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F1 Visa Interview Experience with 221g administrative processing. It took 30 days of processing time for approval. Shared by Sharath.

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F1 Visa Interview Experience

Me : Good Morning,how are you doing?
VO (lady) :good morning. i am good. Give your passport and application form.

VO : Which University (typing in his computer)
Me : Told xxx University.

VO : Why did you apply for systems engineering. when your background is pharmacy?(typing in her computer)
Me : It’s pharmaceutical systems engineering. Its a inter disciplinary subject. My i20 states just systems engineering)

VO : Where did you complete your UG (typing in her computer)
me: Bangalore

VO : When did you complete your UG
Me : Completed UG in 2008

VO: What were you doing from then?(I think she was expecting that I will hide my masters)
me : I worked for some time and joined masters

VO : Ohh you have already completed your masters? so can you tell me, why exactly you wanna do another masters
Me : I have done lot of research in xx field and i have published 5 research papers in international journals. (i forwarded the print outs of my publications..she had a glance at the publications). I have also been invited to give a presentation on the same research at a conference held in USA ( I already have B1/B2 visa). so i met lot of people and professors.they have educated me on this topic.

VO: Can you tell me more
Me : My research is on xxxxx and i don’t want it to confine to research table.i want to make my research into an workable model where it can be produced in a small and medium scales. At this point we are facing problems pertaining to scale up.and in this university DrXXX is working on helping small and medium scale production…(told little more about the professor and his funding sources) so I want to learn the concepts which can make me a core professional.

VO : I got what you are trying to tell. (I think she didn’t understand a word, what i spoke about my research) but can you tell me in a single sentence….
Me : Its mainly for knowledge transfer and to make my research into a workable model.

VO : I’m approving your visa,but your case needs more administrative processing.please go to counter no 31 and mail all the requested info to this mail id .
Me : She handed me a pink slip with email id written on it

At counter no 31- staff was Indian lady

VO : Give me your passport and i20
Me : Hear it is (along with it..I gave her all my publications…)

VO : Do you have a updated resume/cv?

Me : No mam

VO : OK hear is the list of the questions you need to answer through email( she handed over me a pink 221g questioner) .send your resume/cv and scanned copy of your acceptance letter also.
Me : Ok,

V.O: You have a B1/B2. So you have an option of keeping any one catogery. Either B1 with one year validity or B2 with what ever the validity printed on the visa
me: I will keep my B2 visa.

V.O: Mail the required information and the documentation to the mail id given in the 221g form
Me: Ok mam thank you.

F1 221g Administrative Processing Time – 221g

Got my visa on 27th. Exactly after 1 month after my interview. I got my visa for 2 years.