H-1B Visa 2012 – List of Consultants Who Sponsor H-1B Visa

By Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa 160 Comments Edit

Many Happy Schools Blog readers are asking for info about consulting companies who would apply for H-1B Visa 2012 quota. The H-1B visa quota for year 2011 had been reached on January 2, 2011.

There are so many comments from people who are trying to find contact information of consulting companies who can sponsor their H-1B visa.

Most of them who are trying to find consulting companies are not well informed about the H-1B visa 2012 process.

They assume that posting in the blog and forums will get them a list of consulting companies for their profile and get into US without effort.

H1B Visa 2012 – Sponsoring Consultants

Hi, I have completed a bachelor’s degree in MBC (microbiology, biochemistry and chemistry) and a master’s degree in biotechnology. I did these 2 in India. Now I am doing an MS in environmental and biological science in the US. One of my friends suggested that I can get a job with my M.Sc degree (from India) in the US. Is this true? Is my M.Sc. in biotechnology enough to get me a job in the US? If it is true, can anyone one give me contacts for consultants who can sponsor my H-1B visa. Please reply back to me.

I have a hard time finding consultants for mechanical engineering students. If anyone could help me with this it would be great.

Can you please send me some H-1B sponsors for clinical research associate?

Thanks for all the valuable info. I am working on my degree on biomedical engineering and biomaterials. I would like to get a list of consulting agencies that have biomedical / pharmaceutical clients and would sponsor an H-1B. Any info would be greatly useful. Thanks in advance.

I see there are lots of comments asking about H-1B sponsors so I request everyone to share if they have any list or something. Also, I would like to request HSB to give us info about H-1B sponsors / consultancies both in IT and non IT sectors.
I have completed my master’s in the U.S. and my OPT 90 days of unemployment is going to expire.
Can I get a list of consultants who can sponsor my H-1B visa for 2010?

There are lots of other comments similar to the above.

H-1B 2012 – Sponsors

  1. The USCIS is not approving or issuing RFEs on H-1B Visa applications when submitted through consulting companies
  2. The US economy is in recession, there are many unemployed people searching for jobs.
  3. Not many jobs are available.
  4. Recently, 7 were arrested due to H-1B fraud.
  5. Immigration attorneys are saying that it’s very hard to respond to RFEs requested by USCIS.
  6. Many with approved H-1B visa petitions from last year (2010) through consulting companies are still in India, waiting for their employer to allow them go for stamping.
  7. The Neufeld Memo requires employers to prove employer-employee relationship. Consulting companies are finding it hard to prove it.

H-1B Visa 2012 – Predictions

It’s really hard to predict total number of application that will be submitted on April 1, 2011. It all depends on how the economy in America improves during the months of January, February and March.

A couple of years back, it was very easy to find consulting companies who will apply for H-1B visa for you, but that’s not the case anymore.

Keep reading the news about unemployment rates in the US and how the USCIS is cracking down on consulting companies that commit fraud.

Considering all above cases, the chances of finding a consultant who is willing to sponsor an H-1B visa 2012 for you will be difficult.

So, do you think you still want to find a consulting company and apply for H-1B visa? You may want to consult with an immigration attorney to find out options you have to stay in legal status.

The above questions were sent a while back, but they will still apply to many readers who are considering to apply for H-1B Visa 2012.


  1. Anuj


    What is the scope of getting H1B Sponsored for 2014.. Is coming to US through a consultant a better option this time?

  2. Sree Raj

    I was in US on H1b for 5.5 years and returned to India 1 year ago. And currently I am doing online MBA from one of the universities in USA. I am planning to go to US again on H4 visa with my wife as she is H1b holder. Can someone please clarify these questions:

    1. If I go on H4 visa, how soon can I get it converted to H1b visa? Will h4 to H1b transfer/ convert comes under h1b quota or can it be trasfered anytime?
    2. Since I was in 5.5 yrs in US and doing my MBA, am I eligible to apply h1b visa under H1b cap exemption from India.
    3. Can someone please let me know few list of H1b sponsors – IT consulting firms (excluding staffing firms) in Chennai/ Bangalore or in US.

  3. Anyodaya Singh

    Hi All,
    I am working as a QA Analyst in India since last 3 years……..Now i wanna work in US…..
    So is there any company, who are sponsoring H1b from India…..

  4. Anantha

    My wife is on H4 . She has done M.Phil on Bio-medical from India.
    Could you please share some consultant details whom can process H1.

  5. lavanya

    Hi, I am done Bachelors degree in B.pharmacy and I have Masters degree in industrial pharmacy. I did these in India. Now I am staying in US with dependent visa . One of friend suggested me that I can get a job with my M.S degree(India)in the US. is this true? Is my M.S industrial pharmacy enough to get a job in the US? If it is true can anyone one give me contacts for consultants who can sponsor H1b VISA. Please reply me.

  6. Mitra Lal Bhattarai

    I am Master of Arts in English . 8 years teaching experience in private school .

  7. Sagar Shivam

    Indians suffering courtesy increased rejections of H-1B visas

    In a significant development, during the recent US-India CEO Forum, introduced to boost joint trade and investment between the two countries, a key minister from India was found airing his views over the growing rejections of the H-1B visa applications in the US.

