Average Masters Degree Salary in 13 Cities in USA

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Couple of days back, one of the Happy Schools Blog reader had sent me email asking to explain few steps to find the average Masters Degree salary range for the position she’s going to interview next week.

That’s an important step in job search – finding the salary range offered for a position before attending the interview. HR person is definitely going to ask what is the your salary requirements.

Not being aware of the Salary Negations techniques is a big mistake during the job interview process.

Here’s a list of salary negotiation mistakes made by students, as the result, they end up getting paid few thousand dollars less that what they are worth.

Getting paid $5000 to $10,000 less that what your worth will have huge impact in your career in future years.

I had written about Cost of living calculator in different cities in U.S. from the cost of living article, its clear about the impact of salary in different cities.

Following list will give an average salary for jobs that require Masters Degree, or average salary in 13 different U.S. Cities people get who have Master’s degree.

Average Masters Degree Salary

Someone with Master’s degree in New York City gets $32,000 more when compared to Salt Lake City. So, cost of living factor plays a huge role in deciding how much the position is worth.

Can I save more money working in New York?

Next question will be – does that mean someone working in NY will save more money than someone working in Salt Lake City?

Answer is yes and no. Apartment rent would cost $1500 in NY, where as same apartment will cost $500 per month in Salt Lake City.

Companies usually adjust the salary range based on the location where position is being offered. End of the month amount of money saved will be equal and again it depends on your lifestyle.

Source of above Salary Data is Indeed.com. But, finding high paying job is not easy task, but involving in professional networking and building the contact will help to get information about Salary, job openings.

Here’s an guide to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for effective and most powerful way to search for jobs.

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