13 FAQ’s Questions About Bank Statement for F1 Student Visa

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To get Student Visa (F-1) Bank Statement is one of the mandatory documents.

Many students get visa rejected providing fake financial documents. And its still not clear for many students, how much bank balance to be shown and how does student loan help to get in getting visa.

The format for bank statement for visa is same as the the bank statement used while submitting graduate school application(avoid these 11 college application mistakes). But the question is, how much bank balance to show and how important is to have transactions. If you are wondering to find the answer.

There is no big magic in showing bank or rocket science behind the bank statement, but it does certainly makes affects the decision of a student, who is planning to study in U.S. Some universities, are very expensive and its nearly impossible for all the parents to show financial document to support the cost of education.

Questions about Bank Statement

  1. How much bank balance to show. I-20 Sample
  2. What source of funds to show ( savings account, student loan, liquid assets, immovable assets, ..)
  3. How to draw fund flow diagram
  4. How to show proof for second year college expense
  5. Does bank statement for visa differ from bank statement used for graduate school application
  6. How long/how many transactions to show for the money deposited in the account
  7. Can I open a new account 1 month before the Visa date and show proof form that account?
  8. I don’t have enough money with me to show in bank balance, can I get Visa?
  9. Some suggest to go through consultancy who will deposit money in our account for some commission, can I get bank statement in that way?
  10. I have fake bank statement, can consulates find the fake document?
  11. Do you have sample bank statement, I-20, fund flow diagram?
  12. What questions will be asked related to Bank Statement?
  13. Do I need to take passbook with me for visa interview?

If you have any other questions, speak up in the comment section. I will pen down the answers with sample bank statement and fund flow diagram in coming week.

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