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Cost of studying in US is huge, when compared to the cost students pay for college in India. If you plan to study in US  Universities, then plan for the worst case scenario. Make sure you take into account of all possible expense you come across. Never think that you can get scholarship or assistanship as soon as you reach U.S.

Plan for the worst case scenario. It takes time and some students wait long time before they get to Financial Aid ( 4 different way to get funding )

First question parents who ask, if you say about your plan to study in U.S. – How much would it cost to study in U.S.? do we have so much money to pay for it? Will they give aid for studying in U.S. Schools? and many more..

Total Cost of MS in US

I have written few articles about cost of living in U.S. for students and how much a typical student from India would spend per month. But, as soon you reach U.S. all the things you heard about will become reality.

You will come face to face with certain uncertainties and way of life.  But, that’s the way it will be and you have to face it.

Most of the information that gets passed to students back in India or other places are not true. Don’t believe in rumors.

You will be amazed with some of the crazy questions, I have received over the years. I try to clarify doubts and answer questions.

In this article,  I’m going to assume that you are a student coming to US to study MS without financial aid.

Living Expenses

Student share the apartment, grocery bills, food expenses, phone bill, internet, and many more day-to-day activities.

Usually, a new student tend to spend very less for first few months.

You can read more about spending habits of International students. But, as time goes, you will not convert $ to Rs. It takes time, but over 3-4 months, you will see $1 equal Rs.1.

As time progresses, you will see change in your lifestyle, but it’s for better.

You can expect to spend from $250 to $700 per month by living life with basic necessities. Remember cost of MS in US varies based on location and university.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees is the major cost you will incur while studying in USA International  students have to pay Out of State Fees. In-state fees is usually 1/3rd of Out of state fees.

So, if you don’t get scholarship, get ready to pay $5000 to $9000, maybe more per semester for 3 courses (9 Credits).

Masters degree will take 2 years to 2.5 years to complete, which is about 5 to 6 semesters.

Why Pay so much to study in U.S.?

Well, you can get to pay back the student loan in 2-3 years time after you get a job.

You get to study the latest technologies that are invented and used by rest of the world.

You might get to take a course under a professor in U.S. University, whose book you should have used as part of syllabus back in India or other places in the world.

Cost of MS in US comes with a big price tag. But its worth every penny.  You will understand the value of studying in USA when you read Why International Students in U.S. are Unique

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