Breaking News – Major Changes to GRE in 2011

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Education Testing Services (ETS) announced major changes to GRE Exam from 2011.

The New GRE in 2011 will be offered from August 1, 2011.

Here is a quick summary of New GRE pattern changes that will be made to GRE Exam in 2011.

There are several changes in GRE format in Verbal and Quantitative sections.

Verbal section got major changes compared to math section.

Changes to New GRE in 2011

  • 2 sections in GRE will be revised (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning)
  • Grading scale from 130 to 170
  • No More  Antonyms and Analogies in GRE Verbal  section (Good News)
  • Antonyms and Analogies will be replaced with additional reading-comprehension questions
  • Skip back and forth between GRE exam questions. ( No more computer adaptability for every question)
  • On-Screen calculator will be allowed in New GRE 2011
  • New GRE pattern will be multi-stage test

Stay tuned for more details on changes to GRE in 2011.

So, what do you think of the new changes to GRE Exam? This gives options to students who are planning to take GRE in year 2011 to think, if they want to take the old format or new GRE Exam format.  There will be lot of rush to book GRE exam dates in 2011, just before the new GRE changes will be offered, so plan accordingly.

If you have any questions about New GRE Exam pattern, leave  comment below.

Most of your questions about Changes in GRE 2011 is answered in above links.

You may want to consider taking GRE in Current Pattern, before changes in New GRE come into effect (August 1, 2011)

Here is a detailed comparison of  Revised GRE in 2011 and current GRE General Test.

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