Cost of Transcripts Evaluation

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I have submitted all my application documents to a Graduate school.

Very recently I got an email form Graduate School and they ask me to submit Official WES (or similar) evaluation of all international transcripts (must include GPA calculation).

And I check WES site they need a huge amount of money for transcripts evaluation process. Please advice me as soon as possible.

Cost of Transcripts Evaluation

Here is the screenshot from WES Transcript evaluation Fees.

transcripts evaluation cost

Transcripts evaluation does cost money.  Some schools required transcripts to be evaluated by companies like WES.

Schools require transcripts when they don’t understand the scoring and academic equivalent of the your degree from home country scores to U.S. Standards. Read in detail about foreign degree evaluation.

If this transcript evaluation is gonna get into the school of your choice, then go ahead and spend $200 to get the transcripts evaluated.

This transcripts evaluation cost that should have been identified during university selection process.

If you can’t afford to spend extra money, then try to avoid applying to schools that require transcripts evaluation.

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