

    also 3 national level paper presentation and got prize in all three

    but because of some prob there is gap in 10th will it affect my university acceptance rate.

    can u suggest some universities in cse which suits to my profile.i m planning for fall-09.very urgent.reply soon please.

    thanks in advance.

  144. I have GRE score of 1000(Verbal – 340,Quantative-660).I am BE in Electronics and Communications.I have 3 years of work experience in my domain.Please refer me some Universities where I can pursue MS in Electrical and Electronics.

  145. i got 1230 in gre(Q:790,V:440), in toefl im expecting 90+

    i got 67% in B.TECH, 88% IN 12TH AND 755 IN 10TH

    can u suggest some universities in EE which suits to my planning for fall-09.very urgent.reply soon please.

    thanks in advance.

  146. sir, i got 1000(740-quant+260-verbal),

    sir please give me the better choice of universities in electrical engineering……..

    and i am about to write IELTS instead of reply me at [email protected]

  147. sir, i got 1000(740-quant+260-verbal),

    sir please give me the better choice of universities in electrical engineering……..

  148. i scored 1260 in gre ( 530 in verbal and 730 in quantts)

    scored 90 percent in school final , 96.5 in plus two exam and 84 precent in engineering ( elec and telecom engg).

    kindly let me knwo the admission status at your esteemed university

  149. hi

    i m applyn for ms in EE FALL09

    I GOT 1100 IN GRE(720-Q,V-380) nf in toefl-81,aggregate 63%.

    wat r my chances of getn an admit in UTA nd UTD WITH funding

    which is more gud..

    pls reply its urgent

  150. Hey, i got 1210- 770 quant & 440 in verbal… i am planning for MS in Information Systems can you please suggest few universities for me

    Thanks in advance

  151. hello,

    i took my GRE today. i got 570 in quant and 300 in verbal, my academic aggregate is 80 % . should i retake the exam or are tehre any chances of getting universities… ? please do reply

  152. Hii Sir,

    I have got 1100 in GRE and 83 in TOFEL ibt

    I m planning to apply in both the universities(UTD & UTA). But I m giving more priority to UTD.

    Will I get into UTD

  153. Hi Raghu

    My gre score is 1100 (quant – 770 , Verbal- 330) (computer science – 65%)
    TOEFL – 99
    can i get admit in UTD or UTA for M.S in computer science .
    please do reply .
    thanks ..


  155. hi…..

    I have scored 1050 in gre(v-300 q-750) snd expecting my toefl scores.I am sure i will be getting it above 100.Will i gat an admission for that score in utd or uta or university of houston.Shall i take my gre once again.

    my academics are…



  156. my score is 1030 with 74% in with 2years of expreance in embaded systems and iam intrested in vlsi or embaded.please let me know which universites are good for me……..or do i wan to retake the exam

  157. heyyy……can u please tel me some good universities offering MIS(management information systems) engineering degree(58%) 12th-66% 10th-77%…expected gre score 1250+….do i have any chance in top 40 universities….

    plz reply


  158. I have a gre score of 990 (650 q and 340 v), and my academic (55%)is also a problem. I want to pursue MS iN mECH or Industrial engg

    Which universities can select me ?

  159. Hi, My GRE score is 750 quant and 350 verbal. But I have very good and consistent academic background . I have 2 years of work experience as wel, I am interested to take admission for PhD course. It would be helpful if you could suggest me some university .
    Thanks in advance.

  160. hi i got 1150 in gre. quant-780 ,verbal-370 .how about my chances of getting into UTA or UTD..plzz suggest me…moreover i need to apply for Ms in computer science….

  161. hi…i have got 1250(790q+460v) in gre and in academics 8.7/10..i want to do ms in VLSI…so,can anybody which graduate school should i choose..

  162. I am going to apply to Universitry of Texas at Austin for MS Electrical engineering. My GRE scores aare V/Q 480/750. I have good academic score i.e top 2% in my college. What r my chances to get admitted with financial aid??

  163. i scored a 1140 in GRE(690-Q, 450-V). i am from the pharmacy field. wanted to apply for majors in pharmaceutics/pharmaceutical sciences. good academics, 2 publications, one in pipeline. do u see my chances of getting thru

  164. In GRE i got 1230( quants-700, verbal -530), My quants score is less than average. Will this affect my chances? Will improving it above 780, improve my chances?? I want admission in any of the top 20 univ's for MS in CS…

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  166. Hi i am anusha….I am interested to do MS in biotechnology or immunology or genetics in US during spring admissions…My GRe score is 950,370 in verbal and 580 in Quant..In AWA I got 3.5…….I request you to give me the list of universities in which i am eligible to get into……Please help me out as I am very much worried about the admissions and universities.

  167. I’ve scored 1100(Quant-640+verbal-460) in GRE this sep9th, i’m planning to apply for Microbiology PhD, are the labs and facilities good in UTA? and is UTA safe bet with my score?

  168. @anil: UTA is good. For PhD, you students usually get funding with admission. But, I would say you talk to professors before applying to schools. Applying for PhD is different from applying for Masters.

  169. I graduated from UTA and having experienced the life at UTA and had friends in UTD. So, facilities, exposure you get at UTA was more appealing to me than UTD.

  170. I have score of 1170 and i'm applying for MS in CS. So, would UTD and UTA be safe options for me ?

    Moreover these avearges are for all departments,so what is average for CS? Also, my quant is 790 and verbal is 380 but the minimum verbal listed by universitites on their websites is 400.So,is this will be problem for me as may be my total is within limit but i'm not fulfilliing minimum verbal creteria ?

  171. Yeah please state the reason behind choosing UTA and not UTD. if the latter one is askin for more GRE score for admit then it should be better right??

  172. the average gre scores you have posted are the following right?

    University of Texas at Arlington, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    can i safely apply for these universities without considering my course ie. industrial engineering and management?

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