Do Universities really verify and validate the balance before issuing I-20 for graduate school admission?

Its really a trick question to answer and I will try my best to give the exact answer.

As far I know, universities don’t verify the bank balance statement that is sent along with the application for graduate school admission. Bank Statement is valid for 6 months from the date it was issued.

Some universities require very large tuition graduate tuition fee and when converted to local currency, it a very big amount to show as proof.

From, my experience, not all have that amount of money available immediately, they might have in different places and in different forms, say jewelery, land, buildings. So, during graduate school application process, they send fake bank statements.

Fake Bank Statement

Fake bank statement can be seen in 2 ways, borrowing money from friends and relatives and holding in account for few days to just get the bank statement and paying few percentage to some consultancy, who will deposit money into your account and after you get the statement, they will take the money back. Its a good business for people are making so much money from that.

Next worst way I can think is getting completely fake document ( bank letter head, seal, signature, account number ) is all fabricated. I have heard people do that, but haven’t meet anyone in person who has done that.

Taking in terms of good ethics, if you really cannot afford to show bank statement for your education expenses and planning to study in U.S. implies the person is merely trying to enter in to U.S. I wouldn’t say its worth the effort. With fake bank documents, one might get admission, but chances of getting student visa stamping is less.

Its very easy for the consulate officers to find out if the documents are fake. If the statement and money is original, then you will be able to answer questions related to transaction in pass book, source of each fund, original parents income tax returns.

F-1 Student Visa Canceled

Due to fake bank statement, visa was issued to student and then canceled. Above all consulates know who are people doing this kind of fake documents. Bank statement from certain bank is considered fake. So, if they see a bank statement during visa interview, chances that you will enter U.S. in your life time in NIL. I mean Zero.

  • Christina lakmah

    Hi! Will the US embassy verify my current account in the bank in applying visa? Thanks!

    • HSB Counselor

      Hi Christina, In case you are sponsoring your studies your bank account details will be reviewed. It us basically the sponsor’s bank account details, US Embassy/Consulates concerned about.

      Hope this helps!

  • francis

    My sister living in US is my i need her bank statement when going for interview?

  • ibrahim mahroug

    hello again and thank you for responding so quickly, the thing is not that i'm worried about, what i'm really worried about is that if won't be granted a visa for the second year for some reason (US doesn't give much f1 visas for Algerians that's known for a fact) then i won't be able to withdraw my money since there's a not a branch of any US banks in here. but in the same time afraid that the consulate agent will find out that my bank account is emptied after getting the statement then the bank statement will be invalid. so my question is: Do they really can check my bank account (does the consulate has the right to) or will they just consider the statement i presented. your help is very appreciated. thanks

  • ibrahim mahroug

    hello everybody, i have a small issue here and i wish someone can help me with that, i'm currently in the USA studying for an MS 1st year but i'm currently on a j1 visa which will expire in May 2011 so i have to get back to Algeria my home country and get an F1 visa to continue my 2nd year and finally get my degree. so i have a bank statement of 13000 and the college promised me 10000 in return of some teaching-assistance i'll do for them next year, my issue is that i'm worried to leave my money in the account which is in a US bank, so i'm planning to widraw the money and take it home with me, the problem is that i'm afraid that the Embassy will chick my account and find it empty and are they allowed to do so (check my account).

    • HSB

      Money in the bank account will not vanish. If you are going to come back, then why take the money out? You can keep checking your online accoutn frequently for peace of mind.

  • deepak kumar

    will yu please tell me about bank statement

    because i dont hav much more money to show in account

    nd m trying to take money from a relative to show bank statement

    is that a right process?

  • Alpha

    If you know anything about INDIAN banks, can you please throw some light on which banks we can get the statement from..?my parents have been banking with cooperative bank from a long time and have sufficient cash to show in the bank statement in that bank ,but i'm afraid if that bank's statement is valid because its not some hi-fi famous bank like HDFC, HSBC and stuff…please..its time for me to send my graduate application package so help me fast…

    or in the worst case,is it that big of a deal if i send the bank statement later after getting admitted?because the universities im applying to mentions that its not required now but will be required if i get admitted.

  • Divya Rao


    I've a problem here. Im applying for Bachelors Program in Media Arts and Animation. Now i have to send my University a Bank Statement stating that i have $35,500 proof. I want to know whether these universities check and verify for bachelors program as well. Im really confused in this aspect. Please Advice.

  • Saurav

    Sir, Do we need to keep the amount in account after the bank statement is issued? If Yes then for how many Days?

    What all documents does Visa Officer Checks and how does he evaluates all those?

  • Gokila

    This is Gokila from chennai. I planned to study M.S with education loan . But how to send the proof of bank statement to universities while applying ?? My father doesnt have any liquid cash at present . the only source is asset worth of INR-50 lakhs ( approx $106380).and he is working in a private concern and his earnings is approx INR 70,ooo per month. How to get the bank statement proof to send to the university . Is it possible ??? else in what ways can i get the bank statement ?

    please help me regarding this . very urgent..

    • HSB

      Gokila – thats the reality of applying to US Universities. You have to find a way to show liquid cash in bank statement. Maybe borrow money from relatives just for bank statement, but you need to have liquid cash during visa.

  • Abel


    I cannot get a bank statement which declares the required bank balance, but the bank has given a statement valuing my property that the “worth” is the required amount. Is this acceptable?

    as the balance in the form of Liquid cash is not there , but the property is the required value.

    Pls help!

  • divya


    I cannot get a bank statement which declares the required bank balance, but the bank has given a statement valuing my property that the "worth" is the required amount. Is this acceptable?

    as the balance in the form of Liquid cash is not there , but the property is the required value.

    Pls help!

  • rohit

    If taking money from a relative also counts for a fake bank statement then my only option is money in the form of land. How can i portray to the university that i can support myself for a year on the worth of the land which is sufficient enough?

    do i make a solvency statement and send it to the university? but they have a official form which no where mentions that a solvency statement will be accepted.

    they either accept bank statement, personal savings or a sponsor's certificate?

    how do i look for a sponsor?

  • Sumalya Pal

    wat type of question was that melanie..universities require ETS to send them the official test scores…how can you fake the "official test score" … plz dun tell me u got ur rat in ETS….phew!!! :O

  • melanie

    hi can you fake your toefl Result?

    Can you give a fake toefl document to college?Do they really verify?

    thank you

  • hemanshu

    i want to ask doubt regarding bank statement…can i use my dads Provident fund money to make a bank statement…if yes then how???

    • dhawal

      yes you can.