Best SAT Test Prep Books 2013

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Question from a reader who is looking for Best SAT Books 2013.

I’m preparing for SAT Test. I’m a Junior in High School in California. There are so many SAT Test prep books available in Amazon. Can I get a list of Top SAT Test Prep books for 2013? – CJ

You are right CJ. There are several Top SAT Test prep books and it can be overwhelming at times when you are looking to buy few SAT Test prep books to get high score.

It’s impossible for a SAT test taker to buy all the SAT test books available in the market.

Here is a list of Best SAT Test Prep books 2013. You can read the contents of all the Best SAT books, then decide which books to buy.

Best SAT Books 2013

top sat test prep booksAlways buy the Official SAT Study guide.

  1. The Official SAT Study Guide [Must Buy]
  2. The Official SAT Study Guide with DVD
  3. Barron’s SAT Vocabulary Flash Cards
  4. Kaplan SAT 2013
  5. Barron’s SAT 25th Edition
  6. Kaplan 12 Practice Tests for the SAT 2012
  7. Cracking the SAT, 2013
  8. Princeton Review 11 Practice Tests for the SAT and PSAT,
  9. Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT
  10. Vocabulary Cartoons, SAT Word Power: Learn Hundreds of SAT Words Fast with Easy Memory Techniques
  11. Picture These SAT Words in a Flash

Which SAT Book to Buy?

  • Buy the Official Guide to learn about the SAT.
  • Buy Barron’s or Kaplan to learn SAT test prep strategies.
  • Then you may have to buy few other books based on your weak areas.
  • Couple of books for Practice Tests

Official SAT Guide – Review

The Official SAT Study Guide is MUST BUY for any SAT Test taker.

Official SAT study guide is the The Top SAT Test Prep book.

It will help you will get ready for for the SAT and contains the following contents

  • 10 official SAT practice tests, including 3 new recent exams
  • detailed descriptions of math, critical reading, and writing sections of the SAT
  • targeted practice questions for each SAT question type
  • practice essay questions, along with sample essays and annotations
  • a review of math concepts tested in the exam
  • test-taking approaches and suggestions that underscore important points
  • free online score reports

Reviews form Amazon for Top SAT Test Prep Book 2013

  • This book is perfect for any high school student looking to improve their SAT score.
  • I am a private math tutor and author of the Math Study Guide for the SAT. I gave this book five stars because it has the best collection of practice tests.
  • The only book you *must* have for SAT preparation

>> The Official SAT Study Guide

Barron’s SAT 25th Edition

  • One diagnostic test to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses
  • All content updated to reflect the most recent SATs
  • Proven strategies targeted to each question type
  • Extensive vocabulary review includes 3,500 words and a list of the 300 words most frequently encountered on the SAT
  • Subject reviews in critical reading, grammar and usage, and math

Reviews form Amazon

  • The practice tests in this book are the closest you’ll come to an actual SAT
  • I am PhD qualified, highly experienced SAT tutor and most of my students find this book very useful.
  • Great book, Don’t pay $$$$$ for a private tutor. There are LOTS of helpful hints in this book. Barron’s is one of the BEST SAT prep books available. My daughter has found it very helpful.

>>Barron’s SAT Book


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