Couple of days back, one of the Happy Schools Blog reader had sent me email asking to explain few steps to find the average Masters Degree salary range for the position she’s going to interview next week.

That’s an important step in job search – finding the salary range offered for a position before attending the interview. HR person is definitely going to ask what is the your salary requirements.

Not being aware of the Salary Negations techniques is a big mistake during the job interview process.

Here’s a list of salary negotiation mistakes made by students, as the result, they end up getting paid few thousand dollars less that what they are worth.

Getting paid $5000 to $10,000 less that what your worth will have huge impact in your career in future years.

I had written about Cost of living calculator in different cities in U.S. from the cost of living article, its clear about the impact of salary in different cities.

Following list will give an average salary for jobs that require Masters Degree, or average salary in 13 different U.S. Cities people get who have Master’s degree.

Average Masters Degree Salary

Someone with Master’s degree in New York City gets $32,000 more when compared to Salt Lake City. So, cost of living factor plays a huge role in deciding how much the position is worth.

Can I save more money working in New York?

Next question will be – does that mean someone working in NY will save more money than someone working in Salt Lake City?

Answer is yes and no. Apartment rent would cost $1500 in NY, where as same apartment will cost $500 per month in Salt Lake City.

Companies usually adjust the salary range based on the location where position is being offered. End of the month amount of money saved will be equal and again it depends on your lifestyle.

Source of above Salary Data is But, finding high paying job is not easy task, but involving in professional networking and building the contact will help to get information about Salary, job openings.

Here’s an guide to optimize your LinkedIn Profile¬†for effective and most powerful way to search for jobs.



  1. Can i please know the average GRE score that is recommended for an admission into any Engineering University in the US.

  2. Hi ,
    I have completed my master’s (M.COM)in India and I am going to be green card holder of USA CA., Will my degre be considered as master’s in CA as well ?please advise me How can I get goverment jobs on the basis of my degre ?
    Thanks & Regards.

  3. If am doing MBA/MS in US then can i get part time job in US?
    And if am a BCA pass out student?

  4. Hi
    I have completed my MBA in Finance and Retail, and im looking forward to settle down in the U.S. Can I know what is the short course that i could do which would be appropriate for me to find a Job in the U.S California?

    Jereen :)

  5. Hi,
    I completed my MCA(full time). I am working as SAP ABAP Consultant and in my company will offer H-1B visa for me. My company is in Atlanta, USA. Can you tell me, how much salary will give for me ???

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  6. I have scored 69.8% in my Btech.Will that be enough for getting into good universities if i score good in GRE?
    I have scored 88.5% and 86.5% in 10th and +2 respectively.

  7. hello HSB ,

    i have completed my and planning to do masters from USA for spring 2013
    My profile: ug-69% 1backlog, GRE-289 verbal-141, quant-148, IELTS-6
    planning to apply for masters in health acre administration
    i have finalised my universites
    university of houston clearlake
    western kentucky university
    eastern illinois university
    worcester state university
    university of findlay
    can i get admits into these universities if not suggest me some universities

  8. i am a third year engineering student from c.s branch….i am so much confused about the tests GRE, TOEFL AND IELTS…pl explain me…and i want to do MS in C.S from U.S,….how to prepare for this???/ nd whts the procedure nd eligibiity…please reply as soon as possible..

  9. iam a chemical engineering student i had scored 59% in UG wich country is better for chemical engineer as per my percentage

  10. i have enrolled for in instrumentation and control engineering… after completing my in electronics and communication engineering… what is the scope of job after this…?? and what are the courses offered after completing my masters… is it good to do phd…?? and list of universities from canada which offer phd in this field…

    • Yes,if u r ineterested in doing research in ur domain then it is higly recommended to opt for PhD..
      Toronto and McGill r well known universities in Canada, sought after good Univ. in USA. Well the expenses in CAN. are much lower as compared to USA. and as per my knowledge scholarships are even granted earlier..

  11. can anyone tell me vat salary can one expect after doing masters in food sciences from florida state uni.?

  12. Dear HSB,

    This is excellent compilation and I am sure it will be of great use to candidates pursuing their Masters in CS. I would like to request you to furnish a similar location-wise study of job opportunities, and average salaries, of Mathematics Doctoral candidates. I thank you in advance for your endeavours.

  13. Students will be skeptical without this HSB, it's my strong intuition.

    Go ahead HSB……we all there with you.

  14. Awesome………I think no student would be complete who plans for US-MS without this "HAPPY SCHOOLS BLOG" literally.

    It's must and should for the student…….thanks for Happy schools blog. It's literally helping a lot more then any one could..

