F1 Interview with 60% Financial Aid – Received 221(g)

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I appeared for my F1 VISA interview at the Hyderabad consulate on 28th Nov. I am Masters student in Biotech. I was said that please respond to the email (221(g)) to further process your VISA. VO was seeing only my I-20 from start to end.

I got TA, which covers more than 60% of my Tuition and living expenses.

Here I share my Student visa interview experience.

After waiting for about 45 mins my token no. was called. Here how it went on…

Me : Good Morning sir
VO : Give your passport and application form.
Me : Here it sir
VO : which University (typing in his computer)
Me : told xxx University.

VO : whats your GRE 900
Me : 900 sir

VO : why so low GRE
Me : I am from a non science background so I was a bit difficult for me, however I am appearing again next week and have already booked my slot.

VO : How many Universities have you applied?
Me : only 1 sir, as I got TA covering my 85% of fee there was no need for me to apply to another University.

VO : when did you complete your UG
Me : Completed UG in 2009 and PG in 2011

VO : You completed you PG, then why are you going for PG again?
Me : I am interested in Research and Ph.D, as advised by my Guide, taking up MS would be a right gateway for higher education.

VO : what your UG %
Me : 75%

VO : what your PG %
Me : 78%

VO : whats your father?
Me : Told

VO : xxxxx is your email ID?
Me : Rigt sir

VO : ok please respond to this email for further processing of your VISA.
Me : How long will it take sir?

VO : About a month.
Me : Will I have to come to consolate agian?

VO : No need
Me : ok, Thank you sir.

Friends how long will it actually take for the consulate to respond in this case. Kindly let me know what happened to the students with this case. All the Best friends

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