F1 Visa at Hyderabad Consulate – Approved

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Today my Visa interview was a perfect screen play like a movie. I have attended the Hyderabad consulate. Why I am saying screen play..because my scheduled appointment time was 10.45 and I reported around 9.35.

Undergone the initial security checks, then approached a counter where in they pinned the I-20, sevis fee, appointment letter to passport.(around 10.30 am this process finished) Then we need to give the finger prints at another counter and collect the token and wait in visa waiting hall until your token number comes.( this was accomplished around 11.00 am).

Then waiting patiently for my turn as I was given a token number C189. So my time arrived finally at 12.45 pm gone to the counter no 8, but they have again shifted to me other counter no 14 within 3 mins, then waiting anxiously in line to get my chance..but again they told me to go to counter no 7..there one person was getting interviewed for his L1 visa and he was rejected for some reason…then finally my turn arrived..greet the officer..and rest of the interview..is here..

F1 Visa Interview at Hyderabad

Me: Good after noon officer!
VO: Good afternoon

Vo: How r u doing?
Me: I am doing fine.

Vo: Where are you going?
Me: Going to Clemson University for masters in IE which is located in South Carolina.

Vo: So, Do you want to become tiger?
Me: Yes, officer I want to become tiger.

Vo: Why?
Me: I want to do masters in IE from Clemson, as it has well distinguished faculty, research laboratories and importantly course curriculum suits to my aspirations.

Vo: What is undergrad %, when did u complete it? Any backlogs?
Me: 75% in Mechanical engineering,graduated in 2007. I said zero backlogs as i have cleared all of them in first attempt.

Vo: Since then what are you doing?
Me: I have been working for Infotech Enterprises Ltd for past 4 years.

Vo: Then who is sponsoring you?
Me: My parents

VO: What they do?
Me: My parents run a garment store in hyderabad.

Vo: Since, how many years are into this business?
Me: From past 15 years.

Vo: Are u taking loan ?
Me: No

Vo: I am asking again are you taking loan to fund your studies!
Me: No Officer

VO: Then how you will pay?
Me: My parents have accumulate funds for my masters, I have XX liquid cash in Indian bank, XX fixed deposits in three public sector banks and my father annual income is 7 lakh which are sufficient for my tution, living expenses and in short these funds are enough for my 24 months of stay at Clemson.

Vo: Yes Sir…your passport will be couriered to your home in weeks time.
Me: thanks sir.

Finally my climax finished well after shifting 3 counters..and heard the words what I expected…your passport would be couriered to home in weeks time..

Best practices for F1 Visa interviews (My opinion):

  1. Greet well..and maintain eye contact with the officer.
  2. While staying in line, please be very confident and relaxed as officers observe each candidate well…in my case he was observing me
  3. Answer to the question and be concise. (Yours answers shouldn’t drive questions for VO)
  4. Be cool and confident…easy to say but tough to obey..and more tough to do in real time situation..

Adding this Student Visa USA Interview Experience to the list.

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