One Minute F1 Visa Interview for Spring 2012 in US Consulate Hyderabad – Shared by Raghav.

Note – This is the first time a Doctor (after completing MBBS in India) has shared F1 Visa Interview experience here in the blog.

Hi guys i have prepared for my visa interview just with the help of HSB and the people who have posted experiences ……thank you all guys…let me repay my gratitude guys…

  • Date: Nov 17 2011
  • Hyderabad consulate
  • Appointment time 11:00 am

My background:

  • Graduate of medicine – MBBS 2011 passed out
  • Applied for: ms neuroscience-spring 2012
  • Gre- 1300 ; tofel-104
  • Ug %-60% 1 backlog
  • University : university of texas at dallas

So,guys after i completed formalities and called for interview its 12:30

I was pretty confident and was observing the things at consulate…Was chatting with people of various backgrounds..Then i heard my token no called out…E204 to window no.14

Went there..There is no vo at the counter…I waited for him to come…
Here comes a man in his 30s …

Me: good morning sir (vo came hurriedly..No time to reply me)

Vo: so how many backlogs and whats your percentage?

Me:1 backlog 60%

Vo: so whats cognitive science and neuroscience
Me: it is the science that deals with applied aspect of memory..Perception,emotions.

Vo: Your GRE score?
Me:1300..Gave the card(and i forgot to collect it also)

Vo: why utd
Me: my interest is in intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring..Dr.Aaga moller at UTD is the authority in this subject and he is the author of the most popular book on this subject…I would like to be his student.

Vo:what other universities
Me:  Hartford and Idaho

Vo; who is sponsoring u
Me; my parents

Vo: what do they do
Me: my dad is a practicing pediatrician.

Vo: k sir ur visa has been granted and ull get it in a week by mail
Me; thank you sir

Guys be cool `confident. And moreover it depends on luck too. This is what I feel. Don’t bash me if I’m wrong guys.

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  • Krishna

    Good going..

  • srijha

    hey iam an mbbs doctor passout of 2011 batch.rt now iam in married and came here very recently.could u plzz tell me how u got admission in ms neurosciences.have u already done with usmle exam?plzz let me know

    • mira

      Even I would like to know, how u can get in w/o mles?

  • Anusha

    i want to ask one thing am also belongs to science grup i wrote nly ielts i didnt attempt to gre so plz tel me is there any problem with out gre

  • yasmine

    please can i ask you

    if i dont have toffel bt i have course in english grammer and conversation from amirican university in cairo

  • raghav

    @robin…i have taken my gre long back before the revised gre….last yesr in june…it was 710 q and 590 v..

    • srilatha

      gre scores are valid upto 5 years.tou may now apply for universities.toefl is must

  • raghav

    @megha,robin,lai,onifade..thank u and i appreciate you ppl alot….

  • raghav

    @kb backlogs does matter alone doesnt decide ur admission…there are lot of things like ur project work…sop..lor…gre score ..etc that can improve ur chances of the bottomline is u have a lot of chances ..this is what i feel…and to my knowledge

  • dr jayashree

    congratulations ! i will like to have your email or mobille no. to discuss this further. thankx.

  • Kb

    Cngratulations. Just wanted to know few things.
    I am going to apply for PhD in reproductive public health . I have few supplementaries in my whole career of mbbs. Does it really effect on your application and visa?
    Will be thankful to receive your replies either in my email inbox or else here.
    Thanks in advance.

  • omoniyi Onifade

    Congrats guy. I am happy for you. I also think you are right with being confident. Although luck plays a very important role but you mentioning Dr Aaga Moller shows that you have done your research well and you know what you are doing. congrats once more and see u at the top.

  • Lai

    Congratulations! This will be a good route for you as UTD can actually link you with UT Southwestern if you are planning to do residency as well.
    I am in UTD too and has MD although I am doing my masters in healthcare management.
    I’m sure you will enjoy it here…

    • raghav

      thank u lai can u please tell me in which department ur in…looking forward to meet u

  • robin

    What is revised GRE scoring System?

  • megha