F1 Visa Approved to USA – Second Time Interview

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Bharath F1 Visa Approved 2nd Time Interview. F1 Visa Stamping experience for M.S. in Industrial Engineering.

Suggestion – When you share the experience, try to include your university name, GRE, TOEFL,  Academic profile and US Embassy.

F1 Visa Approved 2nd Time

My VISA Interview was on 3rd December and was a successful one, I had got an admit for Masters in Industrial Engineering at Univ of Texas at Arlington. I am sharing my Visa interview experience below:

Me: Hello Sir!! A very good morning!!
VO: Good Morning.

VO: Why are you going for your masters?
Me: Sir my undergraduate course in IE is just a basic understanding of different modules in IE and to take up much competitive roles in an organization I require a masters degree in Industrial Engineering.

VO: Who is supporting your Education?
Me: Sir, my father is supporting my education.

VO: What is your father?
Me: Sir my father is xxxxxx at xxxxxx.

VO: What is your source of financial funding?
Me: Sir, I have taken an education loan from xxxxxx bank.

VO: For how much have you availed the education loan?
Me: Sir, I have availed the loan for xxxxxxxx.

VO: What is backing your education loan?
Me: Sir our property is backing the education loan.

VO: How much is the property worth?
Me: Sir, the property is worth xxxxxx.

VO: your Visa is granted and will reach your address in a week’s time.
Me: Thanks a lot Sir!!
VO: Thank you.

F1 Visa Interview  Tips

Be very confident and answer to the point with a smile. Be very conscious about your answers and at the same time be at ease and casual during your answers. I completely agree with the HSB that the VISA interview requires preparation. Try to introspect the possible questions that you might be asked from the VO’s point of view and try to answer those. I would also recommend to share those answers with others and try to get more diplomatic answers which might help. I had prepared for around 25 questions before the interview and it helped a lot.

Comments – F1 Stamping

Just by reading your interview experience, shows you were well prepared. Also, if you look at experiences shared by those who got rejection, you can find the difference in the language.

  • Example – In above experience, Bharath has taken time to write without spelling mistakes and typos.

This implies, he took serious approach toward planning for F1 visa interview process. Students getting F1 visa rejected, usually have lots of typos and slangs (u for you, ur for your,..). These are minor things, but things like this separates you from other students and this would be visible when attending interview.

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