Can I get Masters Degree from US in 1 Year?

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It’s been a while since we answered some of questions related to Graduate degree and college admission.

Here’s an interesting question about the duration of study for Masters Degree in US. Students assume US and UK education system are similar and they can complete all the courses in 1 year for MS and MBA. But, that’s not true.

Alok Asks : After gaining some work experience in India(2-3)years in reputed MNC’s (Wipro,tcs,infy,etc) are there courses in MS (Computer Science) which can be completed in a  year like UK. How much work experience matters in obtaining a job or summer internships after the Maters Degree?

Masters Degree in 1 Year in US?

First of all we have to edit your question to post it without errors in sentences. If you look at most of the comments, its written with lots of spelling mistake and slangs. If writing email is similar way to Professor will not get you admission or even a reply. To get reply from professors read how not to write email.

Yes, it’s possible to complete Masters Degree in 1 Year. Typically Universities require to complete 30 to 36 credit hours to get Masters Degree. 1 Course is equivalent to 3 credit hours (usually). It varies between universities. Some schools have Thesis option instead of course work. To, complete Maters degree in 1 year, you will have to take more courses than a typical student will register in a semester. But, you cannot complete MBA in1 year in US. MBA in US is designed for 2 to 2.5 year program.

Regular Full time students will take

  1. 9 Credits in Fall 2009,
  2. 9 Credits in Spring 2010
  3. 6 Credits in Summer 2010(Optional),
  4. 9 Credits in Fall 2010 and graduate

But to complete MS in 1 year you will have to take

  1. 12 Credits in Fall 2009
  2. 12 Credits in Spring 2010
  3. 9 Credits in Summer 2010

US education system is different from UK. It’s not possible to do apple to apple comparison. Completing MS in 1 year is possible, but it will be very hectic. Trying to get and maintain 4.0 GPA will be very tough.

Work Experience and Internship

Having work experience will definitely help, but not required. If you are thinking to postpone Masters program just for the sake of getting work experience, its not necessary. But, if you are already working and plan to study in US after 1 or 2 years, then there is nothing you can do now. Use that experience to get a job after Masters degree. Students can always work as an intern for 1 or 2 semesters to get the work experience.

Majority of the students get hired as Full time employee after completing Internship. But, it takes lot of effort to find internship. You must start building your professional network as soon as you start your course work. Here’s guide to build your network using LinkedIn.

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