F1 Visa Cancelled Due to Fake Bank Statement

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I came across this experience from one of the forums:

respected sir,

my name is sandeep. sir i have applied for an F1 visa. and i got the visa. but after i got the visa with stamping i got a call from embassy saying comeback to embassy once again with the visa and documents.

I went to the embassy and i gave my visa, my certificates, my fixed deposits, my parents pay slips and bank statement.

They did verification for 4 hours and told me that all my documents were original except the bank statement. The bank statement was given to me by a consultant.

He took large amount of money saying that he would deposit in bank but he cheated me by giving a fake bank statement.

Due to this reason my visa got canceled. They gave me one form in which Section 212(a)(6)(c)(i) was ticked.

It said that due to producing fake bank statement for F1 visa. the waiver is permanent even though a waiver may be given in future under certain circumstances. It’s written to refer to form DSL-851a for further details.

sir this has happened to me. sir i want to know whether i can apply again for H1 or B1 or L1 visa other than F1 in the future.

Reply 1: 

It sounds like you were caught trying to enter the country dubiously and it was concluded that you were attempting to gain entry on the basis of fraud, resulting in your being permanently banned from the United States.

(Their skepticism probably comes from thoughts like these: How much money was supposed to be in the bank account? Why didn’t you know the balance of your own bank account? Why didn’t you get the statement from your own bank rather than through a forger?)

What type of visa were you seeking?

If you indeed wish to get a waiver, I would suggest working with an immigration lawyer.

Reply 2:

thank you for the reply. i was seeking for F1 visa i.e student visa for studying MS in USA.

sir i have done nothing wrong from my side. i have done the same documentation which every student who wants to study in USA does.

sir many students nearly 80 students got visas from the documentation of the same consultancy which i have opted.

sir where can i get an immigration lawyer? please do tell me some details about the immigration lawyer and the procedure.

sir i don’t want to go for F1. i want to know whether i can go to USA through H1B visa.

Reply from a forum member:

It may be that 80 other people have committed the same fraud and that you were the only one caught, but that doesn’t change the facts that it was fraud and you were caught.

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