To get Student Visa (F-1) Bank Statement is one of the mandatory documents.

Many students get visa rejected providing fake financial documents. And its still not clear for many students, how much bank balance to be shown and how does student loan help to get in getting visa.

The format for bank statement for visa is same as the the bank statement used while submitting graduate school application(avoid these 11 college application mistakes). But the question is, how much bank balance to show and how important is to have transactions. If you are wondering to find the answer.

There is no big magic in showing bank or rocket science behind the bank statement, but it does certainly makes affects the decision of a student, who is planning to study in U.S. Some universities, are very expensive and its nearly impossible for all the parents to show financial document to support the cost of education.

Questions about Bank Statement

  1. How much bank balance to show. I-20 Sample
  2. What source of funds to show ( savings account, student loan, liquid assets, immovable assets, ..)
  3. How to draw fund flow diagram
  4. How to show proof for second year college expense
  5. Does bank statement for visa differ from bank statement used for graduate school application
  6. How long/how many transactions to show for the money deposited in the account
  7. Can I open a new account 1 month before the Visa date and show proof form that account?
  8. I don’t have enough money with me to show in bank balance, can I get Visa?
  9. Some suggest to go through consultancy who will deposit money in our account for some commission, can I get bank statement in that way?
  10. I have fake bank statement, can consulates find the fake document?
  11. Do you have sample bank statement, I-20, fund flow diagram?
  12. What questions will be asked related to Bank Statement?
  13. Do I need to take passbook with me for visa interview?

If you have any other questions, speak up in the comment section. I will pen down the answers with sample bank statement and fund flow diagram in coming week.

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  • Rajiv

    Can we use “current account” instead of saving account to show the financial funding during f1 visa ?

  • mohamed


    can i use 2 banks statements the first one under my name and the second ander my parents name! and the general amount shows that i have the amount needed in my i-20?


  • Mamtha

    Seriously guys don’t come to the US. Things are very bad here. If I was not married to a US citizen I would have gone back to India a long time ago. I am an engineer and trust me finding jobs is very, very difficult. The US Immigration Office is now cracking down on all the consulting agencies that used to hire Indians, making it even more difficult for non-Americans to find jobs. Some of the Indians born in the US are actually moving to India to find jobs! Really it is a complete waste of your time and resources! I would actually suggest looking at other countries like Canada or Australia as they have more lenient immigration policy. I am not saying this to prevent you from coming to America but I am writing this so that you look into this further before you waste your valuable resources!

    • Prakash

      if you think you can decrease competition for you and your husband by discouraging indians from going there, grow up. shame on you.

  • soumendu

    Hie, Wanted to know if for US -Graduate School admissions (phd)do we have to show financial statement for 1 yr ie.take the money with us ? What abt the rest of the years.?Please reply

    • Luther

      HI ,

      If your course is for 2 years and lets say your I20 says 14 lakhs / per year- Tuition + cost of living .
      In that case show some amount in ur savings account about 10 lakhs or even less – and rest bank loan .maintain this for a while in the account and for the second year you can show FD , Bank loan . etc of about 14 lakhs .

      Hope this clarifies

  • Reane


    I had proved that i have enough funds when applying for my school. It is stated on my I-20, “bank letter on file” that i have enough funds. Do i still need to bring a bank statement or will the words on the I-20 suffice?

  • maha


    i have FD of 15L and i got a loan of 12L “based on this FD “. can i combine both and show as 27L for visa interview?

  • bilal

    hi HSB,

    I have been following this blog and it is really great and full of information.
    My Question
    i got into a well reputed university with partial tuition waiver (40% for two years) . My parents are unable to sponsor my education. and furthermore my father is retired ( no regular income… has some savings and property). My uncle ( father’s friend) wants to sponsor my education. He owns a business and his annual income and assets is well beyond what is required. The only problem is that he is not my relative. He is providing me with all the documents ( bank statement, company portfolio, total assets, company audit reports and many other documents). What kind of questions should i expect during my interview?

    my interview on 4th june 2012 so any feedback would greatly help me..thanks

  • Luther

    Hi HSB,

    I have a question same as point 5 mentioned above.

    I had submitted a bank letter to the university for getting my I20.
    It has all the information like – name ,a/c no , funds available in savings account, bank seal ,etc..
    Can I use the same letter for my visa interview aswell? I had taken this letter on 21st april 2012 and my visa would be scheduled by the end of June 2012.

    please reply.