    Companies of the US employ the H-1B program to hire workers from abroad to involve them in specialized vocations which require technical know-how including engineers, scientists, and software professionals. India has a large number of very skilled technical professionals, even while several of them depend on the said visa to do a job in the US. The Indian minister reportedly went on to add that the intake of the H-1B visas in 2011 had been less than 50% of the yearly set limit even while the rates of rejection had gone north.

    That immigration has become a controversial topic in the US post the world economic crisis, with some political action groups of the US even saying that immigrants grab jobs from employees of the US, is no secret. One such group was quoted as saying that the nation already boasts of a system which makes it possible for nearly eight million workers from abroad to have jobs that millions of jobless people of the US would like to have.

    However, a leading and well respected business organization rubbished the claim saying that behind over 40% of the Fortune 500 firms were either migrants or their children. It was due to their sustained efforts and visions that these prized companies had come into existence.

  8. S Gill

    I am an ex Army Officer, an electronics engineer and a post graduate in human resources… i am on h4, can some one suggest sponsors for me.

  9. Anu


    This is Anu. I have complited PGDBM in MArketing+IT, have 6.5 years of experience in Market research & Wealth& Investment management in India. I have B1/B2 visa ; however, currently I am on h4 dependend visa. To work in USA require H1B sponsership. So I need sponsors if any one are ready to sponsor please help me in seattle area Or please let me know how i can convert my H4 to H1b


  10. shehzad

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me about some authorized consultant for H1 B.

  11. Nemo

    I have finished my BA in Information Technology, in Europe …. and it`s been 3 years that I am working as NMC Engineer, Wireless Engineer and IT Specialist (for the moment)
    I wanted to ask, if anyone knows any company that is probably willing to sponsor H1B visas for people that wanna work in US?
    Thanks in advance!

  12. Anand Kumar


    I am Anand Having 5 Years of Exp as Avaya Engineer (Implimentation and support)
    currently working in Singapore, looking for H1 B Visa sponsors or consultancies, kindly let me know the possibilities of having jobs for Telecom Engineers in US. Heard that H1 B visa success rate is good from US councilate in Singapore.

    Thank you

  13. D.Melbin Sheeba

    Hi, I have completed B.tech IT and having 6 years of experience in customer service industries like banking, telecom and recruitment. I need any sponser for H1 Visa for the senior level openings .

  14. Nil


    I am working in USA on H1B. My girlfriend has completed her Msc in microbiology. She is working in india for more than 3 years. I want to know whether she can do a job in USA? and if yes what are the chances of getting H1B sponsor or any consultants you may know.


    1. HSB

      She can work in USA, but she has to come to USA in H4 and then find a job and get H1B.

      1. Aashish

        She is my girlfriend not wife. Her family is against our marriage, so I want to bring her here and want to marry here.

      2. Saisai

        Hi! i am currently on an H4 Visa here in the U.S., in the Virign islands because my husband is on an H1b working as a nurse. I, too want to have an h1b visa. But i have read many articles that it’s hard to get a sponsor. I need suggestions. You have mentioned that an H4 can be converted to an H1b. Are there still health care companies willing to sponsor a working visa?
        Thank you!

  15. Aashish


    I am wokring in Las Vegas on H1B Visa. I want to bring my girlfriend here in US. She has done M.Sc. in Pharmacuticals chemistry and working in India as Research Associates in R&D department of one of top 10 pharma company in India. She has only 1 year of experience. I have only 2 options to bring her here:
    1) On H1B Visa
    2) On Student Visa

    I am looking for companies who sponsor visa for people belong to pharmacuticals field. Unfortunately I didn’t get any. Guys please help me if you any one.

    If in case she will not able to get H1B visa, I want to bring her on student visa, but she is bit scared of GRE and only looking for colleges which accepts students without GRE score. She is looking to do P.hd. or masters in Analytical Chemistry. We want college where she can get CPT easily.

    Guys, Please let me know if you know any college.


    1. geo

      Aashish :
      you have one more option
      go to your native,get marry legally(regiitser),apply H4 visa and bring her

  16. RENUKA

    iam renuka
    iam a civil structural engineer having 5 years experience in construction field in india
    i moved to chicago some 3 months back
    presently iam with H4 dependent visa
    i just want to know if there are any consultancies who can sponser H1 visa for me to work as a civil engineer in any of the construction firms anywhere in U.S.A

    1. Silpa

      Hi Paru,

      I am also on H4 visa. So by this rule can i search job and work on h4 visa. I am looking for SAP job as i have 3 years exp in India. How can Employer consider H4 visa

      1. sunat

        Hi ,

        you can search jobs in USA if you know any consultant company in case of H4 after getting job you may change H4 to H1b So that case you will not depend on your husband and about tax you both pay it huge.

    2. narasimha

      pls observe that, this is proposed rule only.
      “Agenda Stage of Rulemaking: Proposed Rule Stage”
      as of now h4 can’t work for profit making private org.

  17. chandru

    Hi People,
    I see most of you are highly educated, experienced and successful in life. DON’T COME TO US! I know grass is greener on the other side, but believe me when I say this – YOU ARE BETTER OFF IN INDIA !! If you are middle class in India, you will be middle class here too. Nothing will change, you wont become rich in any number of years. Yes, you will be driving more expensive car, living in a more expensive house when you convert $ into Rs but that does not make you rich in American terms either. You will have a mortgage to pay, student loan for your kids, credit card bills, medical bills etc.. And if you loose your job and go without salary for 2 months, you will be back on the street the next month.

