5 Best Revised GRE Test Prep Books 2013

By Raghuram Sukumar GRE 12 Comments Edit

It’s time to review the Best GRE Test Prep books for 2013.

I reviewed some of the latest Revised GRE Test Prep books published recently.  Several new GRE prep books have been published (Paperback and Kindle) in recent month. Some GRE test prep books have been updated to latest edition.  I have done the work for you, so you don’t have to spend time reading Best books for GRE Prep books in 2013.

Overall, Best GRE test prep books 2013 lineup haven’t changed much compared to last year.

Best GRE Test Prep Books 2013

best gre test prep books 2013Following books listed based on the order of preference.

  1. Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test from ETS (Must Have)
  2. Manhattan GRE Prep Books – Set of 8 books. (Must Have)
  3. Grubers New GRE Guide
  4. Kaplan – New GRE : Strategies, Practice, and Review
  5. Cracking the New GRE with DVD

If you buy Manhattan GRE Prep Books (all 8), you wouldn’t be required to buy books specific for Quantitative and Verbal strategies.

Best GRE Books – Quantitative

Best GRE Books – Verbal

How to Buy Best GRE Prep Books?

I suggest  two step process to be buy the Best GRE Test prep books 2013

  • Step 1 – Decide your weak area within GRE Test
  • Step 2 – How many books can you afford?
  • Step 2 – Buy the Best GRE prep Books 2013

To determine your weak area in GRE, I recommend  to take a GRE practice test, identify the section you need to improve.

Example – If you consistently struggle with Reading Comprehension section, then buy GRE prep books that contains strategies and practice tests for Reading Comprehension.  (Manhattan GRE book has good RC Guide).

Another factor to consider is the Time – amount of GRE Test prep time you have. It may not be possible to buy 5 GRE test prep books, if you have only couple of weeks.

How Many GRE Prep Books to Buy?

 This is my recommendation for number of GRE prep books to buy, provided you have atleast 2 months of prep time.
  • Official GRE Guide – 1 Book
  • General GRE Test Prep Strategies – 1 Book
  • GRE Verbal –  One or More
  • GRE Quantitative – One or More

So, your first GRE test prep book should be Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test from ETS


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  2. ali abrahim

    i thought this ten services on ger program have more coming to test on business school any best university or we winner services of GRE is best news coming on our test. so of you can meet this have more meet on area of GRE THANK ALL meet GRE on book. ok.

  3. Sushma Kakarapalli


    I am Looking to apply for subject GRE of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Can you help me with suitable books.

  4. Felicia McParland

    What about a prep class. Should I spend the money or will the books be sufficient?
    If you recommend a class, which one? Kaplan, Manhattan, etc.

  5. kandukuri chandana

    i wrote my gre for 2 times i got 270 again i am planing to write please give me gudience to get better score this time

    1. Kandukuri

      Better dont waste your money, You require a lot of hardwork to score 270 rather than getting 290!

  6. surya.satish

    Hi HSB, Please Guide me in Taking the right Decision.

    I Completed B.E(ECE) – 65% in 2011 and Currently Working in IT company( 3.1 L/A) having 1.7 years experience as Mainframe Developer.Studying abroad is always been my Dream. Now i realise it is already Late and feel its Now or Never. I Planing to go MS for Fall 2014(I will be having 2 1/2 years work experience by then). I just know from my heart i want to fly away Experience things there. Well I thought of MBA first but since its too costly to afford and risk i decided to go for MS. I really dont know which specialization i need to do. You suggest something i can adapt to it . I can say i like coding and prefer computer science subjects and being Ece graduate i can opt that too but afraid my experience will got waste. Well the other confusion which country to go..? i personly prefer US but ready to look at other countries if there are economical/better job prospects. I really dont want to do MS for money but still it is contraint for me being middle class and even quiting my job. If not in better positon I just need equal position i would be in if i continue in Job. Please suggest me on this there is just lot of confusion

  7. nip

    HI HSB,
    I need little advice improve my GRE score especially in math and AWA.
    I did GRE last month and score Q 161/V 157/3.0
    I really struggle to finished all parts on time.I was unable to answer 7 question in two qunta section alone . I have struggled with probability and combination mix questions but most of the books mentioned above don’t have that much of those kind of questions

  8. rahul

    @raghuram sukumar- i am planning to go 2 us for MS.comp sceince i havent written my gre planning to wite in march 1st week could you tell me i could get any funding and admissions in good universities..plz help

  9. Smith

    Thanks for sharing Best GRE Study books. I plan to take GRE in on March, 2103 what books do you recommend?

    I need to improve my Verbal Score by 10 points. I an pay for 2 more prep books.

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