F1 Visa – Affidavit from US Sponsor

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Gopi Asks

Regarding visa interview, no one is giving me the proper answer for this question. If my brother is working in USA and he is sponsoring for my higher studies, do I need to get the sponsor affidavit from him which would be signed by an American notary public? If so please provide me the template for the affidavit.

Affidavit for F1 Visa

  • Sponsor residing in India (Parents, Relatives, ..)
  • Sponsor residing in America

If your sponsor is residing in U.S. then read the following article -  Sample Affidavit for F1 Student Visa.

For sponsors residing in America, they would send Form I-134 Affidavit of Support. It may not be required to get notary signature. You can take I-134 for visa interview. If you have doubts, send email to VFS and check with them.

If you look at the required documents, affidavit will not be listed. But, you are required to show proof of funds for first year expense and readily available funds for remaining years. Also, tax returns and bank statement for the US sponsor is required which would include

  • Tax returns for previous 1 to 3 years (1040)
  • Bank Statement ( Print out of recent transactions + letter from bank)

Hope this helps, leave your questions as comments.

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