    I know the feeling when all your friends leave India and send you pictures of them in nice places (backgrounds), you feel you are missing out. The truth is its your friends who emigrated from India that are missing out on the fast development in India. If you want to come to US, don’t immigrate, instead save money and visit here.

    Don’t ruin your career and risk you family life, skip friends affection and miss things you have taken for granted for so many years in your native land. I know I can’t change everyone’s mind here in the forum, but I sure hope I helped at least one person ‘See the reason in my argument’ and affected their decision.

    1. anil

      Rightly said Chandru for todays economy. 10 Years back if you were in USA, you could have saved money and enjoyed in India. But today, lifestyle in India and USA are same for the middle class with earnings being at par. I came to US 14 year ago and moving back. I regret i did not move back to India 5 years ago!

    2. XYZ Corp.

      Chandru and Anil,
      You guys are absolutely right. I neither live in India nor in the US. I live in Germany but fundamentally I share the same feeling as you guys expressed about US. And I also have a lot of friends in US telling me the same.
      For all those guys who are reading this forum in search of some help regarding H1Bs, let me tell you, as already mentioned, the other side of the grass always looks green. You will be a middle class in the US or any other foreign country, as you were in India. You will have you own share of daily life problems, as in India. You might earn a bit more, but the relatively expensive lifestyle, food/drink habits, car and house rent, etc, etc. will bring you back to square 1.
      Remember guys, its just a legacy which makes desis take pride of being a foreigner. It was half-a-century back that Indians going abroad, brought back a life-time saving cash back home. Its this legacy which ‘probably’ gives us some extra respect in Indian society.
      The entire world is now looking into emerging markets like India and China for faster technological development. We are even experiencing revers brain-drain from US to India.

    3. sunat


      yes you are true but it was not for everyone If anyone have good career they can settled here nicely but its true everyone still miss their home land. I have argument with you about “brain-drain” and “faster technology development” if really China and India was in that technology platform so we are not went out from our home land, i have missing feel about my home land i love my country and my land where i born Bcz of India politics and fraud management still now India also in same position, people are die bcz of politics. whose politics ? not ours. guys if you have really have good career can settle any where. my name suman nath you can search google.com If i was live in india my prime time may be i will not get this position and now days i get to know lot of student not employed in India, what they will do ?

  18. Mukhtar

    I am M.Sc.In organic chemistry and batchlor of education in Maths and science .I need H1B job as lecturer in organic chemistry at college level. I am having 12 years of experience at college level .I also have one year each experience in USA and Africa. Can any one sponsor me for the same
    Presently i am working in India as lecturer in chemistry at college level.

  19. Ch Rama Rao

    I am seeking opportunities to work in US for H1B, I have total 19 years of IT experience in Applications development, Database Administration (ORACLE 8/8/10.x), Unix (HP-UX, SOLARIS 8.x, AIX 5.x, TRU64) and Infrastructure operations, out of this I have 9.5 years of SAP BASIS, Netweaver (ECC, BW/I. XI/PI, EP (6/7.x), SRM 5.x, CRM 6.x, SCM 5.1, and Solution Manager 7.x, I have relevant expertise in the areas of Presales, Solution Design, SPOC for stake holders and BAU support activities of SAP. also I have hands on in different

  20. Nabanita D

    I have got my Ph.D. In Molecular Biology in 2011 from India. I am currently looking for consultants willing to sponsor H1B visa. Presently I live in America with my husband who is on H1B visa.
    Suggestions are welcome!!

    1. Renzo Schultz

      go to India, Tata is looking for brilliant PhD in Biology,
      Try applying for jobs in Cuba or Germany. Germany is a good choice.

      1. Ratan Tata

        TATA sends back people again to US. Thats the resaon she wants to apply in US directly.

  21. Devang Lankapati

    I have done my bachelor’s in physiotherapy from India and passed in 2007. I went to US for my master’s in healthcare administration and I completed in 2010. I worked for like 7months on OPT in 1 healthcare company till june 2011. I came back to India and currently working here as a chief hospital administrator since 7months. My total experience in healthcare field is 3 years. I am looking for H1B sponsors. Please provide me information.

  22. Mitra Lal Bhattarai

    I’ve been working as an english teacher for six years in an english medium school in primary school . I’ve got 6 in IELTS in January 2012 and i got masters degree in arts in 2007. Now i want to work in the US in related and possible field as an h1b worker . Can it be possible please ?

  23. Ramandeep S Sandhu

    Hi All,
    I am working with software company in Mohali,Punjab having more than 6 year experience in open source technology (PHP/Mysql) , I am looking for H1B sponcer for USA, please help.


  24. Mayur Patel

    Hi !
    I am a From Telecom filed and currently working in – Nokia Siemens Networks as BSS Cluster Team lead – 6 + years of Exp .. in India .I need a sponsor for my H1 b visa for USA .

    -Bachelor of Electronics & Communication , Nirma Institute of Technology , Gujarat University .

