I wanted to ask that if i filled out the Ds 160 form wrongly and fill out a new one before getting scheduled for an interview will the previous application code and its information still be known to the VO.

Will he compare the changes in both f them or does the previous application code becomes useless if the new one is submitted along with the fees?Also does the VO know anything other than the info we have mentioned?

Also I would like to say that i have forgotten what I wrote in the intended length of stay,although surely I did not write the I-20 one now what should i do?

DS-160 Visa Application – Incorrect Data

Previously submitted data in DS-160 form will be available to visa officer. Folks have been asked questions about changes in DS-160 when attending visa interview,

But, the question is would Visa offer refer to previous form?

I don’t know.┬áMy guess is that changing just the Intended Length of the stay field shouldn’t be a problem.

There are instances when a student submitted DS-160, booked visa interview then realized mistake in DS-160.

I have read experience where VO officer asked the person to correct the DS-160 during the interview.






  1. My parents submitted DS-160 form for tourist(B2) visa to US. But they forgot to save it on their PC and also forgot to add my organization(employer) information in the form.Can I fill out a new DS-160 form with that specific information or would it be a problem if we have 2 different applications/ confirmation numbers ? We have also booked an appointment for interview.Also would it be sufficient for VO if my parents carry the documents with my employer information even though they missed out to fill it in the DS-160? Someone please advise..thanks much!

  2. I have mistakenly written wrong information in my ds-160 . I have also taken visa(F1) interview date. I have pais SEVIS fee also.
    What should I do now?

  3. Hi,
    By mistake i wrote my Undergraduate Branch as Computer Science whereas in my degree and in all my marksheets it is written as Computer Engineering, I also took my visa date for 31 may.
    Could anything be done now. I am really very much worried. Please help, waiting in anticipation.

    Thanks! a lot!


    • hey did you got your answer?
      i forgot to provide my secondary and higher secondary educational details and provided only undergraduate details. i have taken visa date for may 29.
      what do i do?
      i heard that we can fill another ds160 and take both during interview.
      is it so?
      plz help!!


  4. is it necessary taht we should submit the DS 160 form before remitting the visa apllication fee.Can we change the university name after submitting DS 160 or after booking the dates

    • You can submit the fomr, and hen pay the fees. You cannot schedule the interview without paying the fees.

  5. Thank you for clearing up the confusion.I would still like to ask that does the VO only knows the information which is presented to him in the ds 160 form.Also i am worried if i make significant changes the VO might track the old one and compare them.Although if i am right above you mentioned that if i havent submitted the fees yet proceeding with a completely new generated ID will not be an issue?and also the VO wont know what had been entered in the previous one?please reply me as sson as possible

  6. No Need to Worry at all.
    Just fill a new form. and this time make sure that you fill the “intended stay” exactly as mentioned in the 5th column of the I-20 which says “The Normal Length Of The Duration Of The Course is 24/30/36/48/60 months as mentioned in your I-20. Don’t differ on this.

    I take this opportunity to add some points here.
    Your DS form is nothing to do with paying the Fees at HDFC. You require only Passport Copy 1st page to pay the Fees.

    Or if i am mistaken in getting you and If you mean to say you want to pay new fees just to get rid of this mistake, no need for that.

    Changing DS Forms before “Taking” Appointment is fine. Don’t worry about tracking changes etc. That doesn’t matter.

    Proceed normally by entering correct data from the options

    “Start New Application” which will generate a
    New Application ID (atleast tracking worries (if any) will be reduced.)


    “Upload a Previously Saved Application”

    Using a Data File which has been saved while filling previous application (Ex: CEACAA123ABCD.dat) again new Application ID will be generated and take appointment by linking this new Id number to VFS Appointmnent.

    Even if you have confirmed or finalized the Form also, no need to worry.

    Start filling the fresh DS-160 form by going any one of the above two options. Take a Print out of the same. Take both DS forms to consualte at the time of Interview and try to explain the same to the person in consulate, who will be checking your documents initially. Generally if the reson is valid especially “typos”, they will be accepting the same.

    Important Point is try to “Save” data while filling your application form locally in “your computer” also.

    HTH all.

    • i forgot to provide my secondary and higher secondary educational details and provided only undergraduate details. i have taken visa date for may 29.
      what do i do?
      i heard that we can fill another ds160 and take both during interview.
      is it so?
      plz help!!


  7. Hi,

    Changing DS-160 form before interview is not a problem. I changed my DS-160 after realizing a mistake in my previous DS-160 form. I took both DS-160 forms with me to the embassy. I showed old DS-160 form at the embassy entrance (because I registered for interview with old one). When I was called for interview. I asked the person, who was checking my documents, fingerprints etc just before VO, to replace my DS-160 and I handed in new DS-160. Then, I went to VO and he took my interview. He didn’t ask me anything about DS-160 and said that I would get my passport with visa in 2-3 business days. I was curious so I asked him whether new DS-160 would be a problem or its fine. He replied that he checked my DS-160 and I do not need to worry about DS-160 and I would get my passport in 2-3 business days. So, it should not be a problem for you.

    • Hi Deepak,

      congrats for your visa. could you please share your visa experience and at which consulate did u appear for interview? Thanks in advance

      • Hi All,

        Please suggest.
        1)If we filled DS 160 form but didn’t submit that one and forget to note down the application id ,can i fill the ds 160 form freshly and submit that one.
        2)If any duplication takes place because of old Application and any discrepency at the time of Visa Interview?


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