F1 Visa Approved after 2 Questions

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F1 VISA interview with just 2 questions

  •  F1 interview Date – 27  June,2011
  • Consulate – Delhi US embassy
  • Degree – PHD in Pharmaceutics and Drug Designing
  • University – University of Oklahoma.
  • GRE – 1400
  • TOEFL-93

I had already got 8 rejects from most universities and got accepted from only 3 of them.

I was quiet nervous what all explanation do i need to give VO.

Also I  had read about several posts of 221g which is generally given for life science PHD student coz of security check.

There was a lady VO who was asking plenty of questions from all applicants and check each and every document, I was terrified looking at all these detailed cross checking.

Finally it was my turn, I was praying hope so it must be a male VO so that I feel more comfortable.

Finally i approached the VO. He was busy in piling up all documents, I waited at counter for around 2 min

VO: hello,how are you
Me: m fine, how are you
VO:m good
VO:(checked my I20), so why univ of Oklahoma
Me: most research interest of proff matches mine so

VO: have done any masters
Me:nops,i am a bachelor in Pharmacy

VO: with a smile,ok ur VISA has been approved,collect it within 5 days,have a nice day
Me:thank you sir

Finally all my tensions eased out.i was surprised to see that VO didn’t asked for a single documents,not even GRE score or any financial or educational documents. Also i was not offered any pink slip for which i was most concerned being a PhD student. It just seems to be a miracle to me.

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