How to check H1B Visa Status Online with EAC Receipt Number

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Good to see many Happy Schools blog readers are getting to their H1B Visa through random Lottery selection.

Congrats to everyone who got their H1B Visa application selected. I received few comments on how to check H1B Visa Status online with EAC Receipt Number. I had written in few previous articles about different ways to check the status online.

But this one will explain in detail about different options available to check H1B Visa 2009 which was selected by H1B Visa lottery

There are 4 different ways to check H1B Visa approval status online.

  • USCIS Case Status Online
  • Processing Date Estimation
  • Forums
  • H1B Visa Track It

USCIS Case Status Online

This is the official way to check your H1B visa approval status. Go to USCIS Case Status Online.

You will have 2 options there.

1) Check status online by entering your EAC Number

2) Create an account and create an alert for your case. Automated system will send you email, when your case is approved.

I prefer the second option. So, you don’t need to keep checking the status everyday.

H1B Processing Time

USCIS Case status online will inform you when your H1B Visa is approved, but if you want to know how long it will take to get approval, then go to USCIS Processing time web page. To use that page, you will need to know where your H1B application is submitted. There are 4 service centers ( California, Texas, Vermont and Nebraska). Find this information from your employer.

Once you have that information about which service center to which your H1B Visa application was submitted, then find the processing time for that specific service center. In the results look for the following information

I 129 – Petition for Non-Immigrant worker – H1B Specialty Occupation – Processing Time Frame

Use the processing time frame to find out when approximately your application will be approved. If the processing time says May/15/2008, then applications submitted during May/15/2008 is being processed. H1B applications will be usually processed in the order in which it was received. They will have 2 separate queue for Premium processing and Regular Processing. Forums

Above 2 ways are the official ways to find the H1B Visa approval status officially. But, you can check out the processing time message thread. You should get an approximate date when people who are in the same boat as you, are getting H1B Visa approved.

H1B Visa Track It

Track It is cool site to track the application status. Its more organized then forums to check the H1B Visa 2009 Approval status

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