    • HSB

      Schools accept 6 months old statement. I would get new letter for visa.

      • Luther

        Thank you HSB for the reply .

        The problem is , I had arranged for funds during admission ,got the letter from the bank and I withdrew the money after few days.
        Looks like I need to repeat the whole process once again :(
        Is it mandatory to show the V.O our pass book/statement for the last 6 months of transactions??

        As of now I am planning to show some amount in savings in savings account and the rest through bank loan , hope it is fine.

        P.S :- Few weeks back I had posted my research results on UTA vs IIT Chicago , was waiting for your reply on that :)
        I have decided on UTA but still it would be great if you could reply to that post .


        • HSB

          Question is not mandatory or not, but What if hey ask for the passbook? They have asked for the passbook during interview.

          • Luther

            In that case I will carry the passbook .

            Thank you once again

  • suran


    My i20 shows that I need to have 64000 USD for 2 years. I have enough funds for the first year. For the second year, my sister who is sponsoring my education plans to take a loan of 7.5 lacs and provide the rest from her savings that she can easily make in the next year. Her annual salary being 13 lacs per annum and her husband who is also a co-sponsor has an annual income of 22 lacs.
    Will it be okie to say to the VO that funds for the coming year will be provided out of savings my sister and her husband makes and partially through educational loan. I shall have their salary slips. Please advise.

  • Kulwant Nagi

    Can I show 1 months old funds for F1 VISA ? and can bank loan impress the visa officer ?

    • Sudheer

      kulwant yeah older funds also acceptable and yes they dnt care abt your funds whether you get that from loan or personal investment…. so, dnt worry :)

  • christy

    its me christy again help me out friends

  • christy

    i am planning to get in for the April intake of the bedfordshire university
    my last registration date is 23rd April
    For applying VISA
    my consultant said that i have to wait for 28 days if i deposit the money or i get the loan
    she does not respond me properly
    i seriously doubt that there is no need to wait for 28 days if i get the loan letter after i deposit my money
    i am confused please help me
    should i wait for 28 days even i got loan??………………………

  • Ahmed

    Hello, I applied to Colorado state university for undergraduate program. The tuition cost is nearly $24,000 per year. Im applying from Saudi Arabia.

    My dad is a manager for a company and his monthly salary is around SR.12000 + commission equivalent $4000… He is earning around 20000 riyal totally per month nearly somewhat $6000

    His current balance around $45000…. he has allocated $20000 already for my degree.. you can say as a deposit…

    I want to get the visa easily, i mean my dad can pay even the full amount but the university saying to pay after i come there… How should i prove that i can pay for my year tuition fee…

    Im planning to do the ELS program before my undergraduate so that would improve my english and american education style… is that fine? because my intention is to study and nothing else, how can i convince the visa officer…. I dont want to work there at all… My real intention is just to complete my degree..

    Advise me!


    • Lima

      Hi Ahmed,

      I am applying to undergraduate too soon, from Saudi as well.. did you apply ? how did things go for you? please advise me with your experience.

      I will appreciate your soonest reply.


  • Smitha

    I have no clue why all of you are spending so much money to come to the US. There are absolutely no good jobs here, even for engineers! Even if you do get a job, it will mostly be low paying jobs and absolutely no job security! It is JUST not worth it people! Save you money and invest in real estate or stocks with the interest you will be spending on that money. You will get greater results than trying to come here and live the American dream!

    • Srikanth

      ha ha good one…….

    • sherif

      so why you are living there if the US is that bad?!!!!!You are weird.Anyway,thanks if you are trying to help,but I think no one is short of mind not to make his/her own decision.

    • Prakash

      good policy , get rid of competition , great policy

    • Mohd Irfan

      I completely agree with smitha. After spending 8 yrs in USA i came back to hyd and settled here. Truly i am more happy than i was in US. There is always immigration sword hanging on you whether you are on F1 or H1. No jobs for engineers and some available in IT sectors. Even after paying tax to their govt we are considered like a alien. Guys wake up from American dream dont spend so much of money.

  • Yulia


    I’d appreciate to have a response to my question.

    I am applying for a short course of 3 months at Kaplan program to prepare for USMLE exam.
    The cost of tuition is $3500. F visa is issued for 1 year.

    How much do I need to show on my bank statement??

    Thank you!