    Could you help me out in finding out some companies who’s ready to sponsor me for H1B in US.

    Please let me know.

    Mayur patel

  25. Samridhi


    I graduated in Oct 2011, from Rutgers University with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. I am currently on my OPT and working temporarily. I need sponsorship and obviously I am applying for jobs but unfortunately I haven’t gotten any call from anyone. My OPT expires on Sept 30, 2012. Any expert advice?

    Thanks a Bunch,


  26. Mitra Lal Bhattarai

    Hello ! I am Mitra from Nepal . I am masters degree in arts . I want to work and live in the US . I am quite interested in h1b visa . Am i eligible for working in any company or in colleges or in university ? How can I find related sponsors ?

  27. Lovelesh

    Hi All,
    I am working MNC at Noida, my profile is Redhat linux and LAMP administrator, I am looking for H1B sponcer for USA, please help.


  28. Mythili

    i need a help,
    am completed b.tech programme in food process engg.and have 3 experience in related field. i wish toapply h1b job in food technology.is it possible.if so please share the consultants.

    awaiting for reply,
    thank u,

    Mythili Saravanan

  29. Biswa

    I am currently working for an MNC in India. I am currently working in Oracle Applications, in Financial Domain, having 7 years of IT experience, have done MCA. Although I am already having a valid B1 visa, I am looking out for a H1B sponsor. How is it possible?

  30. Vimal Patel


    I am a software guy and currently working in India. As per my discussion with lawyer in US , I qualify for H1B but I need a company who can sponsor me.

    -Bachelor of Science (Information Technology ) , Mumbai University[2004-2007]
    – PG Diploma in Enterprise Software Development, Humber College , Toronto , Canada[2009-2010]

    4+ yrs of Experience :-
    – Worked as .Net Developer and Software Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) [2007-2009]

    – Working as Technical Analyst/Consultant for Canadian-based company from India. [2010-Till date]

    Could you help me out in finding out some companies who’s ready to sponsor me for H1B in US.

    Please let me know.

    Many Thanks,

  31. Pawan G


    I am holding 6 Years of Business Development Experience and very well located in India.

    Is it good time to apply for H1B visa? Is there any sponsors in the Sales and Business Development.

  32. Mani

    My H1b Recently got expired (July 2011), Right now i am working in India. Is it possible to file H1b Extension from India?….If any consultancy on the same Please let me know….Thanks

  33. Vinod


    I am holding 13 Years of Information Security experience and very well located in India.

    Is it good time to apply for H1B visa? Is there any sponsors in the information security field.

  34. Sri


    Now I am in denmark, i got work permit under greencard scheme. I am masters in computers and i have 3 years of exp in india. Now I am searching for job on Denmark. I want to apply for H1B. Is it possible to apply for H1 from Denmark? please let me know. if it possible then i will start the procedure. thanks i hope hear back from you soon….


    1. Parminder

      Hi Sri,
      I’m in USA on H1B, masters quota is finished for this year, general quota is available. Can you tell me about Denmark, what are jobs like there. Why do you want to come to USA, as far as i’ve heard jobs and Wages are good in Denmark.


    2. Renzo Schultz

      you are disoriented my friend. European jobs are pretty better that US ones. Stay at DM. Other chances can be in neighbor countries

  35. cute

    I have done my masters in wireless communication systems from UK ,i am currently in india , i have 2 years work experience in IT in UK , i want to apply for jobs in US in IT and Telecom domain , can you please help me in process and the time its going to take , can i get any sponsors in US interested to hire me ? in both IT or telecom sectors , if not i intend to do a research assistanceship in a university . please reply , ur suggest could be of great help to me .

  36. Cathy

    Hi ,

    I have completed MBA in Marketing from UK.Prior to this ,I have worked as a Software Engineer in a MNC at India.I would like to work in USA and I need an employer who can sponsor H1-B visa in management related job entry level.
    Please help.


    1. sonali

      i did my masters in Microbiology, i have two years research experience as Research Assistant in molecular biology, and now i am in US and i am looking for job who can sponcer my H1b visa.

    2. Viny

      Pl. throw away this thought from your mind. No company is ready to sponsor H1b. You can get H1b on the basis of you graduation, but if you are trying to seek an employer who will sponsor for a management role its waste of time. pl. concentrate to find an employer in India.

  37. Aliya

    I have done my masters in wireless communication systems from UK ,i am currently in india , i have 2 years work experience in IT in UK , i want to apply for jobs in US in IT and Telecom domain , can you please help me in process and the time its going to take , can i get any sponsors in US interested to hire me ? in Telecom sector .

    1. Renzo Schultz

      try Siemens at Germany. Why do you want to go to US? C´mon. Europe is better choice

      1. Euro

        Euro is not better choice than America! HAvent you following the news , its dipping
        Only BRIC countires are the saviours !

  38. Jelis Pereira


    This is Jelis. I have a Master’s Degree in Microbiology from India and got 5 years of work experience in both education as well as research. I came to the US on a L2 dependent visa and now looking for a H1B visa sponsor-er in US. Please help me in providing information regarding any sponsors-ers for Life Science field in US.

    Thank you.

