Good to see many Happy Schools blog readers are getting to their H1B Visa through random Lottery selection.

Congrats to everyone who got their H1B Visa application selected. I received few comments on how to check H1B Visa Status online with EAC Receipt Number. I had written in few previous articles about different ways to check the status online.

But this one will explain in detail about different options available to check H1B Visa 2009 which was selected by H1B Visa lottery

There are 4 different ways to check H1B Visa approval status online.

  • USCIS Case Status Online
  • Processing Date Estimation
  • Forums
  • H1B Visa Track It

USCIS Case Status Online

This is the official way to check your H1B visa approval status. Go to USCIS Case Status Online.

You will have 2 options there.

1) Check status online by entering your EAC Number

2) Create an account and create an alert for your case. Automated system will send you email, when your case is approved.

I prefer the second option. So, you don’t need to keep checking the status everyday.

H1B Processing Time

USCIS Case status online will inform you when your H1B Visa is approved, but if you want to know how long it will take to get approval, then go to USCIS Processing time web page. To use that page, you will need to know where your H1B application is submitted. There are 4 service centers ( California, Texas, Vermont and Nebraska). Find this information from your employer.

Once you have that information about which service center to which your H1B Visa application was submitted, then find the processing time for that specific service center. In the results look for the following information

I 129 – Petition for Non-Immigrant worker – H1B Specialty Occupation – Processing Time Frame

Use the processing time frame to find out when approximately your application will be approved. If the processing time says May/15/2008, then applications submitted during May/15/2008 is being processed. H1B applications will be usually processed in the order in which it was received. They will have 2 separate queue for Premium processing and Regular Processing. Forums

Above 2 ways are the official ways to find the H1B Visa approval status officially. But, you can check out the processing time message thread. You should get an approximate date when people who are in the same boat as you, are getting H1B Visa approved.

H1B Visa Track It

Track It is cool site to track the application status. Its more organized then forums to check the H1B Visa 2009 Approval status



  1. Greetings!!

    My employer applied for H1B for the year 2013 and gave me a receipt number. I checked in UCIS and the status is approved. When i contacted my employer for further process he keeps telling that he had given me a wrong number and will check and give me the correct number which he never did and now he is avoiding my calls. What i can do regarding this and how can i verify if the receipt number is mine. I am sure i cant verify from my employer!! Is there any other way… Please help….. Regards Madhu.

  2. I have EAC number approved on 15th May 2008. I never gone for stamping; I would like to know whether the EAC is still valid and go for stamping now 2012….please guide me.


  3. Dear All,

    Please advice me.

    I have applied for a H1B visa but when I went for the Visa Interview they told me that their system is not updated and there is a query they gave me a yellow slip and asked to to get it stamped from my local VFS office once I receive a mail from them. Its more than 4 weeks now I havn't heard from them.

    I tried calling and mailing them but the helpline people have no clue of it.

    Can I track it somewhere online and How much it normally takes it get the stamping.

    Thanks in Advance


  4. I am Gass

    I went to renew my F1 visa at the U.S embassy and after my interview, the consular officer gave me a Notice Pending Visa Application. It has been a week since i had interview but i have not heard from the embassy even though my University is already opened since yesterday. I would like to know if my application has been approved or mailed to my address. In addition, my returning flight is on Thursday and i don`t know what to do.. Please, could anyone help me out. Thanks

  5. Hello Sir,
    I am Atul Bhavsar
    I gave my interview on 22md Oct-2009 after interview VO give me white paper so my file is on Pending Proccess, after 5 month one lady officer and American visa officer accidentally visit my home personally, after that 2 month was passe but there is no message from USCIS how much time i have to wait for visa call..

    Thanks give me some advise what to do….

  6. hi

    sir my travel agency have give me the visa of usa os now i want to check weather the visa is orginal or dublicate so help me soon as possiable

  7. Hi Esha,

    I requested my consultant to send the proper and clear evidences for which I got RFE, I also asked him to send the RFE response to us first which we also verified and then submitted the docs, henceforth I got approval.