  • John

    hello can anyone please tell me whether I can sponsor myself for a student visa? What documents are required If I am sponsoring myself for education.

  • Rick

    Thanks for the post! This will be a big help. Just one question, would the process take about as long to get a student visa for canada as it is for america? Thanks again!

  • Carmen

    hey Ok so i thought my dream came true and im going to london and go study drama there till they said ok but i need R 240 000 about 25 000 pounds. we thought it would be way less cause my aunt lives there and is a uk citizen and i would be living with her and i got a bursary but they said theyll minus the money for the bursary but i still need the rest even if i wont have any living expences, so what can i do pls help!

  • Kamal

    Hiya, I am on post study work visa in UK and now im going to apply for canada student visa and website say that u have to show 1 year’s fee+$10000 and bank statements should be 4 months older but i have not got enough money in my account just now, is that possible that my long distance uncle who is in Canada sponsors me, i mean show that he will provide me money to pay my uni fee and will give me the accommodation as well??? if yes, how much bank balance do i have to show on my name then and how old the bank statements should be on my uncle’s name?
    one of my uncle is in UK as well, can he sponsor me??
    i have got bank account in India which has some money, can i show that as well as UK bank account??? thnx

  • pijush dey

    i am studying in english hons.subject under the burdwan university in india.i am studying in 3rd year.i want to study in oford for m.a,research.i have passport but not needed money.plz help me as my prayer.

  • 242845

    Hi everyone der . . this is my first post here . . i got a pretty difficult scenario and i need ur help. I have finished my engineering in Information Tech.from mumbai with an aggregate of 55% in 2010. Presently im working as a Software Developer/ Business Analyst. Thought of having a work-ex before my M.S so that it may help in getting a scholarship or intern jobs as i study (dont know whether it wud help) . . here comes the main bump on my road . . whatever money or finance needs to be shown as the first year during my visa interviews i’ll b gathering from various sources as i dont have that much of cash (can say absolutely zero savings or property or FD) as i support my family and say for the remaining year . . ill be taking an education loan.With this scenario for the finance are there any chances of me getting through the interview and admissions for M.S ??

    Going for the M.S is my dream and i need a solution or at least someway out. Im yet to give my GRE and was planning to give it in mar/apr 2012 and was looking for fall’13 admit. once I find that it is possible for my case i would go for it . . please provide me the possibilities and solutions to go for to arrange the finances required.

    Thanks for the time and your help and advices would be greatly appreciated.

    • Trivedirushi90

      similar is case with me… if u get any answers, kindly reply here…

      • Sudheer

        same here…

  • pria

    Hi Everyone … Can someone advise me regarding application for Humber Univ in Toronto do we pay just one semester fee or is it one semester fee plus accomodation fee as well. One cant find this info anywhere on the website for Canada high comm. One of my friends for Senecca college has just paid one semester fee and has got his student visa…

    Thanks in advance if anyone replies on this…

  • rahul

    Can I show my first year expenses for visa only as Fixed Deposit or do I need to show something in saving also?

  • aida

    hi,sir I am admitted for M.S degree in U.S, and I need to have 30000$ for first year of my education,I have arround 70000$ in my account as type of saving account,but I dont have the transaction for this money,since its a gift from my brother,does it acceptable for getting F1 visa?do I need to show something else?
    please answer ASAP
    thank you before

  • Ajeesh Damodaran

    I have an admit for a 15months course in USA. 12months study 3 months internship. The I20 amount is 45000 USD and I have a bank loan for the same amount. Is it mandatory to show secondary source of funding at the time of visa interview or will my bank loan be sufficient? If no what should be the minimum amount?

  • adeel aziz

    dear sir
    i want to apply for one year post graduate diploma in biettec college birminhgham .my course fees is 4500 pound per year
    i have already keep 8500 pound in bank(whish is 1200000 lakh pakistani . is it enough ?
    should i keep more
    with best wishes

  • manpreet kaur

    sir i hav following douts as our agent is misguiding:
    1) how much time it takes to get i20 from silicon valley university for MS?
    2)agent says to show 30 to 35lac fund statement is it correct?
    3)Fee difference in private & public university?Is this silicon valley university is good as agent applied to it without asking us?

    • Sur

      I read it somewhere on this blog itself that silicon valley university is not a good one, n one must not put their future at stake….not after that tri-valley university issue.

