F1 Visa for Top Business School

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As someone rightly mentioned here, you cannot have a predictable rule for succeeding or failing in a visa interview.

I had my F1 visa interview yesterday morning – I am going to a top 30 B-School, and am married.

The VO didn’t even ask me much – just that he had also got admitted to the same school when he was a student, but there are much cheaper alternatives. I told him that I’ve got a 100% tuition waiver and he goes “Wow, thats cool!”.

I added (without his asking) – I feel that mid-career professionals should avoid traveling to the US with a lot of debt and he says “Absolutely sir, makes sense”

…he then trained his questions on my wife “So ma’m, what do you plan to do when your husband is studying?”.

She smiles and says, “Oh I would just go out for walks, explore the city, etc”.

He smiled and said “Sir, ma’m, your visas are approved. Enjoy your stay in the US”.
Therefore, some extra smalltalk may or may not hurt. What perhaps worked for me was that I had traveled to the US on work (not sure whether that worked, because even when I applied for my first visa – an L1B, I was not asked anything. Just a question to my wife – what do you do, ma’m?)…could be luck, could be anything.

My GMAT: 740, TOEFL: 104, Schools admitted to for MBA: Duke, Tulane, Rice, Kenan-Flagler, Johns Hopkins..

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