Sharing my F1 Visa Experience at US Consulate Hyderabad. – Shared by Divya.

  • Date : June 7, 2011
  • Time: 09:45
  • Status: Approved

Went inside at 08:40 and finished my checking at 09:40. Gave finger prints and waited 10 minutes for my interview which lasted not more than 2 minutes.

Visa officer: Indian guy. (surprisingly I was the first person at the counter)

Vo: which university?
Me: polytechnic institute of new york univ.

Vo: why this university?
Me: the amount of active research going on there in the field of cs department and the updated curriculum offered, are the main reasons for selecting this university. The current research by prof of cs department , and are very much of my interest hence iv selected this university.

Vo: what are the other universities applied?
Me: told.

Vo: what’s your GRE and TOEFL score?
Me : GRE :1270, toefl :107

Vo: whats you percentage? ( here I couldn’t hear so repeated it thrice)
Me : 73%

Vo: who is your  sponsor?
Me : my parents.

Vo: what does your father do?
Me: told

Vo : what’s your father’s annual income?
Me: he earns 11.5 lacs per annum sir.

Vo: (looking at my i20) so you got scholarship..?
Me: yes sir.

Vo: ok. I’m approving your  visa and it’ll be mailed to you…..congrats. All the Best.
Me: oh….thank you very much sir

Edulix n Happy Schools Blog helped me a lot for  my F1 visa interview prep. See you all at NYU Poly.

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  1. hi i done mphil in education and doing phd in education but know i want to change my major i have got admission in mba new york plz help me how can i win interview

  2. Do we get any slip or receipt of visa is approved?? Because I had my interview a few days back and the visa officer said ‘your visa has been approved’ but he did not gimme any receipt or notification…..

      • Thnkss!! :) so glad I was pretty tensed about this. Also do you know what this status on VFS website means –”Your visa is under process at the U.S embassy/consulate”..??….Did you get this as well???

        • no i didnt chk da VFS site i got da passport in 3days via courier. :-)
          the time may differ depending on applicants..

          • hi divya i got the admit for ph.d nyu poly can you please help me in understanding nyu poly as your a current student there. my gmail id is sandeepkumar at the rate of

  3. Hello,
    I have a question please let me know if anyone can answer please. I applied to only one university and got an acceptance letter from them. I know it is not recommended to apply for one university only at all, but i did not know about this fact before and whatever is done is done. Now, I have taken a visa interview date and I need to know that whether I should simply lie that I applied to 4,5 Universities and got the acceptance from the only one? or Should I just tell the truth? Having said that..I have read it a lot that people who told truth that they applied to only one university were disapproved. So wouldn’t it be killing your own-self by telling the truth in this case?

    Do they have information about every university I applied for? or only the ones that accepted me?
    Please let me know soon.

    • hii……
      first of all applying to only 1 univ give a -ve impression on student.
      i heard dat thru SEVIS number …..only accepted univ list will b available wit visa officer..but der wont b any prob just say 3 univ…if asked names, tel other 2 univ which r not higher ranked than ur selected univ…

      all da best

      • Hello Divya,
        First of all thank you so much for replying to my question. That’s what I thought that they have only the list of those that accepted. By the way, did you mean to say that the other 2 should not be higher ranked or should be higher ranked? because I thought it should be higher rank so that it would give an impression that the other 2 did not accept me because they were of high ranks..what do you say?

        • well i guess its not better 2 tel rejects 2 vo….(“applied 3 but accepted by only 1..?” implies not a very good selection univ’s by student) he wont hav time 2 listen 2 list of students univ’s, so just give him some names n b very confident n smiling…

          • Oh.. you mean I should stick to the point and if he asks “How many universities did you apply to?” I should say “3 universities” and not mention the acceptance or rejection details right? But, if he asks how many accepted you then I will have to tell him that case would it be a good idea to name a few higher rank universities?

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