  • raju gaire

    i am an 3rd yr computer science engg student. What are the documents that i have to prepare for applying for student visa for usa for ms degree.

  • Hafiz

    Hi. I am maintaining my own bank statement around 25000-30000 $ from last few months. My father provided me this amount! But I am working as a fresh software engineer with very little income (which mean i can't maintain this statement without my father support)! In this scenario can I able to apply for study visa? If some body is maintaining his/her own bank statement, does he/she has to show the source of money or any other means(documents!)? Kindly help me in this matter!



  • vipul


    I am from Delhi. I have done BSC in information technology from kuvempu university,banglore. It is a distance learning university,It is a gov. recog. university I want to ask weather am I eligible to get the admission in public university of U.S.A or not ?



  • Precious Onyejegbu

    Can i present my sponsor's bank account without my own when asked of my bank account

  • Precious Onyejegbu

    Can visa be issued to a freshmen student with Toefl ibt score of 59

  • Lakshmidharareddy Su

    Dear Sir,
    My name is lakshmidhar from INIDA. I am applying for UK Tier1 visa. But the problem is Bank Statement. I have account, but i dont have sufficient funds in that account. The embassy people are asking last 12moths bank statement.

    I lost my job in 2009 june. In this situation how to show bank statements to UK Immigration. Pls help me.


  • nagibu

    can i use any company's bank statement 2 get a students visa @ da usa embassy? thanks vry much

  • Neeta

    While sending required financial documents for getting i20from Universities in US,consultancy have approached for Source of funds.Source of funds & proof of funds are 2 different things. We have shown liquid cash in Saving's A/c as a proof of fund we have taken a bank a/c sertificate signed by the manager.whether also required to show break up of the funds that we have shown in Saving a/c of my father. Kindly reply .its urgent.

  • Gauri

    I have been asked by the University to provide a bank statement from the company which is ready to sponsor me. Company is reluctant to issue it and will issue a letter of credit worthiness instead.

    My program will commence in fifteen days or so & I havent been able to get I20 yet. Pz let me know whether credit worthiness letter will suffice or the visa officers always need to know the amount of money.It is a well estb company.HSB Plz help. if you need any other information to answer this question plz ask.

  • Victor Consultancy

    We can provide genuine bank balance statements from nationalized banks for students or immigrants for any country for ANY AMOUNT for ANY period for reasonable fees in India. Contact: +919840493351 if you wish to avail these services.

  • mahefuz

    how long joint account be old for uk study visa ? my account is 3 years old and now i joint my father name for uk study visa purpuse….i want to know from u that this joint account be valid…i know from others that joint account was be old atleast 6 months…is this true ?

  • Waqas Abbasi

    How much bank statement is required to UK viza.


    hii.. i hve got bank loan of 20lac and ma 1st year fee including far living expense is 17lac but ma question is wat i hve to tell VO if he/she ask me sources fa ma second year education… i dnt hve anything to show them.. so plz help me

  • pradeep

    Can I open a new account 1 month before the Visa date and show proof form that account?

    • Ashish Visa Guru

      No, You can’t show a recently opened account. You need to show a statement of atleast six or more month with a very good bank balance.

  • pradeep

    I don’t have enough money with me to show in bank balance, can I get Visa?

  • Nevas

    Can i use a bank statement that has run into debit the last date of printing the statement to acquire student visa to america?

  • hrithik

    I am Hrithik.

    I applied for b1 visa in Jan-2009,Aug-2009 and visa is rejected twice and now i applying for the F1 visa so plz give the information that how can i face the interview in consulate so please send replay as possible as quickly.

    I rejected bcoz i didn't convince the visa officer under this section 214(b).

    • fabian mayta

      Please send handbook.
      My niece is applying for I-20 visa from Lima, peru for MBa program at a
      c0llege in dallas, texas

    • hellobakree

      i have the same problem…rejected twice for B1 Visa on basis of 214b !! Now i have to apply for F1 Visa…!!

  • krati mehta


    I am applying for masters in telecommunications for fall sem 2010.

    I have to send bank statement to the universities but I dont have idea about what all sources of finance can be shown. Please send the valid sources of finance that can be shown.

    can we show PPF and EPF money as part of bank statement?

    I am planning to take education loan but it will be approved after I get I20.

    How to show education loan as part of bank statement right now while applying to the universities?

    Can I get the statement from bank stating that 'The loan will be granted for the student if the student gets admission to your university'

    Will it be considered a valid statement?