    1. Anita

      Hi, This is Anita, i just need some info from you since i also did Master in Microbilogy from India. But here i am in H4 dependent visa. So did you get H1 Sponsor,if yes can you please let me know the company who has done H1 transfer process for you. I am also looking for H1B sponsorship in my microbiology field as i also have 3 years of work experience in India.

      I would appreciate if you can provide me some input in this regard, Thanks.

  39. Usha


    This is Usha. I completed my Post graduation in India. Got a 6 yrs of work experience . Came to US on H4 dependent visa, looking for visa transfer to H1B visa. Looking for H1B sponsors in columbus, ohio area.

    Please help, if anyone now sponsors in ohio area.

    Thank you,

  40. Pritam (Tina)


    This is Tina. I have complited MBA in finance. I am on h4 dependend visa. To work in USA require H1B sponsership. So I need sponsors if any one are ready to sponsor please help me.    

  41. sivaram

    Hi-Please communicate me if there a possibility of sponsership of visa during this year for a 6 years experienced mainframe professional.Thanks

  42. Sandeep Appikatla


    This is sandeep working in India with 3.3 years of Exp in Drilling as MLWD Technician in one of the reputed MNC in India .So i want to Settle in Texas USA as my position vacancies are more in Houstan & Texas.So I need sponsors if any on are ready to sponsor please help me

  43. Lorna Brown

    I am currently in the US but the organization for which I work was debarred due to labor violations. My H1B visa is due to expire soon. I need help locating sponsors of teachers with Elementary educationexperience.

    1. theodor

      I would like to know serious H1b sponsors for special education teachers, too…a difficult thing this days, any idea is welcomed.

  44. Parul

    I am Parul Khurana, a software engineer. I hold MS degree from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. I also hold 3 years of industry experience in Qualcomm India & Samsung Electronics. I want to move to US. Looking for H1b sponsors.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Parul Khurana

  45. Santosh


    Iam santosh working as a Quality Analyst, a process facilitator especially for IT projects with ref to ISO Standard and CMMi model, and Six sigma.
    With 5yrs of experience, now I would like to apply for H1b. And, I do agree your comments on the Consultancies, and I could hardly find any who shall file H1.
    Now, can you suggest me on how to go ahead for applying H1b 2012


    1. jagadish

      helo santosh,

      did u get any gud consultancies fo h1b sponsor..please let me know it u r get gud consultancy

  46. Dr Priyanka

    I am a Doctor, studied B.A.M.S in pune India and did my Certification in clinical research. I have a 2.5 years experience in Clinical research field (Oncology and Endocrinology) as a Coordinator. I want to work in US. i have my family there, so need work permit. Kindly guide regarding how to go about searching sponsor and jobs in my field.

    Dr Priyanka

    1. Alex


      You should check, if you can write USMLE Step 1,2 (CS and CK) and 3. During your visit to this country try to do some Sub Internship if eligible. Check with ECFMG if they are ready to accept the transcripts.

      I remember they accept MBBS and I am not sure of B A M S

      1. Dr Priyanka

        Hi Alex,

        I am sure i cannot write the USMLE, its only the MBBS. And i am done with Clinical Research after my B.A.M.S, and i want to work ahead in clinical research. Just want to know if any sponsorer ? and Do i need ECFMG registration to work in US?


  47. Osunde cynthia

    Dear sirmadam
    Am a nigerian just graduated as a registered nurse and would love to study for b.sc nursing either in the u.s or u.k please i need sponsorship for visa and schooling so that i can get a quality education and future.please i dont mind paying back when i start working after graduation.please in the name of God help me.THANK YOU. Osunde c.

  48. sindhu

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Sindhu Sridhar. I have completed my 4 years undergraduate studies in Food Technology in India and willing to work in the US. I have also got admissions In Illinois institute of technology,Chicago.

    I want to work in the US and do my post graduation part time. For this I require a H1 visa. Hope you provide me the details.

    Please assist

    Thanks in anticipation


    Sindhu Sridhar

  49. Prasad

    Hi-i am looking for an sponsor who can help me get H1B visa. I am already holding a b1/b2 visa but that will not help me work in the USA. Please let me know if anybody can support me on this. I am ready to pay nominal fees.

    I have done MBA in operations and having approx 11 years of exp.

  50. Sayyad

    can you plz plz give me the list of indian consulting companies providing h1b visa

  51. Emanuel


    I have got my H1B petition approved applied by a company which has recruited me . Consulate : Chennai . I am a fresh MBA grad from London . Have a B.E ECE degree as welll . 2 yrs exp between the degrees.

    Question is : How strict is the interview going to be . because I am only going to join this company after I get my VISA . However I have all the supporting documents from the company's side and my side.

    What would be the questions asked in the interview.

    List of documents which I will have to take exactly for this scenario.


    1. need1

      Hey Emanuel , can you please email me regarding your consultant as i have also completed MBA from US last year and seeking h1b.


    Hi. Myself Kartheek Singamsetti and I had done my Master's in Intrnational Shipping and Logistics from University of Plymouth, U.K. I am willing to work in U.S.A. Is it possible to get sponsorship for me to get h1b visa? If possible please reply me.