  15. I'm doing my ece final yr i've scored 74% in both my matric and higher secondary and 64% in my UG how many marks are enough in gre and toefl or ielts. And i'm weak in english will i ve any problem because of it? Pls reply me. Thanks.

    • Hai……..there's no limit to GRE or TOEFL…. these scores are directly proportional to Good university……..I hope you understood. Try to get as high as possible. It's just my advice.

      • There are no fixed scores.According to my perception IELTS is much easy than TOEFL and taking GRE is not mandatory.It again depends on the university your applying to.There are some universities who waive GRE but you will be questioned by the Embassy of not taking GRE.I hope you understood Saravanan.

  16. Hello Sir,

    I am a first year student of Computer Science engineering . I want to do my masters abroad. Which countries are best for higher degree?

    Which subjects I can do MS from?

    • I think…..US education is always at the top. … have much time to probe about that don't worry……I would like to give an advice try to get top % n avoid backlogs so that you can get admission in top universities+ scholarship too. And GRE n TOEFL are also important you think about this later.

  17. Hi,

    I have a doubt, that if i am studying in a normal institution say(Top 40 to 50) in US, will it be impacted on searching the job or not. If, how to chose the universities.

  18. What is an average amount of money which a person can earn during CPT while continuing MBA at an average university located in Kentucky?

  19. Great information sir…..I would like to know average salary of MS Bioinformatics in USA?…..and what is advisable to choose between MS Computer Science and MS Bioinformatics.

    I have done my BE-Information Technology from India with 58.71%.

  20. Hello sir,

    I m doing my B.TECH in Instrumentation and Control engg. As I am going to 3rd year, i decided to go for MS in US after competing my degree. I want to do MS in Automation and Robotics. Which are the good universities that offering this course. Or is there any other field which will offer good and wide scope after doing MS? And what are the chances of getting the job after completing MS as the degree is universally accepted?

  21. I have just finished my B.Tech in computer science and planning to do my post graduation in Networks what do you suggest an Ms in UK , Ms in US or should i do an in India … Please help me out…

  22. Keep up the good work! Look forward to reading more from you in the future. I think it will be also nice if you add "send to email" tool so people can forward the articles to their friends easily.

  23. Sir

    I am currently persuing my Bsc(H) in biotechnology(III).Please guide me whether i should do my master's from US or should do in India and then go for PhD in US?

  24. Hemal – WE have answered questions similarot your comments. Search for Biotechnology in the blog and read all the related articles. There are Biotech Graduate Student interviews in the blog.

  25. sir

    i heard that 5 yrs degree in bpharmacy is essential in there any course over there which is equivalent to 5yr degree?now im doing my 4yr degree in bpharm.if not are there any oppurtunities for 4yr degree after completion of my masters program in us?

  26. hello,

    i would like to know after completing phd in mathematics in US how i can get

    job of lecturer or assistant professor in US. Also i would like to know the salary of these posts separately as it would surely be different from salary of an engineer in a company.What about hardship of H1B visa about these academic posts?

    Thanking you.

    • Doing PhD has its own problems.More so in USA.After completion of PhD you will get a non tenure track position which is like contract position with less benefits. You will have to continuously come up with research papers.You will have to work hard to get grants.

      The after couple of years and some papers later you would get tenureship.So life of a professor is not so easy.

  27. Hi sir,

    I am interested to do Masters in Food Sciences or Pharmacology.My GRE scores stands at 1250 and my CGPA is 7.8/10.My 1o th and 12 th % stands at 91 and 96 respectively.Assuming that i get good LOR and SOP which top univ can i target?Moreover which top univ masters degree provides me a good job offer with a very good salary at the end?Specify for both food sciences and pharma.Waiting for your reply.Have to start applying for FALL 2009 based on your reply.Thanks sir.

  28. hi sir,

    i am planning to do m.s. and PhD in us in UMKC sir i want to know that after compleating my study how much salary shall i get

  29. hi i want to know will there be job oppurtunites after completion of ms in pharmaceutical sourceswhat will be the salary scale

  30. Another thing to think on is how much it costs to have a car or take the bus. In NYC for example, parking is very costly, I don’t have figures but it may range into the hundreds of dollars per year to park both in your living area and then at work. Opting out of having a car to take public transport in NYC, Boston and other such cities may be considered. However smaller cities or cities not valuing public transport car is necesary, but parking fees may still apply. It also depends if your office is in the city center or in the suburbs of the city. If in the city, often paying for parking is required, even in smaller cities (ie. Rochester, NY) but parking could be free in the suburbs (ie. Webster in Rochester NY suburb homes Xerox.)

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