Does Your Resume Have These 25 Crazy Mistakes?

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crazy resume mistakesRobert Half is a week known staffing firm and the founder of the firm Robert Half started publishing the errors and mistakes made by job seekers on resumes, applications and cover letters.

He called those errors Resumania.

Over the years, he collected and published several of errors from Resume, Cover letters that were submitted by his colleagues throughout the United States.

Following are some of the crazy resume mistakes that made it to the Hall of the Fame of Resumania.


OBJECTIVE: I am looking for a challenging career where there is scope for ample demonstration because I am always on the lookout for a positive and bigger outlook, currency and ideas which thrive on imagination, passion and boundless curiosity and rigorous thinking.

OBJECTIVE: “I want to play a major part in watching a company advance.”

OBJECTIVE: I aim to work with your organization. You will provide me with challenging tasks to perform in an efficient way and then reach the top and achieve the maximum out of the given opportunities enriching my strengths and beating all my weaknesses.”

OBJECTIVE: To secure a job or a career.”


Experience and Skills

EXPERIENCE: “Pizza delivery: Took orders over the phone. Great delivery service. Great delivery service.”

EXPERIENCE: “Handled horrendous projects that no one else wanted to do (especially major filing).”

DUTIES: Walked from one point to another.

JOB DUTIES: As an administrative professional, I coordinate meetings, make travel arrangements and assist security staff with badgering.

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: “Computers and off ice machines.”

EXPERIENCE: “Only employee of a small distribution compa

JOB HISTORY: Grocery store catchier.

SKILLS: Handcuffing techniques.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Numerous hardware and software certifications. I could wallpaper my entire bathroom with them, but my wife would kick me out if I did.”

Cover Letter

Cover letter: “I never take anything for granite.”

Cover letter: “My mother delivered me without anesthesia so I have an IQ of 146 and can therefore learn anything.”

Cover letter: “Must be home in time to watch ‘Melrose Place.’

COVER LETTER: I would love to interview for the position of (insert job title here). If you grant me an interview for (insert job title here), I feel confident you’ll see why I’m the right person for the job.

Cover letter: “Thank you for your consideration. Hope to hear from you shorty!”



Size of employer: “6’1.”

Personal: “Age 37, happily married, with two dogs, four cats, a fish and three children: daughter 9 going on 25; son age 5 going on 1; twins on the way; and daughter age 2, confused by it all.”

LANGUAGES: “Fluent in English. Also I have been heard muttering Gibberish in my sleep.”

PERSONAL: “Former surfer turned receptionist.”


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