  53. Vinubhai


    I had h1b from 2008 but not stampped due to the financial meltdown affected across the globe, including USA, followed by the mass recession. So currently I am working in India with Ultran company. I have Master degree in Computer Applications having Net Administrator experience and I have 5 years work experience of two big gaint of Indian computers company, VIPRO & IBM. Can any employer in US transfer that H1B to his name? as my HiB provider does not helping me & even responding or providing fresh documents for visa stamping. Please provide me an Employer/ consultant names who can do a H1B transfer & provide documents for visa stamping to work in USA.

    Thanks & Regards,

  54. deepika paraswani

    can you plz plz give me the list of indian consulting companies providing h1b visa

  55. Reynold

    Hi all,

    I am in L1 now working for a company. I got job in another company who is sponsoring H1B. Recently my new employer filed H1B for me. But on Jan 26th H1B cap was reached for 2011. So my visa transfer will come under H1B cap or it's a separately considered like extension?

    1. Nirav

      I am computer professional with more than 5 years of experience in java/j2ee and Savvion BPM tool working in top MNC. I was in US for around a year in top banking and financial company working in Savvion.
      I would like to get a H1B visa sponser. Pls let me know if someone can sponsor my visa.

  56. Mohan Phatak


    I am a IIT mechanical engineer with PMP project control experience in Oil & Gas field of over 28 years.

    I would like to get a H1b visa sponser

    Please let me know who cansponser the H1B visa as soon as possible.



    1. Mohan

      I am very sorry to know that you are an IIT engineer and as you mentioned you have 28 years work ex then you must be old enough (~50 years?). Why the hell you want to come to USA in this almost retirement age. We dont want another old man with dollar dream in USA. Why you are degrading IIT degree, I can safely assume you got admission in IIT through reservation quota due to being a socially not much upper cast, that’s why you don’t have any respect for IIT. Buddy, why dont you enjoy your time with your grand children and teach them not to become a total failure like you in future where they will not have to bag for H1B visa sponsor in old age. Please take care of sugars and blood pressure and be remain in limits of the present Indian village you are presently in and doing some drilling work for Ambani.

    2. Sagar Ahivam

      Well said Mohan i really appreciate your words…..
      Kya dhoya re Mamu ko…..
      Hats off to you….

  57. varaprasad govind

    hai i have masers in chemistry now iam in usa iam doing my masters in health care management i have 4 years experience in pharmaceutical industry now i am looking for H1 B visa please anybody help me about my process

  58. Prathima.Medepally


    I have done M.B.A. (Finance). I am seriously searching for job. I am there in U.S. on H4 Visa.

    Could someone help me in this.

  59. Vivek Abraham

    I am Vivek doing MSc-IT in UK and I have done Bachelor of Engineering( Computer Science & Engineering) from India I dont have work experience in IT field I ll be finishing Maters soon I m really dreaming to work in US. Is there any chance that I can get a job and an H1B visa to work in US.

    I really appreciate in advance for any sort of suggestions

  60. Jonathan

    Jonathan from France. I'm in New York City. Just graduated from College in New Hampshire (3.7 GPA in Business Administration). My OPT started on July 6th 2010 (I'm 4 months in, so 8 months left). COntacting USCIS to ask if there is any database of companies that offer H1B visas and they said "You are on your own to find that" (!!!!!) . Right now, I'm struggling every month to find temp jobs (went to 21 agencies so far…) and pay for rent and food…
    I have registed to h1base.com which claims can help guys like me, might be a scam…
    My questions:
    -Is there a place where I can have access to a database of all H1B jobs available (or companies that offer H1B sponsorship)?
    -how did all you guys find a sponsor?
    I will not quit, will not leave the USA before July 5th 2011, that's for sure!
    Please email me if you feel you know a way to help my situation or simply to give me tips.


    1. prasad

      well. If you have found a Job, thats well and good other wise you will have to transfer to another university before 2months of your expiration of your VISA which would be the summer semester. let me know If you need any further help …

  61. Ranadheer


    I am Ranadheer,Senior Software Engineer from New Delhi Area,India.

    I have done with my Masters degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. And i got around 4 years work experience in java/j2ee technologies. I am looking for a opportunity in United States. Can you please help me in filing H1B in 2011.


  62. Ragunath Sharma

    i m doing my bsc microbiology and i m in need of a sponsorship for my education.i m ready to work in ur organization if u accept my plea.

    thank you

  63. Dilip kumar


    I am working in Mainframe technology with 3.2 years experience.kindly let me know some good consultants and also please let me know hoe can I find sponsors.

    thank you

  64. Anand


    I am java j2ee developer, total exp 6.5 yrs,did MS(Electronics and telecom) and looking h1 sponsors.

    I will appreciate if any body help me please.

    Thanks in advance.

  65. Neha


    I have done MBA in Human Resource..does anyone know consultants to file H1B here?? i am looking for job badly but its hard to find sponsors..anyone pls help regarding this..

  66. Narendra Kumar

    My name is Narendra Kumar and i did M.C.A Post Graudate.

    Totally i am having 5+ years of experience. My skill set are

    Siebel Configuration and EIM Expert. Now i am intrested to go

    US. If anybody can help me then let me know.

  67. sravs

    am looking for some one to sponser my h1..am currently on h1..have 3years of experience in testing..plz let me know information about any consulanty ready to file my h1…

  68. Jim


    I am looking for H4 to H1b transfer, pls do let me know if any good consultants ready to file my h1b. 3 years experience with Java/J2ee

    1. Navas Khan

      Hi Jim,

      I am too looking for some consultant who can consult me in changing H4 to H1.
      If u found any please let me know the details.
      Thanks in advance.


