Mistake in DS-160 Form. Submit DS-160 Again?

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I wanted to ask that if i filled out the Ds 160 form wrongly and fill out a new one before getting scheduled for an interview will the previous application code and its information still be known to the VO.

Will he compare the changes in both f them or does the previous application code becomes useless if the new one is submitted along with the fees?Also does the VO know anything other than the info we have mentioned?

Also I would like to say that i have forgotten what I wrote in the intended length of stay,although surely I did not write the I-20 one now what should i do?

DS-160 Visa Application – Incorrect Data

Previously submitted data in DS-160 form will be available to visa officer. Folks have been asked questions about changes in DS-160 when attending visa interview,

But, the question is would Visa offer refer to previous form?

I don’t know. My guess is that changing just the Intended Length of the stay field shouldn’t be a problem.

There are instances when a student submitted DS-160, booked visa interview then realized mistake in DS-160.

I have read experience where VO officer asked the person to correct the DS-160 during the interview.




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