Checklist for Graduate School Application [15 Items]

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Use the following Graduate School Application Checklist when applying at grad schools in the USA.

If you are applying for a master’s program at U.S. colleges and universities, here is a list of documents you need to prepare and send along with your application package.

Refer to the links in the checklist for additional information.

  1. Graduate School Application (Online or Paper)
  2. If submitting Application Online, send confirmation page
  3. Application Fee (if paying by check or draft)
  4. Letters of Recommendation
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Resume [ Resumé – India vs. US ]
  7. Bank Statement
  8. Financial Affidavit
  9. Transcripts
  10. First and Last Pages of your Passport (copy)
  11. Copy of GRE and TOEFL Score Report
  12. Extra Curricular Certificates
  13. Portfolio (if any)
  14. Abstract of your research paper and projects
  15. Index Page of Documents

Some of you might argue that it’s not required to send copies of GRE and TOEFL score report, but it’s a good idea to send 2 additional pages.

It’s not going to cost you much, even though universities require scores to be forward by the ETS.

So if you think the above list has missed some required documents, please leave a comment below. Also, if you have any questions on how to send the above documents, let us know, more instructions will be included here.

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