  69. prashanth


    My name is prashanth and i have my Btech in computers.

    totally i am having 5+ years of experience. My skill set are

    Siebel CRM/OBIEE (Analytics). Now i am intrested to go

    US. If anybody can help me then let me know.

    Thanks & Regards,


  70. Riyaz Mulla

    Dear Sir,

    Myself Riyaz Mulla completed MSC with Plastics Technology and I am working in same field since 8 years now i am intrested to go to america?

    will you help me i am eligible for H1b Visa? if yes then tell me the process.

    Riyaz Mulla

  71. User


    I am also looking for H1B sponsorship.I have been working with SAP Labs India and have total of 4.5 years of experience.If anyone is able to find a consultancy that sponsors visa it would be a great help if you can share the details.


  72. Arun


    I am looking for h1b sponsorship, can you please help me out. i have around 7 years of exp.



  73. Sameer

    Hi All ,

    I have got my H1Bstampen in Dec 2009.Since then my employer keep postphoning the date for my entry .I am still in India .I am really frustrated and would really appreciate if anyone can help me out as what should I do next to enter U.S.
    Thanks in Advance.

  74. Mathew Joshua

    Hello there.

    I wish to clarify few things. I am an Engineer with 9 years professional work exp. in the field of Manufacturing- Production technology, Maintenance management-all types,TPM,TQM Quality approach,ERP Operations sofware application from TCS.I also earned Advanced Certificate in Software Engg from IBM-2001. In my last job at Ahmedabad, India i took the responsibility of Deputy Manager-Operations and reported to Sr. GM. I have knowledge of imported machine installation and commissioning and service.

    I am currently pursuing my MBA -Information Technology from OK, and graduating by this Dec 10.

    I would be grateful to you if you can reply me with information about

    1) how to search companies sponsoring H1B .

    2) Will my past experiences count for a job offer.

    3) Which states in US is havg scope for corporate jobs.

    4) can you list any good consultants who can help me in getting IT jobs like Business Analysts , ERP consultants , Data warehouse or Data Mining .


    Mathew Joshua

  75. Hernan

    I am bachelor in Electronic Engineering and I have a Post Graduate Operation Management, I have 18 years of experience and I will need to find a Sponsoring consultant for this area, I have this core competences :Manufacturing Leadership Functional management experience in all discipline of manufacturing operations for a newspaper – Developing and managing operating budgets – Spearheading restructuring and rationalization of newspaper plants – Initiating lean manufacturing processes, utilizing SMED principles – Establishing performance metrics and supply chain management teams.

    In Inventory Management / Planning Inventory Management/ Forecasting –

    Materials Replenishment Ordering – Cost Analysis/Cost Reduction – Specification Compliance – Supplier Consolidation/Standardization.

    Ana I have experience in Maintenance Management Scheduled / Appropriated – Executed/Motivated – Certified/Prevent Maintenance – Reduced /Corrective Maintenance – Optimize parts inventory.

    Please I would appreciate all information, but the way in this moment I am living in NYC

  76. Anantha Raghavan

    currently working since 11 years in telecom company since 11 year.I planing to apply H1b visa 2011.give details of H1 B consultant names i india

  77. akshay

    I am on L1 Visa and i am looking to file H1B visa this year, help appreciated if you know some company is filling H1B for same.


  78. deepa


    I did my BE in environmental engineering in India. I did my MS in Environmental Health and Safety. I am currently on H4. I am looking for H1 sponsorship.please provide me with some consultants who do H1.

  79. Ramesh


    I am currently on L1B visa, Is there any way to fill the new H1B visa for me this year 2010. could you please send me the list of genuine H1B consultants.

    Thanks and Regards


  80. Rajesh

    First of all livin in US looks wonderful,but most indians sacrifice their hard earnings as tax just for a quality of life in the US.In a long run freedom for Independent business is better always in India in their respective native places than foreign lands.


    1. Atif

      You pay taxes in India also! About the same rate, but the quality of life is not the same though it is improving. For the majority of the middle class the quality of life in US is not affordable in India. The only major disadvantage I would say is missing out on family.

  81. sudarshan

    hello sir
    i have applied through one consultant for h1b on 5th feb 2010. i m physical therapist with 2 year 6 month experience. still i did not get any comformation from consultant or did not get file number yet. so kindly give information what will happen next?

  82. me

    Hey guys…
    I would like to apply for H1b visa. i need to find some company, which can sponsor…i am from Europe, i have master degree, economy…something similar like MBA in USA. Does anybody know some information where to find some companies,how to apply…thanks a lot for any kind of info…THANKS

  83. paramveer

    can we apply through consultant for H1B visa?
    how can we verify a consultant is genuine?

    please suggest,because one consultant has approahed me,and saying for h1b visa filing with a fee of 4000$……..

    1. Sriramana

      hey, pl provide the contact details like website and exact company name. we can check.

  84. GS


    Iam currently in L1, and want to move to H1 this year. If still any companies are filing please let me know the names of it.



