How to Change University After F1 Visa Stamping

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Question – Can I change university after F1 visa stamping  in the passport?

I have an F1 visa to 1 university and now I got admit from a better university with aid. Can I change my visa now.  If I need to attend the interview again, and If I am rejected for the new  university, will my 1st visa remains or there are any chances that they can reject my 1st visa as well?.

After US F1 Visa Interview

Congrats on getting US F1 Visa. Many students appear for US visa interview, before receiving admission decision from other Universities. But, very few decide to transfer university after spending one semester in a university due to the hassles involved.

But, in reality process of  changing to new university after F1 stamping  is pretty simple.

Change university after f1 visa stamping

You have three options to attend a different university after F1 Visa stamping

  1. Appear for F1 Visa Interview again
  2. University Transfer after arriving in USA (not before that)
  3. Transfer after completing atleast one semester

F1 Visa Interview

You will have to go through the same US visa interview process.  Most likely you should get visa, but that’t the risk you have to take.

Consider this only if advantages are more compared to attending the university where you have  F1 Visa Stamping.  At any given time you will be allowed to have single visa stamping.

Defer Admission

If you got US F1 Visa stamping for university X and got admission from University Y, you can defer your admission from University Y to next semester (or upto one year). If you got visa stamping for Spring, you can defer the admission to Summer or Fall semester.

Process of university transfer is simple. University Y will issue new-I-20 and use that to apply for Transfer. It would take less than 2 days for the whole process. [ How to get University Transfer After first semester]


Which option will be the best and why? Go with option 2.

You can change university after visa stamping and before attending classes. Above said one semester rule can be dis-regarded. Yes, you can get university transfer following visa stamping.

Here is the actual procedure to transfer university after arriving in USA.

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