Weird F1 Visa Experience at Hyderabad US Consulate

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You will definetly enjoy reading this informative F1 Visa Interview experience shared by Kiran.

A very long F1 Visa Interview experience at Hyderabad Consulate

  • Decision: 221(g)
  • Consulate: (Hyderabad)
  • Date/Time: 1st dec 2010
  • University Heading to : vtech
  • Program + Department : MS
  • Cost on I-20: 31k$
  • Funded/Unfunded/Partially funded (details): Unfunded
  • Financial Summary (If willing to furnish) : savings 16Lakhs and bank loan 20L
  • Work Experience : NA

Many weird things happened at Hyderabad consulate today. My VI was scheduled at 10.15 AM. I went there by 9.00 cousin dropped me.

There were many people standing on the street of US consulate. I saw some applicants there and asked them can we go to the consulate? He said the guard will call us wait here.

Then after few minutes I met a school frnd and decided to go inside the consulate…the guard checked the passport and interview letter and let me inside..i felt there are around 500 ppl waiting to attend visa interview to USA at Hyderabad  US consulate..

Then came the metal detector (girls remove ur bangels and watch at this point) and guys take off ur belt and other wallet,…they will give u a tray just have to keep everything in that…waited for 15 mins here

Fire Alarm

After that there is this long line at the counters who collect our documents…i was assigned counter number 8 …while standing there i can see people going to the VO for VI..there was this lady b/w 30-40 age just giving rejects to everyone. She doesnt take more than one minute to anyone ….and there are some ppl sitting in the chairs and writing something…..during that time there was an officer there who asked 4 of us to go to another counter …when we went to the counter …THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF..Very Happy,,,weird thing at the consulate…we were asked to go the back of the building..everyone confused at that time…after 10 min we came to know its a false alarm..went back to our places and i am standing at the counter….

Incorrect DS 160 Forms

I want to mention here one thing….I booked my VISA block with a CEAC number we get after filling DS form..a few days before US visa interview, Ii came to know that there are some mistakes in that … i filled in a new form and took the old one and new one to the VI …when she asked why two form ..i started to say all these things and she asked me which one is the latest…i gave that one to her pinned down my I-20 and SEVIS receipt to the passport and pinned down DS-160, HDFC receipt, Interview appointment letter….and asked me to go to counter for finger print…i was given token number 192

F1 Visa Interview

There was this hall opposite to the counter where ppl are waiting to get interviewed…A TV was present displaying counter numbers…when i saw it the number was 182…drank some water and had a leak..when i returned some ppl came to me and gave an U.S. brouchure ..abt destinations and all….(they are advertising abt US at the consulate..i never expected that Smile) token number came and went to the counter number 10..there was this same lady who was giving rejects …the VI was like this…

me: Gd mrng mam
VO: Gd mrng

me: How are u dng
VO: no reply took my forms and started typing….

VO: so you are gng to vtech
me: yes mam vtec

VO: wts ur stream there
me: CS

VO: which kind of specilization u want to do there?
me: computing

VO: explain clearly
me: i said abt the research gng on there and it matched the project that i did

( i think she decided here to give me white slip)

VO: wts ur project name?
me: ( i didnt expected that) thought for 2 seconds and said it

VO: whoz sponsoring you?
me: My parents mam, we have savings balance of ________ and took a loan of ____________

VO: wts ur UG perecentage?
me: mam, we have a grading system and mine was 9.03

VO: WOW, good marks
me: thankyou

and she gave me all my forms and passports with a counter number written on my DS form …i dont know wts happening

221(g) Administrative Processing

Then a lady besides the counter gave me a form and took me to a room where several ppl are filling the forms…OH MY GOD..i never thought that i m gonna get 221(g) wts happening …i didnt have a pen ..waited for someone to fill the form

The questions in the form are like this

  1. ur name,
  2. date of birth
  3. Explain the latest research experience u had…and feel that you are writing it for a technical person..(MY GOD…how can i remember abt my project now)
  4. Expalin ur plans in the University and wt u intend to do
  5. ur plans after ur studies
  6. contact person in US …

its a long form with three pages .. a girl sitting besides me is writing 2 pages abt the project..

meanwhile i m having a chat with other ppl ..someone who went to the same counter 10 got 221(g) she didnt asked him anything. He is frm mechanical and most of the ppl gng for POWER SYSTEMS got 221(g) there .. i can see around 30-60 ppl filling the forms…

when we are filling the forms ..opposite to us Visa interview was going on..

Another F1 Visa Interview

A girl came for F1 Visa interview and VO asked u had any brothers and sisters? she said my brother is in US and VO asked wts he dng there …she said he is dng job there.

filled our forms and standing in the long line to submit our 221(g) forms..and another interesting thing happened at other interview..VO was a 20-30 aged girl looking gud…and she was interviewing this other guy lets name him as SD

in the middle of the interview

VO: which univ
SD: gannon univ

VO: give me ur mark sheets
SD: wt mam??

VO: give me ur mark sheets
SD: i gave u already the forms ( i dont know which part this guy cant understand)

VO: no, not that ..give me ur mark sheets
SD: he is seeing the harmonium file but not opening it..

VO: give me ur mark sheets
SD: plz repeat mam ( we shouted from backwards..give ur engg marksheets )

SD: he doesnt gave individual mark sheets, he gave all 10th,inter,engg OD

VO has very high patience and looking all over the marksheets

VO: wts ur father dng?
SD: he is dng business mam and blah,blah

VO: wts ur father dng?

SD: real estate business mam

she was very patient and gave him the VISA..i thought then my visa would have got approved if i have came to this young lady…but its all fate

meanwhile a girl in our line was screaming ( why did i get this? i had so and so GRE score and gng to this university and many low profile ppl are getting acceptance)..i then came to know that she doest know abt 221(g)..Shocked Shocked

when i was getting ready with my resume and acceptance letter along with my 221(g) form …people are asking me..(hey..why you got so many documents in that should have known the university well) … i said

Dont u know edulix??
he said no..i know only…i started explaining him all these things abt edulix…

then the long line was cut off and we were sent to another counter to submit our forms….a girl infront of me was submiting the form and the VO asked her to give admission letter..the girl was telling (Mam, i gave u the I-20) ..same discussion for 1 min.. we said to give the admit letter……

Next, i submitted all my forms, resume and acceptance letter then she gave me a white slip with a case number and all….Guys i dont understand one thing …does computing comes under 221(g)…how can they give whiteslips to so many ppl……i have to go the university by jan 10th…what should i do now..when can i expect my VISA

things notice at VI:

  1. every thing u have to do is clear…the ppl will help u
  2. i saw 2-3 ppl sent back to take new photos (dont do that thing …carry one with u)
  3. i saw many ppl getting rejected ..the reasons VO gave are “you are not confident in answering the questions”, i dont believe you are gng to come back
  4. carry resume, acceptance letter
  5. Be confident while answering ..they wont have much time to look in to your documents..they only know wt u say

another weird thing happened today. i mailed the immigration office at my University describing my situation …they replied like this ..

Administrative processing can take at least two months. If you cannot arrive in Blacksburg by January 13, then you will have to request the academic department to defer admission to fall 2011. We do NOT allow students to arrive late…

Nothing is in my hands right now …just have to hope that i get my visa stamped within 13th….

Thnx for reading  this lengthy post..

Update – I booked my ticket on 6th night and i got my visa on 5th morning ..I am in blacksburg right now..thnx for reading this post ..hope u may find it informative (comment below)

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