    I request you to Please reply as soon as possible as the deadline for the application is march 1st week.

    Many Thanks..


    • HSB

      PPF and EPF – No, you cannot show those. PPF is something that is applicable to India, universities would need bank statement. You can find answers to questions by searching in the blog.

    • bhahzad zafar

      i m just want to know about the statement
      if the father statement is required or not
      and how many i need
      plz tell me



  • rana

    hey i am rana raza for pakistan and i want bankstatment for 2 months can any 1 tell me any 1 give me on rent bank statment ???

  • Chiranjeeb Nandy

    Hi… I have appeared for GRE and TOEFL and have scores 1110 and 86 respectively, now I am appling to us universities for FALL 2010 for doing MS in Computer Science but most of the universities are asking for financial statement before my admission. I have fix deposit certificated of arround 7 banks and that the invested sum ammounts to 15L, so can anyone help me how to show these certificates as my financial statement without liquidating them?

  • Mohamed

    Hi, I never deposit or withdraw in amount of money in my bank account, my bank account is stable.. so please advise me what should i do with this account, i'm going to apply for student visa to US, i'm from egypt… my bank account period is 8 months in the bank.. so if i dont deposit or…, that will be fine or….Thanks

  • Mohamed

    Hello, I'm Mohamed from egypt. i have a question about my bank statement.. I've a stable bank account.. it's stable and i never deposit or withdraw .. so that would be nice if i used the bank statement form in stable status or i need to deposit and withdraw in it. thanks

  • moyo mthandazo

    hallo, i want to apply for an F1 visa but but both my parents passed away when i was young .Can i use my cousin's pay slip who is my sponser

  • danora

    pliz may i know if the bank statement has to be done by an american bank. I am a cameroonian and i have to send it at least on monday

  • nevas

    how many months bank statement do i need for 1 20 visa to usa

  • farooq

    i am farooq from pakistan. How much amount of bank statement for applying for england student visa if i am a pakistani citizen.

    • zeeshankhan

      how much bank statement is required for canada student visa?

  • Jaydeep Shah

    as i want to go further studies in usa. i dont know wht exact bank balance and property we have to shown..

    if suppose i want to mba form usa and its total course fee is rs. $30000 than how much i have to shown bank balance and property.

  • Deepti

    Hello, My visa interview is scheduled on the 24th of Aug,09 and I was wondering where I could have a look at the sample bank statement. I have a GRE score of 1350, TOEFL IBT 115. I have an FC (69%)with no back logs in my undergraduation in engineering. I have been dismissed from my previous school, as i did not maintain the grades due to some personal problems.But i have re-applied and gotten into a reputed university with a scholarship of 45%. What are my do's and dont's?

    I'd appreciate a response ASAP.

  • Ali Ahsan

    what is da best think case for UK embassy ? i m a intermediate student , i have apllied for uk in college of technology london , which i think not a A ranking college ? from where should i find this?because B ranking colleges are refused by UK embassy …

  • Dr.Prakash

    Hello Sir,

    Reading your blog has helped me a lot.

    I have a query:

    Can I show my parents business account which has approx. US$ >40K?

    What all doucments will I have to take for Visa?

    My I-20 Fee is US $35,640.00.

    I have my CA certificate with movable immovable assets and personal bank statment with total assets value of approx 2 crore indian rupees?

  • Paul

    hi, I can I use different bank statement other than the one I sent to get the I-20 ?

    Please reply now, my interview is tomorrow.

    • HSB

      Yes, you can use different bank statement.

  • Abhishek

    I am an H1B holder and been living in the US for the last 1.5 years. My Girlfriends has got admit for MS. My question is can i act as her sponsor and provide the affidavit of support. If yes could you tell me how to go about it?

    Thanks in advance.


  • praful

    i am applying for visa for my mba course,can my dads PF statement which is around 10 lakhs,so can it b enough to show as a finicial bank statement?

  • simran


    My visa interview is next week. My annual charges for the university as per the 1-20 form is U$19000. My father is showing around U$35000 in his bank. My fathers yearly income is U$31000. How are my chances. Should i show my Fathers' EPF which is about U$100000 that he can use if he wants for my education. please reply soon.

    • HSB

      @simran you should be ok. Take your pass book with you for the interview.

