F1 Visa Approved for Spring 2012 – University of Florida

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  • Status: F1 Visa Approved
  • Venue: Hyderbad consulate
  • Date: 23rd Nov 2011
  • Appointment Time: 08:00
  • Semester – Spring 2012

Reached there at 0730 hrs exactly (as i was asked to be there 15 mins before the appointment time ). There was a short queue to which the security guided me. My DS 160 confirmation page was checked outside and a token was given to me. Then my documents and person checking was completed and i was asked to move to a different counter.

I was very nervous from the start, even during my check I was not able to respond in a proper way and just spent some time talking with other people to cool myself. I was called after 5 min and a person pasted a barcode in my passport arranged my docs.& asked me to go to another window where my left and right hand impressions were taken. I was asked to wait for visa interview.

And finally my token no. was displayed and I moved to counter No. 10. Before me a couple were being interviewed for which I had to wait for sometime. Their USA student visa was issued and now it’s my turn. Here is way it went on.

Visa Interview

VO: Good Morning Sir. How are you?
Me: Good Morning Sir. I am fine thanq. How are you?( passed on the documents)

VO: So what is the University u r gng for?

VO: Gains……What is it?
Me: Gainesville, Sir.

VO: What are the other universities you have applied
Me: told

Me: I said 1st class with 59.7%

VO: Its not 1st class
ME: According to our university regulations >59.5 comes as 1st class Sir.(Showed him the documents)

VO: What’s ur GRE?
Me: told

Me: Told

Vo: Any Backlogs?
Me: told

VO: You have very less GPA, what’s the reason?
Me: told

VO: What’s ur % in your fourth sem

VO: Tell me your % in every sem
Me: told

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: told

VO: Income?
Me: told

VO: I dont feel you have credentials to do well in US?
Me(said it confidently and a bit loud, literally I shouted at him): I have confidence in myself and blah blah…….

Vo: Good you have confidence.
Congratulations Sir, your visa has been approved. You will get your passport in a week. Happy journey
Me: Thank you very much Sir. Have a great day !

I spoke confidently and he never asked for any documents. With my low profile acads I never felt i could get Visa, but thanx to Happyschoolsblog which has boosted my confidence and it’s party time….. :-)


Congrats on your sucessfull visa interview.

There are over 100+ F1 Visa interviews published. Do you think all those interview will be useful, if everyone decided to share answers to questions like “told”?

Its good you got the visa, but your experience is not going to to be of much help to HSB readers.

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