    In case some1's case gets denied you can again Re-open your case by providing valid proofs for denial reason, if USICS found it fair will approve your case for sure, my frend got the Denial and then applied for MTR (Motion To reopen) and got approval finally few days back.

    • Hi Nitasha,

      I dont have any number except EAC.. wht is RFE number .I asked abt my pending case with my consultant but they are unable to do any thing ,giving the same answer every time tht they r discussing with their lawyers.

      • Esha,

        RFE is not any number like EAC, its the evidence documents which USCIS asks you to send you once they verify your original application filed. Seems like they havent got a chance to check your application yet if they feel they need more justifications and more documents from your employer they will issue you the RFE (Request For Evidence) if not they will approve/deny your application.

        So please wait and watch what happens, I think you should apply for new H1B for 2009-2010 from a good reputed company who has an in-house project ready for you.

    • hi Nitasha,

      i’m filing a MTR for case of status denial. Can you please let me know how long it took for your friend.?

      Thanks in advance

  8. After waiting for almost an year today I my status got changed to approval notice sent after spending lot of energy and money.

    Can you tell me what will be the further process?

    • Hi Nitasha,

      my case is also received and pending.. what i need to do to get approval,please let me know.



  9. Hi,

    My h1b application is still i apply for this yr h1..

    did anybody facing the same situation?


  10. hello mr.raghu

    my case is approved,i have seen my approval letter.Are there any chances that now my visa can be rejected? and what is the further process?

    please answer me

    • Sir, will u kindly tell me how to find out the H1B visa status I have attended interview on 10-10-2009 and i wasasked to drop further documents. I have dropped further documents butso far no communication was recevied from the Consulate. How to find thestage?

  11. Hi

    I have one concern, my H1b got selected in lottery however the status on USICS still shows STATUS: CASE RECEIVED AND PENDING .

    Do you have any idea how much long we have to wait for its approval?

    Please respond



  12. Hi there,
    I got the petition approval letter, but my sur name in the letter has an extra character. Is this a problem? Do i have to do to correct my name in this? I have the receipt number also and i check in the gov site to check the details, but there it does not give the details of the name of the person for whom the petition was filed? Is there any site where i can check the my details for the petition approved?

  13. Hi ,

    I have my receipt number ,it is with Vermont center, still the case is received and pending , there is no reply from the employer , what are chances of approval.

    Are there any people who are sailing on the same boat.

    Thanks & Regards


  14. Hi Man,

    Same Concern here.

    What i have understood is reciept number starts with EAC, WAC …it is as per the Center under which application is being processed.

    But even i got confused when i typed number with WAC is showing approval notice sent

    and if i type it with EAC …it is case recieved and pending

    Total confusion …

    Narayan can u show some light on this.

    • Hi,

      I have the same problem. When I give receipt number, starting with EAC it says pending. If I give the same number starting with WAC, it says approval sent. Any idea?

  15. I am confused on one thing…

    What’s the real receipt number format?
    I received a number from employer, starting with ‘WAC’ and then a 10 digit number.

    But most people refer the receipt number as the ‘EAC’ number, and I’ve seen a printscreen of a success case from USCIS showed ‘EACxxxxxxxxxx’…

    I then started wonder if I got the receipt number incorrectly… I’ve been checking my status with ‘WACxxxxxxxxxx’ and case been ‘Received and Pending’; however, if I changed to ‘EACxxxxxxxxxx’, same 10 digit number, it shows ‘Approval Notice Sent’.

    I’m totally confused.

    Can anybody please tell me what’s the first 3 characters on your receipt number?

  16. Hi !

    I applied for H1B through my employer. I got my receipt number too…but I am confused about one thing…when I am checking online status of my receipt its showing following status:


    Now based on this I have following question:

    1. does this mean that I got selected in lottery?

    2. Should I assume that the chances of getting H1B is higher..

    Kindly respond me..

    thanks in advance


  17. My consultancy said that my named check is cleared from USCIS but still today i am not getting Official Letter. He said me to wait for it. is this right way?

  18. Hi,

    I need one clarification regarding cancelation of H1B application, does it possible to request for cancelation of my H1B appilication .

    Please send me the details .


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