Salary – Bachelors vs Masters vs Doctoral Degrees

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I came across an interesting article on how much more income you will earn by having Bachelors and Masters Degree, instead of just Bachelors degree. And also how PhD can increase your income.

We all know certainly having Doctorate will increase your income, but you must be willing to spend 4 to 5 years to get Doctorate degree. But, just having bachelor degree will get you less income. Here’s a research study by different groups and its indeed an interesting informative article.

Income Comparison

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Those with a bachelor’s degree, $2.1 million over a lifetime:
  • Master’s Degree -  People with a master’s degree earn $2.5 million
  • Doctoral Degree – Persons with doctoral degrees earn an average of $3.4 million during their working life
  • Professional Degree – Those with MD or JD professional degrees (medicine, law) do best with an average of $4.4 million dollars in lifetime earnings
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