    • kulpreet

      I think you have sufficient funds to show. $35-40k will work out and if you want to take interviewer in confidence that you are finalcially very stable then you must your fathers record with you. It will have good effect.

  • bil

    please counsel me how can i get a bank statement for sweden and finland

  • SK

    Hi..thnks for helping students………I have a query that i am self sponsored and i dont have enough money in my account but my frnd who is not my relative is ready to sponsor me.I want to ask that is it possible that he can sponsor me…….and if he can how??????what is the procedure??????? Please do reply fast……

  • Kashyap

    I have got admission in Georgia tech inst, the annual expense of which $48,000. now the issue is how to show the availability of finance for 2 yrs for f1 visa, Pls suggest me the amount that i hav to show as liqid and fixed assets.

  • Sharoon

    Hey can u plz guide me about the statement of finances and what exactly is an embassy looking at when they consider your statement

  • srikanth

    im srikanth,

    planig my ms ,, im planing for 2010,spring

    sir…wht is my doubt is can we show our properties as a colatural support …

  • Ekta

    Hi i have completed my applications for fall 09 MS in the U.S I had to include the bank statement. Now my question is since i have shown the required amt in the bank statements, does it mean that i will not be considered for scholarships/assistantships? Pls guide as far as possible. Thanks a lot.

  • Renee

    I am a student with good academic background and TOEFL english score. I do have enough funds to apply for university and other things. What are my chances of getting visa?
    Though I am doing SAT but when my result is out the deadlines for scholarship will be out. So, I have searched such a college from where i can get fifty percent scholarship. I am confident that I can do well in my visa interview. But the problem is the visa percent for USA in our country for F1 visa is very low. Will I get visa or not? Please help me. You can contact me at [email protected]

    • HSB

      @Renee – Getting US visa is in your hands. Do good preparation and get all the documents right. answer questions confidently. Good luck.

  • Ekta

    Hi I am applying for my MS in the US for fall 2009. I have about 15 L as svings in my parents' accounts. But I am NOT going to use these to fund my education; I will be taking a student loan. The loan comes through only after admission whereas the bank statement has to be sent now. Is it ok to show these 15L as funds for the loan statement, but use a different 15 L i.e. the loan amt as my actual fee payment? Pls help it is really urgent. Thank you.

    • HSB

      Yes, that perfectly fine. You can use your parents 15L while applying for admission. But, I doubt student loan alone will help you get visa. you might havr to use 16 L your parents have aswell as student loan for visa.

  • tenzing

    I would like to know about my chances of getting a visa.well my situation is that my father owns a business but my brother who is married and has his warehouse is helping my father.Basically we deal with antique furniture so my father keeps his furnitures in my brother’s shop .Right now in our business bank account we have about 15lakhs nepali rupees.Our transaction is pritti good.Alll details are mentioned.where as my father also has a seperate bank account.Where he has about 20 to 25 lakhs.Well my brother says that the business bank acount will improve during the season time i.e from march.My university fee is 13500$.My father also has property land estimated to be about 16500000.Please could you suggest.

  • tejaswi

    sir can i know the whole procedure once we write the gre test…..and i would like to know wat all should we carry wen we receive the gre score card..

  • Shakeel Chughtai

    This is shakeel cughtai from pakistan. How much amount of bank statement for applying a student visa if i am a pakistani citizen.

  • Naveen Sharma

    Hi, I am Naveen from Hyderabad.

    I want to go US for study. I am sponsered by my parents and family friends or relatives. I have to choose that whom should I select for sponsership- relatives or family friends.

    So, my question is that

    "Whom sponsership is much more preferable- RELATIVES or FAMILY FRIENDS?

  • marivic

    i am from philippines and an organization/company is going to sponsor my studies to UK. is there any possibilities that my visa will be denied?.. what are the requirements the company should provide for my visa to be approved?

  • moiz

    hi fnds pls help i'm having a pblm wit my fin statmts i have 7 lacs +6 lacs i l cash in my sponsors 2 different accounts and fds of 4 lacs and i have around 4.3lacs in my account my i20 shows fees of $32500 pls help pls help if possible mail me..

  • HSB

    @Sandeep: Readers here will benefit if you can say which department, university and your Academic profile ( GRE, TOEFL, …) I will write answer to your question as an article.

