H1B Visa 2012 – List of Consultants Who Sponsor H1B Visa

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Many Happy Schools blog readers are asking for consulting companies who would apply for H1B Visa 2012 quota. H1B Visa quota for year 2011 reached on Jan 2, 2011.

There are so many comments from people who are trying to find contacts for consulting companies who can sponsor H1B Visa. Most of them who are trying to find consulting companies are not well informed about the H1B Visa 2012 process.

They assume that posting in the blog and forums will get them a list of  consulting companies for their profile and get into US without effort.

H1B Visa 2012 –  Sponsoring Consultants

Hi, I am done Bachelors degree in MBC(Microbiology, Biochemistry and Chemistry) and I have Masters degree in Biotechnology. I did these in India. Now I am doing MS Environmental and Biological science in the US. One of friend suggested me that I can get a job with my M.Sc degree(India)in the US. is this true? Is my M.Sc Biotechnology enough to get a job in the US? If it is true can anyone one give me contacts for consultants who can sponsor H1b VISA. Please reply me.

I have hard time finding consultants for Mechanical Engineering students.If anyone could help me with this it would be great.

Can you please send me the H1B sponsors for clinical research associate

Thanks for all the valuable info. I am working on biomedical engineering and biomaterials. I would like to get the list of consulting agencies that have biomedical/pharmaceutical clients and would sponsor H1b. Any info would be greatly useful. Thanks in advance.

I see there are lot of comments asking about h1b sponsors so I request every one to share if they have any list or something, also I would like to request HSB to give us info about h1b sponsors/consultancies both in IT/NON IT sector

I completed Masters in US, my OPT 90 days of unemployment is going to expire, can I get list of consultants who can sponsor H1B Visa for 2010?

There are lot more comments similar to above comments.

H1B 2012 – Sponsors

  1. USCIS is not approving or issuing RFE on H1B Visa applications when submitted through consulting companies
  2. US Economy is in recession, there are many unemployed people searching for jobs.
  3. Not many jobs are available
  4. Recently 7  arrested due to H1B Fraud
  5. Immigration attorneys are saying that it’s very hard to respond to RFE’s requested by USCIS.
  6. Many have approved H1B Visa from last year (2010) through consulting companies are still in India, waiting for their employer to allow them go for stamping.
  7. Neufeld Memo requires employer to prove employer-employee relationship. Consulting companies are finding it hard to prove it.

H1B Visa 2012 – Predictions

It’s really hard to predict total number of application that will be submitted on April 1, 2011. It all depends on how economy improves in America during months of January, February and March.

Couple of years back, it was very easy to find consulting companies who will apply for H1B Visa, but that’s not the case anymore. Keep reading the news about unemployment rates in US and USCIS is cracking down on consulting companies that commit fraud.

Considering all above cases, chances of  finding a consultant who is willing to sponsor H1B Visa 2012 is will be difficult.  So, do you think you still want to find a consulting company and apply for H1B Visa? You may want to consult with an immigration attorney to find out options you have to stay in status.

Above question was sent while back, but it will apply to many readers who are considering to apply for H1B Visa 2012.

Raghuram SukumarH1B Visa 2012 – List of Consultants Who Sponsor H1B Visa