      1. Joe

        I have a h1b stamped visa valid till sep 2011 and not travelled to US on my h1b.

        Anyone employer in India can transfer my visa and send me to onsite?i'm into mainframe technology.

      2. Raj

        I am looking for a job in a IT sector and would be available for a training if required.I can be available immediately for the job or training.

      3. Sriramana

        Hi Amol,

        How are you?
        Currently I am in India and looking for H1 sponsors. I worked in USA couple of years back. I am having SSN.
        Please let me know your comments to proceed further. And if you know the best company who will do H1 sponsorship, please let me know.

        thanks & regards

      4. Prasad

        I’m working as a freelancer since 12yrs experience. I have worked on PHP, Joomla, Drupal, Ecommerce, Java, .Net, SEO & Mobile Applications(iphone & Android).

        Can u plz help me to get H1B visa without fail.

        Bcoz I want to do job in US due to personal requirement, so plz help me.

  85. Rashmi

    My cmp had filed h1b for me last year and it got approved, but they sent me to US on L1B visa. So currently my H1B petetion is approved. Can any employer in US transfer that H1B to his name. I don't have any documents for H1B petetion.

    Expert opinions are appreciated.


  86. Anish Mohan

    I have L1B visa with me …hw can i change it to h1b this year(FY2011).

    Also please mail me list of genuine H1B consultants.

  87. Balakrishna Oguri

    Hi, everyone I am pursuing my MBA (PGDM) from a premier Business School in India. I would like to apply for H1 Visa. Please help me out in knowing how to go about it….

  88. Zohra Dhila

    Hello Every one

    I am doing MBA with specialization in Accounting and Finance. I will be graduating in August or December 2010 Depending on the job market situation. I have also done MBA from INDIA in Human Resources. Right now I am on student Visa but I am looking for a company or consultant who can sponsor H1B for me. How should I look for the H1B sponsor company? How should I go for the whole process of getting job and sponsor.

    Please Help if any one has any idea,

    Looking forward for the reply,

    Thanks you


  89. Aadhikary


    I am a graduate student in Masters of Teaching in the US. I will graduate in may 2010. When i graduate I will be certified to teach high school math. I will be applying for OPT before graduaion so i will be abe to work until 2011. I wanted to know if there is a different cap for H1B visas for post graduate people. Also is there is a separate quota for educators? Any info is helpful. Thanks


    1. Elaine Martin

      Aadhikary – there is a separate quota of 20,000 H-1Bs for people with US master's degrees. There is no separate quota for educators. However, some teachers are not subject to the H-1B cap if they will work for a non-profit organization affiliated with an institute of higher education.

  90. tej

    I am on student F1 visa doing master. now working with consultant company. my status is OPT now (got 17 month OPT Extention).I am going to apply fot H1 this year with consultancy. will it be possible for me to file H1?

    1. Elaine Martin

      You don't file the H-1B petition, the employer does. The employer will need to provide documents as listed in the memo for the petition to be approved.

        1. Elaine Martin

          The employer really needs to use a lawyer to file the petition. It is too complicated to do alone. Any good lawyer will tell the company what documents to provide.

  91. deeps

    i m planning to give GRE in may or june this year. i want to ask all of you a question that if a person appears for GRE in two successive years or more than once in a span of 5 years, which GRE score will be considered? the highest one or the average of the all scores. if anyone knows please reply.. thanking you all.

    1. Kumar

      Hi deeps, it usually depends on the university you are applying for…some take the average of both, some take the best score….there is will not be a official confirmation from the ETS (the organization conducting GRE and TOEFL etc) regarding which score should be taken into consideration…its purely at the discretion of the university…you can get this information by calling the university academic coordinator….ATB.

  92. ramesh

    Hi all

    i have a h1b visa working in US ,please provide me consultant names who can do a h1b transfer as my project is about to end.



  93. Praful Kahar

    I will completed my graduation in September so In which month I can apply for masters in USA?

    1. Andrie Tanusetiawan

      Hi Praful,

      Different schools have different policies. In general, to start in the Fall semester, the application needs to be filed in January. To start in the Spring semester, the semester usually needs to be filed in around June.

      Jesus bless you,

      Andrie Tanusetiawan

  94. bg

    Does USCIS does the background checks and verification (in all terms i.e. education, job experience etc) for H1B visa applicantion?

    1. Andrie Tanusetiawan

      Hi bg,

      From what I heard, USCIS usually checks for whether your qualifications (mostly your education, and also your job experience) match the requirements of the job. Usually, at least a Bachelor’s degree is needed to apply for H-1B visa.

      Jesus bless you,
      Andrie Tanusetiawan


    hello to all, sir i am done with my b.pharm degree securing 61% and want to study in us. i took my gre earlier and scored only 880 . i need to take it again in a way to attend the good grad school . when should i write my gre? i want to apply for spring 11 for the m.s course in biotechnology or pharmaceutics. tell me the action plan to follow ? how can i arrange the huge amount of liquid cash for visa , what are the options because i belong to economic family ?

    thanking you

    narendra matke B.pharm graduate

    1. Narendra Matke

      Dear Narendra,

      Especially if u need good colleges on biotechnology, GRE Score of around 1050+ is must and i suggest you to take your GRE in the months of June,July. It makes you easier after you finish your exams.

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