  • Sandeep

    i got assistanship for phd degree from university for spring 09and tution fees waived off.plz tell me ,how much liquid money i require in bank

  • Gaurav


    My university has asked me to send the financial guarantee documents to process my i20 for the spring 09 session..but they've asked me to show an amount of $37,100..thats for 9 months ,everything included.I plan to take a loan,but the bank wont give me one until i show them the acceptance letter,which the univ says they have dispatched and should reach me soon.Now what expenses do i need to mention,i mean just what the univ has asked me to or should i take care of 2nd year expenses as well? i guess 2nd year expenses are not required for an i20 but VO might wanna look at the statements in the interview.

    pls help.

  • fahad

    hi! can any one of u can help me in getting bankstatement for uk student visa? plz help me. i need bankstatement of Rs. 6000000. plz arrange a bankstatement for me . plz plz plz . i shall b very gratefull to you.

  • vinod

    format in indian style bank statement

  • srihari

    wel i'm planin to apply for fall'09.i 'll be applyin in early october.can i show a bank statement which is 9months old.since we did have money in da account back den but not now.(along wid da application of grad schools)

  • Indu


    I am applying for fall 2009, for Graduate program (Phd) in Biological Sciences.

    I would like to know about the Bank Statements as i need to show loans as my source of Finance.

    As Banks say they cant give a statement till the University confirms the admission,how can i send my Application to the University without the Bank Statements,as it is one of the rerquirement of the Application Kit that needs to be sent.

    Please advise me for both UK and US Universities.

    Please also tell me what other Financial statement can be presented.

    1.Does property papers can be shown.

    2.Can my Brother who is in US,show his savings as Financial statement for my studies

    Thanks and Regards

  • Tuan Nguyen

    I was self-sponsor for my study in US. I shown the bank statement for all 3 years at my college and got i-20. So, will I have to show my bank statement during my study at college again ? I mean, if my i20 issued for 3 years, so, at the year after that will I have to show the bank statement again ?

  • ramesh

    Hello sir,

    I am going to face my visa interview next week for New Mexico State University.

    My I20 mentions an overall expences for 24 months as $12,000 ( I got out of state tution waiver).

    I am showing Rs:25,00,000 as Fixed deposits and Rs:2,30,000 in savings account.

    What r my chances of getting visa?

    Please help me out.

    Shall I have to show more money in savings account?

    I did't have bank loan.

    Waiting for ur relpy,

    regards, Ramesh.

  • Raghuram


    I hope, you have read the article in my blog about Fake Bank Statement and Visa was canceled. Having said that, most of them do what you have said. I cannot advise you on that, if thats right or wrong. Good luck with your Visa.

  • ravi


    i am ravi

    i am trying for fall 2008

    now i am showing my bank statements and loan letter from a bank

    i know a financier who has links with bank manager.

    so what he said is he will be showing the perfect transactions from last 6 months.

    he will be depositing the money i.e 10L or more depending on my fee structure and the money will be in my account till i complete my visa.

    and he said that he will be providing me the original FD's so as to show and even an letter from bank manager explaining about the FD source's.

    Can I go with him.will there be any thing else to check out? So that I won't be in risk later.

    2 of my friends had followed the same procedure now they are in us they tried for spring 2007

  • Raghuram


    As far I know that is possible. When applying for admission, you will have to specify both your parents and uncle as your sponsor and get both of them to sign an Affidavit of support. So, when I-20 is issued, it will say your parents and Uncle as sponsors. If you want to clarify this, best way is to send email to International Office to any university you plan to apply and find out. But, I'm sure you can do as I said.

  • G

    Can my uncle(family friend-not a relative) sponsor me along with my father?

  • div

    My dad is funding my tuition expenses and my uncle is funding all other expenses( expenses..etc).. it ok to hv 2 fin. statements and 2 affidavits of support?

  • Raghuram

    @ Priyanka

    Yes, absolutely you can get a sponsor ( relatives, brother ) with affidavit.

  • Priyanka

    Can i get the bank statement of my uncle or my brother to show as a proof( if they sign an affidavit confirming that they are ready to fund my education)?

  • Raghuram

    @ Vamsi

    It usually not recommended to deposit money before 10 days, unless you have good reason to answer the question, if VO asks where did you get so much money? But again, if your visa is by en of this month, you don't have a choice right?

  • vamsi

    hi should i deposit money 10 days before visa??

  • Nikhil

    How much amt as bank loan

  • Udayini Nama

    Hi can u pl let me know whether we have to attach the bank transactions as well…